Putting a little kink in your holidays

Late posting this week as I have been busy working on Mr Chicago Leather coming up in January and Chicago BearFest in May.  Yes, planning ahead and getting behind this week.

Quickly, I want to thank all the Santa’s that came out for last Saturday’s Bear Night at Touché.  It was our Night of 1,000 Santa’s and while we did not see 1,000 Santa’s, we did take in so many toys that it seemed like they all came.

GroupingWe ended the night with a huge pile of dolls, balls, bears, cars, games and even a shiny new bike!  I literally had to stuff my Blazer up to the front seat to fit it all in and haul it over to Toys for Tots.  I might need a hand next year if this keeps up.

I also delivered a carload of donations to the Groceryland Pantry this week (thanks for the soups and crackers, guys).  Remember the cart is parked by the front door till the end of the month to accept your donations of non-perishable food and personal care items.  I checked with Lori and they need to stock up on peanut butter (and jelly) and oatmeal.  Two staples their clients really enjoy.  I understand the oatmeal works wonders for stomach ills with meds, helps settle folks and makes them feel better.  Let’s fill the cart with it then.

Now on to our kinky Christmas events this weekend as Friday should be the big night with lots going on at Touché all in the same night.

12-06a-17wFirst we start with our monthly LEATHER WOMEN’S CRUISE at 8pm in the Club Room.  We’ll open early back there to allow our gal pals a chance to mix and mingle before opening up for all at 11pm.  I understand “Santa” will be stopping by looking for any good girls (good luck!)

The men of the Chicago Hellfire Club plan to drop in around 9pm to meet guys that may be interested in the club and their functions. Don’t let them intimidate you, they are a friendly bunch and really do want to meet and talk about CHC.

This Friday is also our annual CLUB HOLIDAY PARTY for members of all of Chicago’s leather/fetish clubs.  We’ll set out holiday treats to munch while all our club friends gather to celebrate the season.  Everyone is welcome to join the party, club member or not.

I did mention Christmas kink, how about decorating human Christmas Trees?  That’s just what we’ll be doing during this night’s DECK THE BALLS IV party, too.  It’s all to benefit the Groceryland Pantry.  For a cash donation, you can hang ornaments, tinsel garland and more to our “trees”, the more you donate the more you can attach them to the trees.

Seems we will have several tree volunteers, so you can decorate more than one tree during the night.  Don’t fret, we’ll be sure to have plenty of decorations for all the trees.  We wouldn’t want a naked Christmas tree left, would we?

Come on back Saturday for our DUNGEON MASTER NIGHT, just for the naughty boys in the house.  No wonder spanking is such a popular activity, so that will be our demo topic at midnight. Our DM Timothy will take you through the steps of administering a proper spanking. He’ll cover the various types of paddles one can use and there’s always the old bare hand spanking, too.

If we’ve sparked an interest in you, there will be raffles after the demo for some classic spanking DVDs from Bijou Video and a paddle from our friends at Leather 64TEN.  You can play with a new toy before Christmas you know.

Holiday parties, gift shopping or just running around for the season can wear anyone out.  Come on by for our SUNDAY BEER BUST and relax with a cold draft for just $1.  The Chicago Bears aren’t a contender (again) this year but we’ll still tune in the game to see what happens.  Our pool table and darts are free, so you can have a bit of fun  with your friends here. And remember we offer free Chicago Red Hots during the afternoon.

It’s holiday movie time for our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT.  We’ll feature a laugh filled flick celebrating the season at 7pm, in the Club Room.  If that doesn’t make you jolly, maybe someone else in the crowd will.  Ho, Ho, Ho or is that Oh, Oh, Yeah?

Touche40LogowYou can even take care of your gift giving this weekend at the bar.  Touché t-shirts and caps make great stocking stuffers, we have sizes small to 4X.  Tanks, too and coffee mugs. As 2017 comes to an end, our YEAR 40 logoed items are moving quickly, once they are gone that will be it.

Tickets for our 41st Annual Black & Blue New Year’s Eve Party are now on sale at the bar. Just $10 each get you admission with a buffet, door prizes, party favors and your first drink.  Your ticket includes a special raffle for a Mr Chicago Leather 2018 weekend package.  Get your ticket and a few for friends you want to ring in the New Year with you. Another quick gift to knock off your list.

I’ll wrap up plans for next week and MCL2018 and get that out to you early next week.  Promise or you can spank me (did I mention Mario is my spanking proxy?)

Let’s get our Christmas kink on this weekend at Touché.



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