10-04-17wJust as we wrap up our celebration of Oktoberfest and all things German, it’s time to welcome back the American Brotherhood Weekend to the Windy City. A huge crowd of leatherfolk from across the US will descend upon Chicago and since it is the Columbus Day holiday weekend it will most certainly be a big, wild time for all.

The main focus for ABW will be the contest to determine who will be named American Leatherman, American Leatherwoman and American Leatherboy for the coming year. While the contest itself will be held at the Leather Archives & Museum both Saturday and Sunday afternoons,  Touché will open early this weekend to get each day started and you can expect all these folks to add to the fun each night for our regular events.  Even Sunday night will be busy as many have the Monday holiday.  So here’s what’s going on at Touché.

ABW2017_logowWe jump right into when we open at 5pm on Friday with registration for ABW.  Attendees will be coming in to pick up their registration materials and any stragglers can still purchase a weekend  package and individual tickets to the contest.  This eager bunch do show up, so come on by for our Cock&Tail Hour from 6-9pm and enjoy $3 well drinks and select domestic beers and help us welcome everyone to town.

The ABW WELCOME RECEPTION begins at 8pm in the main bar.  You can expect a lot of  happy folk looking to catch up with friends from all over at this first gathering of the weekend.  Here’s your chance to meet the contestants and the judges that will determine the winners and maybe make some new friends or maybe a hot date for later.

CD4At the same time, we will welcome the CD4 VIRAL SOCIAL.  This monthly gathering for poz men and their friends begins at 8pm and we’ll open the Club Room at 8pm to accommodate them.  Come for one party and enjoy the other.


MAFIAlogo_lgLike the commercials,  BUT WAIT!  There’s still more on our agenda for Friday.  It’s CLUB NIGHT  at Touché and at 11pm M.A.F.I.A. will take over the party and keep us going into the night.  I know they are planning a 50/50 raffle and with a crowded house, that should be a big cash prize pool to win.  Plus M.A.F.I.A. will be looking for guys to join them for their play party on Saturday night.  Hum, all these guys from out of town looking for some action.  Can only mean lots more players for M.A.F.I.A., maybe you will want to join in too.  Talk with the guys in the red shirts.

As I mentioned earlier, Touché will be opening early this weekend, like 11am early both Saturday & Sunday.  That’s because the ABW contest begins at 2pm both days and we’ll be here with fresh coffee and eye-opening drinks to prepare the crowd.  If you’re out early running errands, stop by for a bloody Mary or a coffee with a kicker.  We’ll be watching all the college football games during the day and be ready them to return for cocktails after the contest ends.

ABW2017_logowNew this year for ABW will be what they call MYSTERY THEATER ABW 3000.  Following the format of live comments while watching a film, ABW plans to skewer a recent “S&M” film. This will happen in the Club Room at 8pm with Laura Antoniou and Karen Ultra providing the commentary.  ABW package holders will have tickets for this event, but if there’s room, others may join them for a $20 donation to the Vital Bridges Groceryland Pantry.

ChicagoBearwAs the movie party gets to the last reel, we’ll be kicking off our monthly BEAR NIGHT, Chicago’s original bear party.  There’s lots of bears in the ABW crowd that will add to the excitement at the bar this night.  Our DJ Harry T will be up in the booth pumping the party.  And let’s not forget our Midnight Pizza Panic to keep the party fueled for late night fun.

Now Oktoberfest may have ended, there’s one thing I didn’t get a chance to do this year.  See, the October BEAR NIGHT usually falls during Oktoberfest but this year, it just didn’t line up.  But every year for this BEAR NIGHT, I have hosted our Bear Stein Holding Contest.  So I’m going to do that this Saturday, right after we clear away the empty pizza boxes, I’ll pass out the steins and see who will be our champ for 2017!  Win or lose all stein holders get to drink the beer.

Beer Bust adwOMG after a late night with bears, we’ll be back at it and open at 11am on Sunday for day 2 of the ABW contest.  Today features a full brunch for ABW attendees (you can buy tickets and chow down with them) before they head off to the LA&M where the winners will be announced.  Our SUNDAY BEER BUST with $1 drafts and sodas will run all day as usual and while the contest gets underway, we’ll be watching some football (Bears play on Monday Night Football)

Once the winners are announced, the ABW crowd will return to the bar for a Victory Party around 4:30-5pm. You can congratulate the new 2018 American Leatherman, American Leatherwoman and American Leatherboy.  We will serve up a hot and tasty buffet for all and just enjoy one more night of brotherhood at the bar.

The Club Room will open a bit early to handle the crowd and we’ll still have our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm.  Of course with the added ABW visitors and the fact that Monday is a legal holiday, the room could be filled all night (with postal employees and school teachers at least)

bearsSpeaking of Monday, don’t forget the Chicago Bears will be playing on Monday Night Football.  They will be hosting the Vikings with a new quarterback leading the Bears.  You can count on Touché to tune in the game at 7:30pm to see how it goes.   Our Cock&Tail Hour will run through the 1st half, so you can enjoy well drinks and select domestic beers for $3 each.  GO BEARS!

Tons more to go on about including Halloween and our big 40th Anniversary celebrations.  Up to my eyeballs in planning, but just about ready to “spill the beans”  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, come join us at Touché to welcome the American Brotherhood Weekend!



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