Lots more to share with you this week.  There’s several events at the bar and I am ready to launch some “beefed up” nights for our Year 40 at Touché.  Plus there’s much more on our calendar with the Illinois Leather Weekend contests the following week.  That’s also Saint Patrick’s Day.  Of course Chicago will dye the river green this Saturday and host the big parade downtown, so the celebrations will run all next week.  Before that craziness hits. let’s enjoy this weekend.

03-08-17wWe’re getting this Friday off to a huge start. Last June, Touché began hosting a Leather Women’s Cruise Night from 8-10pm on the first Tuesday of each month.  It seems the first Tuesday always fell right after a big event weekend (like IML, Pride, Labor Day, ABW, etc)   So beginning this month, our monthly gathering for leather women and leather curious women is moving to the 2nd Friday of each month.

Leather Women’s Night will continue at 8pm in the Club Room and 2014 International Slave, slave angie with help from several other leatherwomen will continue to host this night.  This night is open to all women and those identifying women with a special invitation to those new and curious about leather or S&M.   To kick this new night off, there will be a special performance by Juju Minxxx, “America’s Leather Sweetheart”.

Guys, you are all used to a bar full of other guys in leather.  There’s not many spaces for women to gather and much less for those women looking to explore a kinky side.   Remember your first foray into a leather bar, we’re just trying to give gals the same opportunity. For the first couple of hours on this Friday, we’ll turn the Club Room over so our leather sisters can gather, socialize, explore and maybe a bit of play.    The Club Room will open to all at 10pm, so don’t be shocked if you bump into a woman, she’s probably not after the dick you want anyway.

13006605_10209299908762878_3356735329981293409_nNow Friday is not all women, at 10pm there’s a big biker party planned.   Well, maybe not quite the biker party you might think of first.  Our Ride For AIDS Bike Team is hosting a “BACK IN THE SADDLE” benefit with more great prizes for those of you that peddle your way around town.  I know many of you have been riding your bikes all winter since there’s been no snow.  Our Team is already on their bikes training for the grueling 200 mile ride this July and are also working hard to beat their fundraising goal from last year.   Come on in and support the team’s efforts and you might just win some new gear for your bike or more.

Saturday night we’ll get all hardcore for our monthly Dungeon Master Night.  Our DM Timothy is planning a demo on caning.  (No I don’t mean canning as in putting up peaches)  Canes can be used in many places as a form of corporal punishment.  I’ve seen them used for crowd control by police in some countries.  So they make for a nice “toy” in any dungeon.  Timothy will talk about the various sources of canes and proper use of one to add to your next play scene.   The demo is at midnight and once it’s over if you’d like to try a feel, he may just accommodate you with a swat or two.

A big distraction this past week has been the college basketball games all over the TV’s.  The college conference season is wrapping up this weekend with tournaments a go-go.  We’ll try to tune in as many as we can so you can join us for a fun night at the bar and keep tabs on how your team is doing in the playoffs.

Of course our SUNDAY BEER BUST is your best seat to watch the final games.  If you’re going out to watch the games with friends, why not here where the beers and sodas are just a buck all day!  Tell them to meet you here and let our bartender know which game to tune in on one of our screens.  We even offer Chicago Red Hots during the afternoon so no one goes hungry.

Then there’s our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT in the Club Room at 7pm.  The BEER BUST continues all night and if B-Ball is not your game, you can watch a great flick in the back bar.  It all leads to a wild night to cap off any weekend.

Touche40LogowNow let’s talk about Year 40 for a bit.  MCL in January got things off to a big start for this special year.  And we have more plans in the works to make it a banner year.  But we want to make every night special for the year.  Beginning with this week.


TUESDAYS – Our HARDCORE CRUISIN’ NIGHT gets a bit more “hardcore”.  40 years ago, Tuesday was “leather night” in Chicago.  You got on your leather and headed to Touché, the Gold Coast or the Redoubt to look for action.  Lots of hot men, in leather and all checking out each other face -to-face.  We didn’t use a phone app to check out a location or profile on Recon.

So beginning right now and on through the end of 2017, I’m turning off the Wi-Fi at the bar on Tuesdays and asking you to put the cell phones away.   Put on your leather and come meet/talk with other guys just like we did before.  I think you will find the experience a lot of fun and maybe you’ll realize all the hot guys you may have missed that are out there “offline” so to speak.   You’ll still get a buck off your drinks if your in leather and we’re teaming up with Leather 64TEN on our Hardcore Crusin’ Nights with monthly giveaways, surprise raffles and more.

WEDNESDAYS – There’s one look that has worked for these 40 years and that is a hot guy in his jock.  It’s no surprise to us that we made this our JOCKSTRAP NIGHT last year (what took us so long?)   We offer free clothing check so you can show it off and get a buck off your drinks.  Need a hot jock?  Good thing we teamed up with Full Kit Gear for this night as they feature the best line up in town on all kinds of jocks.  Look for special deals and prizes from Full Kit, too.  I can see a hot jock contest in the near future.

THURSDAYS  – We’re launching a whole new night this week.  I’ve seen the stuff on Facebook and since you guys like taking a look back, who else but Touché with 40 years of great music and hot men could host a THROWBACK THURSDAY better?   Every Thursday night, we’ll offer up the hot music hits of the 70’s, 80’s and more each week.  Rock, disco, even a bit of country.  We are honored to have Bijou Video to present the great heavy sex movies of the past as well with stars like al Parker (a personal hubba-hubba) Bruno, Jack Wrangler and more on our screens.  We’ll need the whole year to throwback 40 years of good music and men.   Join us for a groovy time trip.

ILLA_2017_PosterwDon’t forget the Illinois Leather Contest weekend is next week.  State titles for Leather Sir/boy, Master/slave, Puppy & Trainer, Bootblack and Ms Leather Pride are all on the line.  It’s not too late to sign up and compete.  Check out the ILA website here for more details and entry forms.  Or ask me about the contest, I’d love to cheer you on.

Okay, there’s still more news to come but I’ve got to get back to work.     Join us as we celebrate Year 40 this week and a fun weekend ahead.  We’re ready for you.



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