No rest for the wicked they say.  After a big 4th of July weekend, we are rushing up to another busy weekend at Touché.  It looks like this weekend will be all about butts.  Butts in slings, butts getting spanked and showing off those nice round butts for cash.   And butts on tiny bike seats, too. So much to bring to your attention, so let me get to it.




We start this busy weekend on Friday with CD4 Viral Social cocktail party at 8pm.  This Social is for all those poz guys and positive minded men to gather for fun and support.  We’ll set out a few light bites while the crowd enjoys our Cock&Tail Hour specials till 9pm.  We see a great group gather each month for this social and all are welcome to start their weekend with them.




Then at 10pm it’s M.A.F.I.A. CLUB NIGHT at the bar.  Each month the M.A.F.I.A. gang gathers here on Friday for cocktails and mingling with the crowd.  Then on Saturday they host a private play party where that butt in the sling thing happens.  You should come on by and meet the guys in the red shirts, they host a 50-50 raffle and welcome new players for their party the next night.

paddlesMore butt action on Saturday as our DUNGEON MASTER NIGHT will feature a spanking demo at midnight.  That’s not all as there is a Full Moon in the sky this night and you know that means I’ll be hosting a contest for the “hottest Full Moon” in the house.  After Timothy wraps up his demo with a couple nice rosy butts, we’ll line up guys on our stage and check out their butts too.  I’ll have a big cash prize for the winner (and you might find a nice butt to grab as well)

200milesSunday we’ll just keep the butt thing going.  First of all the big RIDE FOR AIDS is this weekend and our Team Touché/Leather 64TEN are set to make that 200 mile trek up into Wisconsin and back. All the riders will take off Saturday morning, returning on Sunday afternoon. Imagine all those butts on those tiny bike seats, hitting all the bumps in the road.  They’ll be nice and sweaty and ready for a good “rub down”.

Join me after 2pm at Chandler Park in Evanston to cheer our team and all the riders as they cross the finish line. It’s exciting to witness the crowds and bikers as they come in from the long ride. Plus our team will conduct their Big Raffle at the finish as their final fundraising effort for 2017 to benefit TPAN.   Tickets are still available at the bar through Saturday night with all prizes up to be given away have a value of $200 or more.

Beer Bust adwOnce everyone makes it back from the ride and the raffle drawings are done, we’ll head back to Touché for our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  Those dollar drafts of Bud & Bud Light will be just the ticket after pedaling a bike over 200 miles or just cheering them back.  Our AFTER THE BEACH PARTY should be in full swing then.ToucheAfterTheBeachRevised

Butts in the dark round out our weekend with our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT.   40 years ago Touché was just getting started but that summer there was something else that would endure all these years.  A little known movie opened that summer that captured the hearts and imagination of the country.  We stood in lines wrapped around the old McClurg Court theater to get a seat.  You can park your butt on a bar stool or a bench and relive the thrill all over again (many other cheap thrills in the dark, too)

Next week is our Mr Midwest Rubber 2017 Contest weekend.  I’ll post details on the website today and send that out next week.  With a prize pool of over $2,000 in cash and prizes, I believe we will have quite a few contestants.  Thinking of entering?  Pick up an application at the bar now.

Shifting gears back to our YEAR 40, we have a couple of fun  nights coming up in July.

Saturday July 22nd Touché will present our 70’s LEATHER NIGHT featuring some great music and saluting the leather “clone” look of the era.  Short cut off jeans, deigo t’s (they  weren’t called tank tops), mustaches and sideburns were all the rage. Let’s see if you can sport the “hot” look of the 70’s.

Then on Sunday July 23rd we’ll host an old favorite, a Touché SPLASH PARTY.  From 4-7pm you will get wet if you head to the Club Room.  Water balloons and water guns will be provided for this wild and wet event.  A Touché summer would not be complete without this one.

There’s lots of summer fun yet to come here at Touché.  Remember we are here every night ready to serve you.  Get your butt in here soon. (This weekend would be perfect)



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