Pride celebrations are off and running.  Last weekend Milwaukee, Detroit and Indy were the hot spots for parties, parades, rallies and more.  This weekend Chicago kicks off things with the big PrideFest down in Boystown.  That means lots of guys from these other places will be hitting Chicago these next 2 weekends. While folks will head down for the day at Pride Fest, we are expecting big crowds of our own each n ight over the coming weekend.  Enjoy the days down there and the wild nights right here at Touché.


We’ll start with a double dose of dirty.  First up, we’ll host another round of our popular PORN POKER giving you chances to win XXX DVDs all night.  Who doesn’t need some fresh porn?

Plus we’ll give you the opportunity to support our neighbor, the Gerber/Hart Library.  The Library is located just a few steps north or the bar on the other side of the 24th District Police Station.  (It’s also home of the new Howard Brown Clinic in Rogers Park)  The Library is loaded with books, magazines, movies, music and much more.  Tucked away inside is their archive of Chicago’s LGBT history and more.  Check out the Library and you’ll be amazed at the collection of material they offer and keep.

How can you support Gerber/Hart?   Touché will also host a PORN BY THE POUND SALE on Friday.  G/H has tons of hot, raunchy magazines, books, DVDs and videos that have been donated.  Yes they do keep this stuff in their archives.  But they have way more copies of these items than they need to keep.   So here’s your chance to add to your personal library and help Gerber/Hart.

Check out the huge selection – Honcho, Inches, Advocate Men, Drummer and many other titles to choose from and I’m sure you’ll find at least one or two magazines or books you’ll want to keep under the bed on those lonely horny nights when you might need some inspiration.  Gather up all the books, magazines, DVDs or videos you desire and put them on the scale.  Everything goes for just $1 a pound!  That’s a lot of porn for a buck and all the proceeds help keep our library open.

Let’s see some leather/gear pride on Saturday, it’s our GEAR NIGHT with the BLUF/Chicago gang at Touché.  Leather-rubber-uniforms-jocks-boots, all fetish gear is welcome and required to hit the Club Room this night.  And to make sure you look your best for the big Pride Parade next week, have our barber Philip and bootblack slave angie take care of you.  They are ready to work hard this night.

Remember Touché is your oasis on Sundays.  Beat the heat, the crowds and head on in for our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  Touché gives the best head in town for just $1 a glass all day long.  Mario is here eager to serve you in the afternoons and Mark opens the Club Room at 6pm ahead of our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm

We know you want to hit the beach, head to the softball games or Pridefest.  Just when you’ve had enough sun, join us for our AFTER THE BEACH PARTY from 3-7pm.  The Beer Bust is rolling along and we’ll add on to our offering of free Chicago Red Hots.  We just added a new kicker treat from Captain Morgan, their new Loco Nut Rum.  This creamy, tasty treat made a rum drinker out of me.  Try it as a chilled shot or cocktail for just $4 on Sundays.   Plus we raffle off a Touché Fun In The Sun Gift Packs which includes a Touché beach towel and lots more for your summer fun.  We’ll give one away every week till Labor Day.


Next week, we’ll gear up again for the big Pride Parade on Sunday.

ONYX kicks off  a huge weekend with their monthly CLUB NIGHT at Touché.  It’ll be a packed house for sure.

Saturday night, let’s all get nice and RIPE WITH PRIDE.  Our big party night of the month with hot men and great music.

Join Chicago’s leather & fetish cubs for the parade.  We’ll be lining up along Montrose at 10am with the parade stepping off at noon.  March with hundreds of leather/kinky folk and show off your pride!  Then we’ll all head back up to the bar for a post parade blowout with our Beer Bust specials and fresh grilled eats.  We’ll definitely have the Club Room open early to handle the crowd and party on into the night.

Keep up with us, we are planning a big Independence Day weekend to start off July.  Before you know it, MR MIDWEST RUUBER 2017 will be here.  I just loaded a new page on our website here.  Check back later this week for updates on that big weekend.  I’ll keep you posted

Let’s be proud and wild this weekend!


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