I’m a bit late again this week but once you look at all the stuff coming up at Touché yet just for September, you might see why I’ve been so busy.  (not to mention the big 40 bash in November)   So let’s just dig right in.

09-13-17wYou’ve seen their colors hanging on the wall in the front bar, and many others all around the Club Room in back.  Touché is the home bar of many Chicago clubs and welcomes others for special events.  Now that fall is settling in, here’s your chance to check out our local club scene and just maybe find a group to hang with and keep yourself going.

Our annual FALL CLUB RUSH PARTY is this Friday night.  Friday’s have been Club Night at Touché for all our years with a couple of regularly schedule nights and quite a few “guest” nights.  So what are these clubs all about you may ask?

They vary greatly from strictly leather to rubber or uniforms.  Some clubs form around sexual play, community involvement or a combination of both. Most clubs are men only while a few are open to all men, women, trans.  With over 15 local club in Chicago there’s quite a spectrum of interests.  But basically they all offer brotherhood (sisterhood too,) and a sense of belonging only found in our leather community.

While these clubs welcome new members all year long, this is your one night to come and meet members from the clubs and ask about their activities, goals, membership requirements, etc. (just like the college rush parties for fraternities)  All local clubs have been invited to participate and many have already confirmed they will be here.  I’m sure most will turn out, eager to answer your questions and possibly invite you to their next meeting or function.  Be adventurous and come check our clubs. Perhaps you will meet a group of guys (or guys & gals) that you want to make friends with this year and beyond.

09-13a-17wWe may not be in Munich, but we can still make merry just the same. OKTOBERFEST 2017 kicks off this Saturday in Bavaria and just like them we will tap the keg of the Oktoberfest brew and party for the next 2 weeks.  This year we will have Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest Beer on tap and offer up $4 pints every day till Oktoberfest ends on October 1st.

An Oktoberfest tradition at Touché is to get you ready for leather weather with a drawing for a new jacket from Leather 64TEN.  You can enter every night beginning this Saturday till the big drawing on Sunday October 1st.   During the run of Oktoberfest we’ll feature our BratFest on the 24th and our annual Beer Stein Holding Contest on Friday the 29th.  There will be unannounced specials and raffles during the two weeks of Oktoberfest so drop in for a cold beer any time and enter that big raffle for the leather jacket.

Besides kicking off Oktoberfest, Saturday is also our GEAR NIGHT for September and you know that means a great crowd of men in leather, rubber and uniforms.  Get your gear on so you can head to the Club Room, there will be a dress code enforced this Saturday.  And our barber & bootblack will be on duty to keep you looking good.

The Chicago Bears game in Tampa is on this Sunday despite Irma’s thrashing.  We’ll begin the day early for the noon kick off with our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  We’ll add the Oktoberfest Beer to our $1 offerings of Bud, Bud Light and sodas served up all day long.  Join Mario for the game and an afternoon of football fun.  Mark will open the Club Room at 6pm and get you set for our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm.  Enjoy those $1 drafts along with the hit movie on our big screen, surround sound set up back there. Of course the Sunday madness just rolls on into the late night.  A great way to wrap up your weekend at Touché.

Remember OKTOBERFEST runs daily with $4 pints of the Leinenkugel all week along with our weekday COCK&TAIL HOUR.  From 6-9 pm Monday through Friday we offer all well drinks and selected domestic beers for just $3.  Stop by after work or meet up with friends here for a drink before heading off to dinner, movie or show.  Remember you can enter every night for that new leather jacket from Leather 64TEN.

09-20-17wNext weekend the ONYX gang will be here Friday to heat up the night with some hot wax play.

09-20a-17wIt will be a double duty night next Saturday with a huge BEAR ALL show in the front bar.  Touché has been presenting these shows of live music by local gay singers/songwriters and musicians that have wowed the crowd with their talent.  in honor of our 40th anniversary, this particular show will feature some new performers and several men that previously entertained us.  Lots of talent all in one night.

While that happens up front, the Illinois Leather Alliance will host a SEND OFF PARTY for the IL titleholders heading off to compete at GLLA the following week.  Come wish them well as they move on represent our community in Indy the end of the month.

There’s still time for you to join me in the AIDS WALK for Chicago House on October 1at. We’ll wrap up September with a final benefit night on Friday the 29th and our monthly RIPE PARY on the 30th.

I told you I had a lot on our schedule this month with more coming October.  I can’t wait to tap that Oktoberfest beer from Leinenkugel on Saturday.  Come meet our Clubs on Friday and hoist a pint on Saturday in your gear.


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