Well, Old Man Winter is taking it easy on us this year.  SDAVE.ANGELOo let’s get out and have some fun.  Friday will have a Full Moon out there in the sky even if the clouds obscure it.  So, let’s kick off the weekend with a wild FULL MOON PARTY & CONTEST.

After a hard week at work, it’s time to cut loose.  We’ll get your inhibitions loosened up with some drink specials along with a free raffle for cool prizes during the night.  Around midnight, I’ll host a “Shoot The Moon” contest with a cash prize for the hottest full moon in the house!

002Come back Saturday for our DUNGEON MASTER NIGHT.  Each month our DM Timothy presents a demo on S&M play at midnight in the Club Room.  The demos are always hot and informative for those new to the leather scene and the “old pros”.   We are keeping the demo topic open this month for now as we are seeking new bottoms willing to participate.  If you are one, come early to talk with me and Timothy and maybe you can be a part of this month’s or a future demo.  Whatever we wind up presenting it will be fun for all.

Now that the Super Bowl is over, football may be done till next fall.  But there is plenty of other sports action hockey, basketball, winter sports and more that will fill in our Sunday viewing at the bar.  So come on by for our SUNDAY BEER BUST and enjoy those $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light while you catch a game.  We’re still months away from fun on the beach, so meet up with your buddies here, watch a game or shoot a game of pool.  Our table is always free.   This week we will tune in the Grammy’s Awards and enjoy the music as well.

The Club Room opens at 6pm for some early cruising.  Our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT packs in a crowd by 7pm so there’s plenty to check out on or off the screen.  And the $1 beers flow all night.

02-15-17wI hope it does chill down a bit next week.  Like those winter festivals without snow around Chicago, our annual WINTER UNDERWEAR FETISH PARTY is the following Friday, February 17th.  This night includes our Mr UNION SUIT 2017 CONTEST and I want to see lots of union suited guys in the house.  So pray for a cold winter night, otherwise, we may just have a hard time keeping anyone in a union suit.  Okay, maybe that won’t be a problem.  I believe Leather 64TEN and Full Kit may still have a few union suits in stock.  Check them out before the party.

Now, I’ve got to get ready for our Leather Women’s Cruise at 8pm tonight in the Club Room.  Hopefully our leather sisters, kept this marked on their calendar, always the first Tuesday of each month.  The rest of you can join us after 10pm for our Hardcore Cruisin’ Night.  Get your leather on.



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