Got to  make  sure I put this post out on the website.  Each week, I update this website and then use that post for the body of my email blast.  But last week was the second time this fall that I forgot to  “publish” my post.  I refuse to admit  age has anything to do with it, I’ll blame the Jager first.  So let’s see  if I can remember to put this up on the website after I draft it.

I want to be sure I  take that last step, particularly these next couple of weeks.  We have a nearly 2 weeks of non-stop action that begins with Halloween and runs right into our big 40th Anniversary celebrations.  Right now I’ll  concentrate on Halloween events and will add a second post to cover all anniversary parties.

10-25-17wBig, hairy, tough and nasty – just what you’d like for wild night and we’re  going to give it to you for  6 nights of Halloween.  This year’s theme is “Halloween in the Den of the Werewolf” and we’re ready to take a big bite of  thrills.  It all begins on Thursday night as we “Unleash the Beast” at Touché with the opening of our maze in the Club Room.  It’s everyone’s  favorite  part  of  our Halloween fun and will be open nightly through Halloween Night on the 31st.  Come in Thursday for your first “lost in the maze” of 2017.

10-25a-17wThe next night, ONYX will haunt the maze for their CLUB NIGHT on Friday.  They will also offer up those jello shots in case you need some nerve to tempt the  maze.  And they will host another big  raffle.  You know ONYX brings out a huge crowd when they are here and with werewolves on the loose, you know it will be wild night.

image 1We’ll just keep piling the thrills with a howling big RIPE PARTY on Saturday.  Great music, dark spaces and werewolves on the prowl make for another hot night. Since lots of folks will be out in costume, we’ll hold a contest at 1am so they can show them off with a cash prize for the best costume we find in the dark.

On Sunday you can ease into another wild night with our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  We open at noon and start to pour those $1drafts of  Bud & Bud Light all day.  The  Chicago Bears look to extend their wins at noon and we’ll offer up a few Halloween treats with our Chicago Red Hots.  At 6pm Club Room open giving you a chance to  explore the maze before our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT features another thriller at 7pm.

A body painting station will be set up in the front bar for our GLOW PARTY this night.  You take it off and paint it up and show it off in the dark.  The glow paints are washable  so it  will come off easily later (if you don’t wear it off)

RockyHorrorwMore Halloween fun on Monday when we host our annual ROCKY HORROR PARTY.  It may not have anything to do  with werewolves but you can’t beat the fun of watching this cult classic. Specially when we supply all the props you’ll need to “play along”.  You  do know how to do the Time Warp?  The movie starts at 10pm.

Your last chance to take a bite out of Halloween will be at Tuesday’s TREATS ‘N TRICKS PARTY.   The big costume parade early in the evening means lots of guys will be out, so we’ll do another contest at midnight. It’s the final night to  enjoy the maze, so you  know it will be busy.  We’ll pretend there’s a full moon out tonight and everyone is a werewolf.

seasonal brewsTo add to your Halloween fun, we have stocked several treats for the season beginning with a couple of pumpkin flavored treats – O’Fallon’s Pumpkin Ale, made with real pumpkin meat and Breckinridge Nitro Pumpkin Spiced Latte.  We’ve brought back 2 popular brews Schmaltz Death  a hoppy black ale and 5 Rabbits Vida Y Muerte a season brew to celebrate the  Day of  the Dead.  Both flew out of the cooler last year.  Another seasonal  treat is 2 Towns Cot In The Act, a  tasty cider brew with apricots.

Jack-O-BlastGive your Halloween a kick with Captain Morgan’s Jack-o-Blast a special spiced rum mix with pumpkin.  Makes a killer shot or try it mixed.  All these treats are here for a short time, get ‘em before they’re gone for another year like the maze.

Let me get the house decked out for Halloween and that maze in place and then I’ll fill you in on our 40th anniversary plans.  Now get your costume ready for Halloween and  get your butt in here for our Halloween in the Werewolf’s Den!



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  1. I was up in Chicago in year 2000 for work and stayed in Skokie (work hotel). I went your bar and had a great time. I want come back next year during your bear week. Can you suggest and lodging close to Touche? Thanks, Danny

    • Touché says:

      Hey Danny,

      Thinking ahead, good plan. There are a few options for places to stay up this way. The old stand by is the Heart O’ Chicago motel on Ridge/Peterson. About 4 blocks south of the bar. Cheapest place but the drawback is it’s kind of out of the way from everything. A hike to the Red Line but just off the Clark St #22 bus.

      Hampton Inn opened a new hotel on Sheridan at Albion in Rogers Park. Nice and new it’s located just north of the Red Line Loyola stop, lots of eateries around and just a few blocks east of the bar.

      Then there’s the Guesthouse Hotel on Clark St just north or Lawrence. This facility features guest suites with multiple bedrooms, kitchen and more. Perfect for groups of friends looking to stay together.

      There are several guest houses ad loads of Air B&B choices around the bar as well. Many are local gay hosts. Hope this helps you plan your next visit.


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