07-12-17wWell, the big contest weekend of the summer is here.  MR MIDWEST RUBBER 2017 will be named this Saturday night here at Touché.  The contest is open to all rubbermen from across the Midwest, so we may see quite a few vying for the title.

04-12a-17wBefore the MWR2017 Weekend begins with the WELCOME PARTY at 10pm, our monthly LEATHERWOMEN’S CRUISE in the Club Room will get this Friday night going.  Each month, we open the Club Room from 8-10pm for our leather sisters to gather and socialize for a couple of hours before we open the Club Room to all.  It will mean a busy start to a big night.

We have some special guests to help out with the contest including the current Mr International Rubber 2017 Preston So.  I got to met Preston before the MIR contest last year and can see why they choose him for this title.  We also welcome Ms Karen Ultra to our stage of Mistress of Ceremonies this year with full knowledge that it will be a fun and scathingly wild time.

Joining Touché as a major sponsor this year is Latex Catfish along with our returning sponsors Full Kit Gear, Leather 64TEN, Titans of the Midwest, Andersonville Brewing Company and of course our Chicago Rubbermen!

There’s lots to review over the weekend, events Friday night, all day Saturday and even on Sunday.  Details on all the events and the rundown of our judges are all listed on the Mr Midwest Rubber 2017 page.  Just click the link on the banner to check all the info and download a contestant application.  You have until 9pm on Friday to register.

Here’s a little incentive to enter. Not only will the winner compete at Mr International Rubber 2018 in November, he will also win over $1,200 in cash and prizes as Mr Midwest Rubber 2017.  Take the challenge and compete!

I want to remind all of you that admission to all events are free. That includes the KINK U being presented by the Titans of the Midwest (thank you!) and the contest on Saturday night.  Of course the Sunday brunch, you’ll have to pay for but we will offer discount tickets at the bar all weekend, just ask your bartender for one.

I can not stress enough that you should take advantage of the Fetish Flea Market on Saturday afternoon.  If you’ve got old fetish gear, rubber, leather, uniforms, boots, hats vests, jackets, pants or dungeon gear you no longer use, bring it in and make a deal.

Table space is available at no charge.  There’s no fee to participate and there are always more shoppers than sellers.  Clear out your old gear or come shop for a bargain.

Again check out the MWR2017 page for more details as I have a few more fun tidbits to share with you this week.

Touche40LogowAs you know, this is Touché’s YEAR 40 and we are counting down the days to our big bash in November (don’t worry, we’ll be including some MIR fun as part of our celebrations)

Our long history has featured some incredibly wild and legendary parties and I promised we would be reviving several of them over this year.  So get ready for next weekend for something old and something new to mark our 40 years as Chicago’s leather/fetish bar.

The new is a big 70’s LEATHER PARTY on Saturday, July 22nd.  You all raved about the great music from the 76 party last year, so we’ll crank out the best of the 70’s again. But we are also looking back and the leather worn but guys at the bar back then.  You’d think it never changed but actually is was more biker gear than today.

muir cap 2 Guys wore chaps, a vest or a jacket and we all had a muir cap.  Summer time is was all cut off jeans, not at the knees but right at the crotch, a deigo t, boots and your leather vest.

Fu-Manchu-MustacheBeards were not big back then but mustaches and sideburns were all the rage.  Get your best 70’s leather look going as we’ll have a contest for the hottest 70’s leather dude.


The following day Sunday, July 23rd, you’d better leave the leather at home as we bring back the wildly popular SPLASH PARTY!  We’ll be opening the Cub Room at 4pm that day for three hours of wet wildness.  We will stock up on water balloons and pistols and see who gets soaked the most.  It’s all just water guys, so don’t be afraid to get wet and have some fun.

19961344_10213691259743908_2351919764731024755_nI want to follow up on the RIDE FOR AIDS which took place last weekend.  Two of our bartenders Mark and Mario rode on our Team Touché/Leather 64TEN which is why I was behind the bar a few times.  The guys made the journey of 200 miles in 2 days and should be recovered by this weekend. (I ain’t covering for them)  The team is a bit short of their fundraising goal but can still accept donations over the next couple of weeks. Let the guys know you are behind them and contribute to cause for TPAN.

There’s still more fun to come this summer at Touché.  Let’s see who will win the title of Mr Midwest Rubber 2017 this weekend first.  Then I’ll fill you on more great times to come here at Touché.



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