Got to  make  sure I put this post out on the website.  Each week, I update this website and then use that post for the body of my email blast.  But last week was the second time this fall that I forgot to  “publish” my post.  I refuse to admit  age has anything to do with it, I’ll blame the Jager first.  So let’s see  if I can remember to put this up on the website after I draft it.

I want to be sure I  take that last step, particularly these next couple of weeks.  We have a nearly 2 weeks of non-stop action that begins with Halloween and runs right into our big 40th Anniversary celebrations.  Right now I’ll  concentrate on Halloween events and will add a second post to cover all anniversary parties.

10-25-17wBig, hairy, tough and nasty – just what you’d like for wild night and we’re  going to give it to you for  6 nights of Halloween.  This year’s theme is “Halloween in the Den of the Werewolf” and we’re ready to take a big bite of  thrills.  It all begins on Thursday night as we “Unleash the Beast” at Touché with the opening of our maze in the Club Room.  It’s everyone’s  favorite  part  of  our Halloween fun and will be open nightly through Halloween Night on the 31st.  Come in Thursday for your first “lost in the maze” of 2017.

10-25a-17wThe next night, ONYX will haunt the maze for their CLUB NIGHT on Friday.  They will also offer up those jello shots in case you need some nerve to tempt the  maze.  And they will host another big  raffle.  You know ONYX brings out a huge crowd when they are here and with werewolves on the loose, you know it will be wild night.

image 1We’ll just keep piling the thrills with a howling big RIPE PARTY on Saturday.  Great music, dark spaces and werewolves on the prowl make for another hot night. Since lots of folks will be out in costume, we’ll hold a contest at 1am so they can show them off with a cash prize for the best costume we find in the dark.

On Sunday you can ease into another wild night with our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  We open at noon and start to pour those $1drafts of  Bud & Bud Light all day.  The  Chicago Bears look to extend their wins at noon and we’ll offer up a few Halloween treats with our Chicago Red Hots.  At 6pm Club Room open giving you a chance to  explore the maze before our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT features another thriller at 7pm.

A body painting station will be set up in the front bar for our GLOW PARTY this night.  You take it off and paint it up and show it off in the dark.  The glow paints are washable  so it  will come off easily later (if you don’t wear it off)

RockyHorrorwMore Halloween fun on Monday when we host our annual ROCKY HORROR PARTY.  It may not have anything to do  with werewolves but you can’t beat the fun of watching this cult classic. Specially when we supply all the props you’ll need to “play along”.  You  do know how to do the Time Warp?  The movie starts at 10pm.

Your last chance to take a bite out of Halloween will be at Tuesday’s TREATS ‘N TRICKS PARTY.   The big costume parade early in the evening means lots of guys will be out, so we’ll do another contest at midnight. It’s the final night to  enjoy the maze, so you  know it will be busy.  We’ll pretend there’s a full moon out tonight and everyone is a werewolf.

seasonal brewsTo add to your Halloween fun, we have stocked several treats for the season beginning with a couple of pumpkin flavored treats – O’Fallon’s Pumpkin Ale, made with real pumpkin meat and Breckinridge Nitro Pumpkin Spiced Latte.  We’ve brought back 2 popular brews Schmaltz Death  a hoppy black ale and 5 Rabbits Vida Y Muerte a season brew to celebrate the  Day of  the Dead.  Both flew out of the cooler last year.  Another seasonal  treat is 2 Towns Cot In The Act, a  tasty cider brew with apricots.

Jack-O-BlastGive your Halloween a kick with Captain Morgan’s Jack-o-Blast a special spiced rum mix with pumpkin.  Makes a killer shot or try it mixed.  All these treats are here for a short time, get ‘em before they’re gone for another year like the maze.

Let me get the house decked out for Halloween and that maze in place and then I’ll fill you in on our 40th anniversary plans.  Now get your costume ready for Halloween and  get your butt in here for our Halloween in the Werewolf’s Den!



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10-11-17wRushing to get news posted for this week.  Got caught up watching the Cubs game today.  Better get this done as they have one more chance at the Nationals on Thursday.  Come join us for the game at Touché, first pitch is 7:08pm and we’ll have it tuned in with the sound cranked up. Let’s Go Cubbies!

ThrowbackThurswSo besides the Cubs Game Thursday, it is our THROWBACK NIGHT when we feature some of the great hits – disco, pop, rock – from our early years.  And we screen some of the wild classic movies of the era too on our screens as well.  Thanks to our friends at Bijou Video, one for painfully restoring these great films that feature guys like Bruno, Jack Wrangler, Al Parker and many more from the 70’s and 80s.  Come check them out and enjoy the good tunes every Thursday.

08-09a-017wNow on to what should be a very busy Friday.  First up is our monthly LEATHER WOMEN’S CRUISE in the Club Room at 8pm.  We turn the bar over to our gal pals for some networking, cruising and good times.  You guys know how good it is to have a space like Touché to meet others into your “thing”.  We like to give the women a time to do the same.  Bear in mind there’s no place for eager new young women to explore and meet which is why we give them time in the Club Room each month.  Don’t worry by 11pm we’ll open it up to all.

Porn Poker HandwI recently got a huge box on new “fresh” porn from Grab Magazine (thank you Stacy & Mark) and will give you a chance to take some home on Friday.  That’s because we’ll be hosting another fun night of PORN POKER.  We’ll distribute playing cards and let you see if you can put together a winning hand.  Everyone enjoys playing this night and grabbing a hot DVD to take home.

CHC logoAt the same time, I got word that the men of Chicago Hellfire Club will be hitting the bar to enjoy a bit of socializing with the crowd.  They got back from “camp” last month and just reset their club house for their first gathering after Inferno this weekend.  So they are looking forward to a few drink and conversation with others.  Say howdy, you just might get asked to join them.

Now if the Cubs take down the Nationals on Thursday, they’ll be moving on in the playoffs this weekend and we will watch the games if they are still in the running.  We don’t want you to have to choose between joining the fun at the bar or staying home to watch the games.

You’ll want to be here Saturday for our DUNGEON MASTER NIGHT.  We had planned a temporary piercing demo last month but our DM Timothy got a the old “call into work” and couldn’t make it.  But plans are he will be here and we will get to present this demo at midnight in the Club Room.  You be here, too.

Beer Bust adwThe weather will be up and down the next few days, but you can count on our SUNDAY BEER BUST going strong.  If it gets wet and chilly (even if it doesn’t) come on by for a cold beer and a fun day at Touché.   Lots of sports action, our Chicago Bears play at noon, maybe this week we’ll get a victory?   In case you’ve been preoccupied with the Cubs games, our Bulls and Blackhawks are doing well and if they are playing this weekend, we’ll get their games up on a screen in the bar.  So plenty of sports to catch all day with Mario.

Then there’s still our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT in the Club Room at 7pm.  Mark opens up the back bar at 6pm and also offers those $1 drafts and sodas and will screen a real “chick flick” this week.  It all just leads into a wild Sunday night to cap off the weekend.

As I have mentioned before, we are hard at work finalizing plans for the 40th anniversary including getting invites printed.  We might have them this weekend for you, definitely next week.  Stop by weekdays for COCK&TAIL HOUR and grab one.

10-18-17wAlso Halloween is shaping up and even before that another Touché tradtion rises from the dust.  This past summer we revived our SPLASH PARTY with a hearty few that really enjoyed the wet fun.  Another party of our past is coming back SNAKE PIT!  If you been to one in the past, you know how much fun the Snake Pit Parties can be.  If you haven’t you won’t want to miss this.  Mark your calendars for next Friday!

And I’m  trying to get all the news for Mr Chicago Leather 2018 up on the website.  The new poster is already there and more will be added (give me another minute, you can see I’ve got my hands full)

You can be sure to find me with a beer at the bar for the Cubs game on Thursday. Come join us then and every night this weekend.



PS  I put my email address here as a reminder it’s the best way to reach me.  I check it daily, far more frequently than comments on this website or notes on Facebook & Twitter.



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