MWR2017-Pup_LinkIt was another successful Mr Midwest Rubber Contest Weekend at Touché.  We had a great crowd on hand as two hot rubbermen battled it out for the title.  Congrates to Pup Link for coming up the winner and being named Mr Midwest Rubber 2017.  He’s already off and running, heading to Mr Kentucky Leather this weekend in Louisville.  You’ll be seeing more of him around the bar in the coming weeks as he prepares to compete at MIR21 in November.  You can check out more photos from the contest & weekend on our Midwest Rubber Facebook page and on the Great Lakes Den website.

Now it’s time to get back to more YEAR 40 summer time fun at Touché.  Over the years we have hosted several wild nights and in keeping with those traditions we are presenting a couple of new parties and bringing back on wet, very, wet summer event.


Over Touché’s 40 years, we have always touted our hometown Chicago as a great place to live or visit.  The lakefront, the skyline, the people, the food, the nightlife and more make this city special for those of us living here and the millions of visitors.

Sometime this pride is also about the people that have made this place so special. One of most notable favorite sons was Ernest Hemingway. (Okay he was from Oak Park where you can still visit his family home but he’s still part of Chicago’s legendary figures)  I can’t imagine a more manly man, he would hunt, fish camp, sail a boat – all kinds of outdoor life, enjoyed a good drink and a good smoke.

Then there’s that beard.  Papa Hemingway would have been a most attractive and sought after bear daddy at Touché.  The fact that he also wrote so many well read books, would mean the conversations over a drink would be remarkable.

This Friday would have been his 118th birthday, so why not celebrate the birthday of Papa Hemingway?   Let’s see how much you have read of his works. KWIZ Master Kirk Williamson will be on hand to host a Hemingway Trivia Contest and I’ll follow that up with a Best Beard contest with lots of prizes for both.

Then we’ll do the “time trip” thing again and take you back to the early days of Touché on Saturday night for a 70’s LEATHER NIGHT.  I mentioned last week about the leather look of the time. More biker oriented, chaps, jackets and muir caps.  Of course it’s summer time and that meant short cut off jeans (at the crotch not the knees) a white deigo t, boots and a vest were the norm.  And every man sported a mustache and sideburns.  Let’s see your best 70’s leather look and come enjoy the music with not one but two DJ’s Jesse and Harry T taking turns on the turntables.

We couldn’t salute our first 40 years without bringing back another Touché tradition, the big SPLASH PARTY.  This Sunday along with our BEER BUST we’ll open the Club Room at 4pm for lots of wet fun.  No, not a watersports party just lots of water.  Water balloons, water pistols, water period.  Come prepared to get wet if you step into the Club Room between 4 and 7pm.  I’ve got some 300+ water balloons for ammo, feel free to bring your own water guns.  You may have attended a Splash Party before or heard about these wild parties. Come get soaked and have some fun again at Touché.

For weeks I’ve been going on about all the big weekend events (IML, Pride, 4th of July & MWR) but I want to remind you that we are having a fun summer all week long.  Step out any night and you’ll find some fun guys hanging at the bar looking for you to join them.  Our COCK&TAIL HOUR specials run Monday through Friday every week with $3 well drinks & select domestic beers from 6-9pm.

weekday bannerTuesdays, put down your cell phones and put on your leather for a buck off drinks all night.  Wednesday strut your stuff in a jockstrap and get a buck off drinks that night.  And if you enjoy the music of the 70s & 80s come out for our THROWBACK THURSDAYS when that’s all we play along with the hot classic from Bijou Video.

rw17_slide3One last thing this week. The AIDS WALK is set for Sunday October 1st. A ways off but it’s time to put together our team from Touché to walk on behalf of Chicago House.  A bit more history for you, when AIDS hit Chicago it landed firmly on Touché.  My fellow bartender at the time was Glen Sudberry or Sudsy as he was called by his club bothers.  Sudsy was one of the first to fall to AIDS, before we even knew what was the cause that would later be termed AIDS.

In those early days, guys were getting seriously ill and dying at an alarming rate.  Too ill to work or care for themselves, the need for housing was one of the first concerns in dealing with this crisis.   Chicago House was formed just for that purpose, to buy a property where guys could go.  And many of the people that came together to begin this effort came out of our leather community (and many more died in a Chicago Hose home)  Chicago House is part of our leather history.

A few years ago as the economy collapsed and AIDS funding was slashed another agency serving the northside/northshore BEHIV had to close their doors.  The problem was, BEHIV had many clients in Rogers Park, Evanston and beyond.  While facing their own economic shortfalls, Chicago House stepped up and took in BIHIV’s clients who would have been otherwise left without care.

So I am challenging all of you that identify as a leatherman or leatherwoman to join me in this year’s walk to support Chicago House.  It’s part of your heritage to support this worthy cause.  Of course everyone one else bear, rubberman, pup, whatever are also welcome to walk with me on October 1st.

There will be a team meeting next Wednesday, July 27th at 7pm at Touché with representatives from Chicago House to share information about registering for the Walk.  Touché has scheduled our annual “THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN” Boot Fetish Party on Saturday August 19th to help raise funds for team.  I would like to plan a few more fundraisers before the Walk and show as much support for Chicago House as our Team Touché/Leather64TEN did for TPAN in the Ride For AIDS.

If you can not attend the meeting but would like to help, be a part of our AIDS WALK team, drop me a line at the email address below and I’ll keep you posted.

Now let’s celebrate Papa Hemingway, head back to the 70s and get a little (okay a lot) wet.  It’s going to be a fun weekend at Touché, don’t miss out!


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07-12-17wWell, the big contest weekend of the summer is here.  MR MIDWEST RUBBER 2017 will be named this Saturday night here at Touché.  The contest is open to all rubbermen from across the Midwest, so we may see quite a few vying for the title.

04-12a-17wBefore the MWR2017 Weekend begins with the WELCOME PARTY at 10pm, our monthly LEATHERWOMEN’S CRUISE in the Club Room will get this Friday night going.  Each month, we open the Club Room from 8-10pm for our leather sisters to gather and socialize for a couple of hours before we open the Club Room to all.  It will mean a busy start to a big night.

We have some special guests to help out with the contest including the current Mr International Rubber 2017 Preston So.  I got to met Preston before the MIR contest last year and can see why they choose him for this title.  We also welcome Ms Karen Ultra to our stage of Mistress of Ceremonies this year with full knowledge that it will be a fun and scathingly wild time.

Joining Touché as a major sponsor this year is Latex Catfish along with our returning sponsors Full Kit Gear, Leather 64TEN, Titans of the Midwest, Andersonville Brewing Company and of course our Chicago Rubbermen!

There’s lots to review over the weekend, events Friday night, all day Saturday and even on Sunday.  Details on all the events and the rundown of our judges are all listed on the Mr Midwest Rubber 2017 page.  Just click the link on the banner to check all the info and download a contestant application.  You have until 9pm on Friday to register.

Here’s a little incentive to enter. Not only will the winner compete at Mr International Rubber 2018 in November, he will also win over $1,200 in cash and prizes as Mr Midwest Rubber 2017.  Take the challenge and compete!

I want to remind all of you that admission to all events are free. That includes the KINK U being presented by the Titans of the Midwest (thank you!) and the contest on Saturday night.  Of course the Sunday brunch, you’ll have to pay for but we will offer discount tickets at the bar all weekend, just ask your bartender for one.

I can not stress enough that you should take advantage of the Fetish Flea Market on Saturday afternoon.  If you’ve got old fetish gear, rubber, leather, uniforms, boots, hats vests, jackets, pants or dungeon gear you no longer use, bring it in and make a deal.

Table space is available at no charge.  There’s no fee to participate and there are always more shoppers than sellers.  Clear out your old gear or come shop for a bargain.

Again check out the MWR2017 page for more details as I have a few more fun tidbits to share with you this week.

Touche40LogowAs you know, this is Touché’s YEAR 40 and we are counting down the days to our big bash in November (don’t worry, we’ll be including some MIR fun as part of our celebrations)

Our long history has featured some incredibly wild and legendary parties and I promised we would be reviving several of them over this year.  So get ready for next weekend for something old and something new to mark our 40 years as Chicago’s leather/fetish bar.

The new is a big 70’s LEATHER PARTY on Saturday, July 22nd.  You all raved about the great music from the 76 party last year, so we’ll crank out the best of the 70’s again. But we are also looking back and the leather worn but guys at the bar back then.  You’d think it never changed but actually is was more biker gear than today.

muir cap 2 Guys wore chaps, a vest or a jacket and we all had a muir cap.  Summer time is was all cut off jeans, not at the knees but right at the crotch, a deigo t, boots and your leather vest.

Fu-Manchu-MustacheBeards were not big back then but mustaches and sideburns were all the rage.  Get your best 70’s leather look going as we’ll have a contest for the hottest 70’s leather dude.


The following day Sunday, July 23rd, you’d better leave the leather at home as we bring back the wildly popular SPLASH PARTY!  We’ll be opening the Cub Room at 4pm that day for three hours of wet wildness.  We will stock up on water balloons and pistols and see who gets soaked the most.  It’s all just water guys, so don’t be afraid to get wet and have some fun.

19961344_10213691259743908_2351919764731024755_nI want to follow up on the RIDE FOR AIDS which took place last weekend.  Two of our bartenders Mark and Mario rode on our Team Touché/Leather 64TEN which is why I was behind the bar a few times.  The guys made the journey of 200 miles in 2 days and should be recovered by this weekend. (I ain’t covering for them)  The team is a bit short of their fundraising goal but can still accept donations over the next couple of weeks. Let the guys know you are behind them and contribute to cause for TPAN.

There’s still more fun to come this summer at Touché.  Let’s see who will win the title of Mr Midwest Rubber 2017 this weekend first.  Then I’ll fill you on more great times to come here at Touché.



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