We’ve only got one more week till International Mr Leather, the Grabby’s and the new Chicago BearFest take over the town and Touché.  It will be a crazy, busy and lots of fun.  I am hard at it making final preparations and getting things lined up for 6 big nights at the bar.

But you know, we’ll not be waiting for next week to get here to have some fun.  We have one more weekend to fit in before the big kick off to summer and we’ll be ready to show you a good time.

40Get a jump on the weekend and help our Team Touché/Leather 64TEN.  POTBELLY GIVES BACK will benefit the Ride For AIDS Chicago and our team with a special night this Thursday, May 18th.  From 5-8pm, the Potbelly Sandwich Shop in Andersonville is donating not 5 or 10% to the RFAC, but a whopping 40% of all sales this evening!

The shop is located at 5304 North Clark Street and you know how great the food at these shops.  So make it your dinner spot this Thursday, come grab a bite and support our Team.  I’ll be there and at 40% donated back, I’ll be ordering seconds, maybe an extra dessert, too.  (It’s just to help the team, honest)We can then head back up to Touché to top off the feasting with a good drink or two.

Porn Poker HandwFriday night we’ll be hosting another popular PORN POKER PARTY. As before, we’ll distribute playing cards during the night and you can play to win red hot XXX DVDs.  There’s plenty of excitement during these parties, lots of guys are looking to grab a DVD loaded with hot raunchy sex.  Play your cards right and you could get one.

IMG_5004Before our Mr Chicago Leather 2017 Jerry Cernak (aka Daddy G) competes next week, we’ve got to give him a big send off this Saturday during our GEAR NIGHT at the bar.  Sure, he lives right here in Chicago but most all of his fellow competitors are getting the send off treatment and we want him to know all of Chicago is cheering for him.

Get on your gear, leather-rubber-uniforms and come wish Jerry well.  True to his community efforts, Jerry will host a raffle to benefit Rainbow Railroad which helps persecuted LGBT’s in other countries get to the US or other safe places.  Raffle prizes include weekend packages for Iowa Leather, MCL2018 and ICON’s Detroit Leather. Plus MCL2017  t-shirts, gift baskets, tickets to the Laugh Factory and the big 6 Queens & I Diva show at the Uptown Underground courtesy of Muffy Fishbasket.  There are more prizes being added, so come and get your tickets from MCL2017 Daddy G.

Remember it’s our GEAR NIGHT and you can count on the BLUF/Chicago gang to be out as well, in their leather best.  Speaking of best, look your best during IML both our barber Philip and bootblack slave angie will be on duty to make sure you are ready for IML.

SUNDAY BEER BUST, $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light all day and all night.  Afternoon sports and free Chicago Red Hots. Club Room opens at 6pm SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm.  LGood Beers of men. What more  need I say?   Okay, we give good head, come have one.  It’ll only cost you a buck to find out.

I ran through our IML and Chicago BearFest activities art the bar.  Here’s a little visual reminder.  I’ll be back next Monday with a full rundown just to make sure you got it all.

05-24-17wChicagoBearfest adwCome check out the bar this weekend and see what we’ve been up that’s kept me pretty busy this week.  Plus I want Jerry to see you in the crowd at his send off party on Saturday.


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Full Moon & A Fun Weekend at Touché

Somehow last week’s posting got lost.  Each week, I first post info to the website and then copy that to my weekly email blast.  I followed the same procedure last week, website then email.  Everyone got the email but just discovered nothing was on the website.  I love a good mystery.   I will keep an eye on the website and make sure it doesn’t disappear on me this week.

That’s because I have tons of news to share this week, lots planned for the next few days and details on the big Memorial Day Weekend.  Let’s get to it.

JockstrapWedsProofWednesday there is a Full Moon in the sky and you know what that means at Touché?  A FULL MOON PARTY!.  Luckily it falls on our JOCKSTRAP NIGHT, so there should be plenty of “full moons” to check out.  Every Wednesday we offer free pants check so you guys can show off those hot jocks you like to wear.  Remember our Jockstrap Night is sponsored by Full Kit Gear, the best place to get a new jock.  Full Kit has a huge selection of jocks, all the top brands and latest styles.  Get down there a grab one soon.

A FULL MOON PARTY would not be complete without a contest, I’ll have a cash prize for the “hottest full moon in the house”, judging will be at midnight.  Plus I will be raffling off gift certificates for jocks from Full Kit, just in time to get you a new jock for the coming IML and Chicago BearFest weekend.

ThrowbackThurswCome on back Thursday for our THROWBACK THURSDAY night. Each week we turn back the calendar to the 70’s/80’s by featuring the great music of the times, rock, pop and disco. And even our screens get the throwback effect, too with presentations of the hot videos of the era from Bijou Video.  Jack Wrangler, Al Parker, Bruno, you’ll see many of the classic hot stars and hotter action that turned us on back then.


Ready for a fun weekend?   We’ve got a big Friday night planned to get things going.

05-10-17wFirst up the Club Room is reserved for our sisters in leather for a couple of hours beginning at 8pm.  Yes there are lots of women into the leather/fetish scene and once a month we give them to meet, socialize and yes even play.  There’s limited spaces for women to gather which is why Touché hosts these monthly gatherings for them to explore their kinky side.

Not to worry, the Club Room will open up to all later on so everyone can have some fun.  Good thing, too as we welcome the Chicago Hellfire Club for a guest Club Night at the bar.  Here’s a chance for you guys looking to play hard to meet this club of serious hard players.  CHC is always welcoming new friends to their private events and this Friday is your chance to make their acquaintance.

We keep it a hot and heavy weekend with our DUNGEON MASTER NIGHT on Saturday.  Each month our DM Timothy presents a demo to help you learn about the various S&M play you may have heard or seen.  We encourage all to come and learn safety and techniques for all kinds of play.  The demos are presented at midnight in the Club Room and there’s no dress code. This month Timothy will present a demo on flogging and if this is something you’d like to explore, you will probably find others with a similar interest.  A good reason this is such a popular night at Touché.

Beer Bust adwDid someone say “BEER”?   Sundays at Touché are all about beer.  Good beer at a great price to be exact.  Our SUNDAY BEER BUST has us serving up cold drafts of Budweiser and Bud Light for just $1 all day long.  We also offer $1 sodas for the non drinkers and $1 Pucker Shots if your party needs an extra kick.  We open at 2pm and at 3pm layout some free Chicago Red Hots.  The Club Room opens at 6pm for our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT. Good beer, great deal, lots of guys, a good way to wrap up any weekend.

Now, there’s lots on the agenda for May.  Before the IML and Chicago BearFest madness hits, we have to give our Mr Chicago Leather 2017 Daddy G a big send off.  Most IML competitors come from across the country and beyond.  And most all get a rousing send off from their hometowns before traveling to Chicago to compete in the big contest.  Just because Mr Chicago Leather doesn’t leave town, doesn’t mean he is not entitled to a big well wishing send off too!

Next Saturday is not only our monthly GEAR NIGHT with BLUF/Chicago but will also be your chance to come wish him well in the big contest.  Get your gear on and come let him know he has your support.  You can also get a quick buzz cut to look your best for the coming Memorial Day weekend.

IMLwSo, what’s up at Touché for all the visiting leatherfolk and keeping the bears coming to Chicago?   Lots.  We start a 6 night run with a huge Welcome Party on Wednesday, May 24th for all the IML competitors and everyone else hitting town for the big weekend.  One of the “biggest” men in town for the Grabby’s will be joining us for a wild party on that Friday.  (You do realize what his brand 10Seven represents?)  If not come see why.

The International Mr Leather Contest will be held at the Auditorium Theater, going big time this year.  If you are heading there on Sunday to see who will be name IML 2017, make sure to head back here for our SUPER RIPE PARTY on Sunday night.  After days of looking their best, it’s time for everyone to get a bit down & dirty before the weekend ends and our RIPE PARTY is all about getting nice and ripe.  Dim lights, deep beats and those oh so hot men on  our stages should be just the thing to make it a great night for all.

Wherever you end up on that Monday morning, get your ass back here for our Memorial Day Beer Bust & Cook Out.  We’ll be serving up a holiday Beer Bust with $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light all day and firing up the grills at 3pm to feed your needs.  We’ll even open the Club Room way early to so you can feed all your needs this day.

Our Team Touché/Leather 64TEN will host the cookout with lots of great raffle prizes and fun.  These guys are training hard for the big 200 mile bike ride in July and are making ground on their fundraising goal for TPAN.  Grab a beer, a burger and help them reach that goal.

ChicagoBearfest adwNot only are we readying to welcome leatherfolk from around the world, we are also working hard to make sure the bears have a big fun weekend.  Touché has teamed up with The Call Bar and Hamburger Mary’s/Andersonville Brewing Company to present CHICAGO BEARFEST weekend.  This new tradition for bears and their admirers will feature new parties and events for bears in Andersonville and Rogers Park and it’s all free.

Touché will host the CHICAG BEARFEST LAUNCH PARTY on Thursday night, keeping our early jump for bears for the big weekend.  The party starts at 9pm and you can register for CBF for free and receive the Chicago BearFest wrist band that is good for discounts and specials all weekend.  Here at Touché the wrist band will you a buck off all drinks all night. We are pleased to announce that DJ Hale will be returning to spin tunes for this night.  Hale spun tunes for our monthly Bear Nights in the past and we are excited to have him back for this huge kick off event.  Some Bear traditions continue, it wouldn’t be a bear party at Touché without our popular Midnight Pizza Panic.

Chicago BearFest officially kicks off on Friday with the Welcome Party at Mary’s Attic.  Make plans to start that Saturday at the CBF Brnch at the Andersonville Brewing Company.  They host our Mr Chicago and Mr Midwest Rubber brunches and I can vouch for the good food.  Spend the day enjoying the Bear Crawl through Andersonville, many businesses up and own Clark Street will honor those wrist bands.  The Call Bar will host cocktails and showtunes at 4pm, there’s nothing like a room full of bears sing showtunes.

Saturday night finds the Chicago BearFest back here at Touché for our first Mr Chicago Bear and Chicago Cub Contest.  The winners will each receive a prize of cash and gifts totaling over $500.  Applications for the contest will be available at Touché this weekend.

Once the contest wraps it’s time for our BEARS N  BOXERS PARTY.  Show off your fur, we’ll offer free pants/clothing check all night. The Northside Leather Express shuttle means the leather crowd will be joining us after the IML Pecs & Personality portion of the contest wraps.

Chicago BearFest continues on Sunday with a BEARS AT THE BEACH day.  Pack a basket of food and drink and head to the Osterman Beach (Hollywood) and look for the Bear flags. Enjoy a day in the sun, take a dip in the lake, sun on the sand or hang in the park with bears from all over.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate but should it not Touché will host a “Weenie Roast” indoors at the bar and offer discounts for those wearing their wristbands.

The Call Bar hosts a big dance party on Sunday night and after a hearty brunch on Monday at Hamburger Mary’s we invite all the bears to join us for the big Memorial Day Beer Bust & Cookout at Touché.

Whew!  That’s a lot to cover.  I’m sure I missed some details but there’s always next week to fill you in more.  Remember you can follow ToucheChicago on Facebook and Twitter to updates and more. Or just ask us at the bar, we’d be happy to tell you more over a drink.

Now, I’m ready to get the full moon in my eyes.


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