I promised last week to post some big news for the coming Memorial Day weekend and Summer. Just a couple of nagging last minute details to nail down and we should be all set for another huge weekend to kick off our Summer.   Bear with me, I may yet come back this week with more news.

But there’s no waiting needed for a big fun weekend at Touché.  I know lots of you are heading to Cleveland for CLAW, make sure you stop by the Leather Stallion on Saturday for the big bash we are sponsoring there.  You just might find me there.

04-26a-17wThat’s if I can get away from all the fun we’ll be having right here at the bar.  Since most of our leather crowd heads to CLAW, it makes sense we fill the bar with some leather wannabe’s for our annual LEATHER EYE FOR THE PREPPY GUY makeover contest on Friday.  I have some much fun hosting this one, I just can’t miss it.

Once again Touché has teamed up with Leather 64TEN to select a fresh young one and turn him into a new leather stud.  It’s all in fun as we work to restock the Groceryland Pantry each Spring.  Most of you are generous when we host the food drive in December.  But by now, the shelves are getting a bit low, so we look for everyone to help out Lori and her crew of volunteers so no one goes hungry.

You can bring in a donation of non-perishable foods, we’ll always be glad to accept them.  But there will also be a raffle during the night with lost of prizes including a pair of tickets to the big IML contest on Sunday, May 28th at the Auditorium Theater.  (Yep, IML hits the big stage!)

As for the makeover contest this Friday, we’ll line up contestants and get things going at 10pm.   We’ll give each of them a chance to prove their “preppy”ness and give the audience a chance to voice their favorite.  The past few years have seen lots of contestants which makes it a challenge to give them all their due “processing” so we can announce the winner by midnight.  Once our panel of judges make the ultimate choice of who is the winner, he will immediately be whisked away to the Leather 64TEN store next door. There the guys at Leather 65TEN will begin the makeover process.

The lucky winner will get over $500 in leather gear and receive a pair of tickets to International Mr Leather 2017 where he can show off his new leather look.  Once the makeover is complete, we will present our newest leatherman for the crowd’s approval.

While the makeover is in progress, we’ll host our raffle to benefit the Groceryland Pantry with lots of cool prizes including gift certificates from Leather 64TEN and a pair of tickets to the big IML Contest on Sunday, May 28th at the Auditorium Theater (yep IML makes the BIG stage!)  It’s going to be a lot of fun, come help support the Groceryland Pantry and check out the new faces at the bar.

RipewStick around this weekend as it’s time for one of our most popular nights, it RIPE PARTY on Saturday.  This night, we’ll turn the lights down low, DJ Harry T gives us some serious deep beats and our hot go-go dudes take the stages at midnight to entertain all.  Men, sweat, music, ahh, get RIPE at Touché.

Beer Bust adwLooks like it’s going to be a wet weekend around Chicago.  Don’t let that keep you sitting at home alone.  Come on by for our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  We offer cold drafts of Bud & Bud Light all day long.  We also offer sodas for just a buck, too.  We even pour Pucker shots for $1 just in case your party needs a little kick.  Free Chicago Red Hots are offered and the Club Room opens at 6 for our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT.  All lovers of showtunes should check out the big hit musical screening this week.

Next week we jump into the lusty month of May!  While IML will be the big focus for many, the entire month has plenty of special events, no hanging back now.  Our SPRING BIKE RAFFLE is underway.  The Michelob Ultra bike that is on display above the front bar will be raffled off at our Memorial Day Cook Out.  You can enter every night you visit the bar (one entry per person per day)  Make sure you fill out an entry form and hand it back to your bartender for your chance to pedal that bike home for a summer of riding.

Let me get things finished for May and ready for the big contest this Friday.  I’ll be ready to have a drink with you at Touché when you stop in.  Come see us soon!


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Another crazy week has me dashing out this last minute post.  So I’ll be brief.

04-19a-17wONYX hosts our FRIDAY CLUB NIGHT and they are doing a cowboy thing.  So get on your brown leather, pointy toed boots and Stetson can join the ONYX posse to get your weekend going.

04-19-17wWe present another BEAR ALL live music session on Saturday night at 10pm.  Local musician/songwriter Scott Free has lined up three other bearish men join him on our stage to sing their hearts out for this special evening.  Previous shows have featured some incredible music and performances and this night will continue that tradition of local gay talent.  We’ll be asking for a $10 donation at the door which all goes to the performers.

This same night, the Imperial Windy City Court of the Prairie State Empire is hosting their Mr Illinois Bear Contest at the LA&M.   Following the contest, that party moves to Touché to celebrate the new Mr Illinois Bear, Illinois Cub and Illinois Bear Hunter.  That should add plenty to our night of bears on stage.

The Blackhawks are out of the Stanley Cup playoffs (stunningly out) but the Bulls are looking pretty good so far and both the Cubs and White Sox are doing well.  So there is plenty of sports to follow on a Sunday afternoon with a cold beer.  Join us for our SUNDAY BEER BUST with $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light served up all day long.  Watch the games on our screens.  Don’t forget our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm in the Club Room, this week is a huge, creepy thriller.  If you get scared, you can always grab hold of someone for safety (you can grab hold even if you’re not scared)

Next week, I’ll fill you in what has been keeping me so busy.  It’s the weekend and you should know to just head to Touché for a good time.  We’re ready for you.


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