Last weekend, crowds descended on Halsted for Market Days. This weekend the party heads to Rogers Park for the Glenwood Arts Festival.  Oh, and there’s the big Air & Water Show along the lakefront, so it’s going to be a great weekend to come/hangout in Chicago.  Enjoy the days then get over here to Touché for a couple of big leather nights at the bar.

08-16a-17wCalling all leathermen, we have some thing special just for you on Friday.  First I have to ask if you have noticed that Touché’s logo features two images – a biker and a cowboy.  We have a soft spot for both.  Once again Touché is teaming up with Alcala’s Western Wear to present the “COWBOY EYE FOR THE LEATHER GUUY” contest. Each spring we turn some wannabe into a leatherman before IML.  In the summer we like to turn one of our leather guys into a hot cowboy stud.

So gear up and get in here on Friday for your chance to win a makeover by Alcala’s with over $300 in cowboy gear from the hat on your head to the boots on your feet.  That’s right a new pair of cowboy boots are included!

We’ll open up contest registration at 10pm and take the first 10 guys willing to compete for the make over.  At 11pm, the contest will begin with the winner announced at midnight and the presentation of the new cowboy right after his transformation is completed by Conrad from Alcala’s.

This night is a benefit for the Northside Groceryland Pantry.  You have all been very supportive in our ongoing efforts to help keep the pantry’s shelves stocked.  During the holidays, we gather cartloads of nonperishable food items, but it’s summer time and donations to the pantry fall off while the need is still there.

So I ask you to pick up some extra groceries this week and bring them with you on Friday.  We’ll collect them and haul it over to the pantry on Saturday.  We will also host a raffle for prizes during the night, including gift certificates from Alcala’s Western Wear so you can do your own cowboy thing.  Reminder they also have THE biggest boot selection in town and not limited to cowboy boots. Biker boots, work boots and more line the shelves, you’ve got to check it out at 1733 West Chicago Avenue.

Let’s have some fun cowboy style and help the pantry on Friday.

08-16b-17wYou’ll want to stay in your gear for Saturday night.  Our focus for our August GEAR NIGHT is BOOTS!   It’s all part of our THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN’ benefit for the Chicago House AIDS Walk Team.  The AIDS Walk is set for Sunday, October 1st and I am looking for folks to walk with me for Chicago House.  I have noted several times that Chicago House and our leather community have a long history of cooperation.

When AIDS first hit Chicago, it struck down a huge swath of the club brothers and GDI’s that called Touché their bar.  My coworker Sudsy, whom I stood next to on Saturday nights was one of the first we lost.  As the need for housing was crucial, the birth of Chicago House came from the leather community.  Early organizers were leathermen and we raised funds to help secure the first house and volunteered to clean, paint and fix up the house.  I ask you to honor the leathermen lost to walk with me and support Chicago House as they continue to serve PWA’s across the city.

All you guys that have a ting for a man’s boots, come on in and indulge your fantasies.  Of course that means all should be in their best boots along with your leather, rubber, uniforms.  You’ll need it to hit the Club Room for some hot cruising action.

Guest bootblacks are invited join slave angie in keeping all those boots looking their best and as we always do for Gear Night, Philip will be here offering free buzz cuts.

We will be raffling off lots of prizes including weekend package for MCL2018 and CLAW2018 with a grand prize of a pair of Chippewa Boots donated by Leather 64TEN.  A  hot boots contest and more are also slated for the big night.  Come show off your boots and keep those boot worshipers happy.

Beer Bust adwDays in the sun at the Glenwood Fest or on the lakefront can take their toll.  Step in for our SUNDAY BEER BUST for a cold one for only a buck and enjoy some time with your buds at the bar.  You still have a chance to win a Touché beach towel in our Summer Fun pack this afternoon with Mario.  Wanderer Mark is back from his tour of Italy and ready to serve you during our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm in the Club Room.  Trust me, we’ll stick to the movie and not let him do the slide show thing of his vacation.  You know that the bar will pick up late once the Fest on Glenwood winds down.  Come get some good head from the staff.

Summer’s not over yet, but it’s looking like  we’ll keep things hot as we head into fall.  I’m working on several events and parties for September & October leading up to our big 40th anniversary celebrations.  Stay tuned.

Right now, I’m heading off to Kings Island to get a coaster fix but will be here for the big weekend ahead.


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