Sorry for the late posting this week.  Had to dash off for a few days.  But back just in time for a fun weekend at Touché.  So, I will be brief and get back to you on Monday with details on the coming Mr Chicago Leather 2018 Contest Weekend.  Here’s what’s up right now.


Things get going early with our Leather Women’s Cruise Night in the Club Room at 8pm.  For the first 2-3 hours, we’ll let our leather sisters have their own brand of fun in the back bar.  It’s a great night for women curious about the leather scene come “test the waters” without being overwhelmed by a bunch of guys.

Friday night should be a fun time as I’ll host our TOYS FOR BIG BOYS GIFT EXCHANGE.    Let’s face it, the recent holidays meant you got stuck with some gift that you just can’t figure out how to use. For me, it’s that bottle of Old Spice or a tie.  Just what were they thinkin’????

Whatever you got stuck with, here’s your chance to turn it into something you can use or play with.  Bring it in and we’ll collect all those unwanted gifts for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate from Leather 64TEN that you can use toward the toys us big boys like to play with – a paddle, tit clamps, cock ring or ball stretcher, dildo – the store is loaded with all kinds of fun toys.

Everyone that brings in an unwanted gift by midnight will be entered into the exchange.  We’ll pack up all the presents and set them out for you pick, hopefully the present with the gift certificates.  Previous exchanges have been a blast, hopefully you’ll come participate of at least watch to see who ends up with what.

Keeping with the holiday follow up trend, our DUNGEON MASTER NIGHT on Saturday will feature a spanking demo.  We had this scheduled for last month but ka-ka happens (no Trumpisms here) and it didn’t happen.  But this Saturday our DN Timothy will present a demo at midnight and show you a variety of implements you can use to paddle someone.

Winter is back, and the best way to pass a Sunday afternoon is hanging out with us at Touché for our SUNDAY BEER BUST.   From 2pm till our 4 am closing, drafts of Bud & Bud Light are just a buck.   We’ll tune in the NFL playoff games along with any Bulls/Blackhawks action and Olympic trials with free Chicago Red Hots.  The Club Room opens at 6pm and our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT at 7.  It’s never too cold to enjoy a Sunday at Touché.

Lot’s more to share next week.  It’s Friday, the weekend is here!


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