It was the best cap off to our big summer here at Touché.  The long Labor Day weekend was a blast (just in case you left town)  Lots of bears on hand for our Bear Night last Saturday with several happy bears after winning weekend passes to Hibernation and Midwest BearFest later this fall.  The Jockstrap/Underwear Fetish Party was pretty wild with two fun contests.  Lots of guys were showing off their jocks & undies all night which is why we had to cram them back into their pants to get them out the door at closing.

Now that summer over, there’s no reason for boohooing.  We have lots piled onto our festive fall calendar.  Even if you are “back in your routine” and not traveling much, there’s plenty of good times coming up at Touché   M.A.F.I.A. hosts their AGM this weekend while leathermen are passing through town to and from Chicago Hellfire Club’s INFERNO run. OKTOBERFEST is about to begin and we have our annual fall Club Rush Party and another huge BEAR ALL show to add to our regular line up of Dungeon Master & Gear nights and Ripe Party.  Chicago Bears football new season begins as the Cubs head to the playoffs (another World Series during our anniversary?)

I did say a “festive fall” as it includes welcoming the American Brotherhood Weekend, a revival of our infamous Snake Pit Party and Halloween shenanigans all before our big 40th Anniversary Bash come November.  So let’s get to this weekend’s line up.

09-06-17wAs I mentioned M.A.F.I.A. members from across the country gather the second weekend of September to take care of a little business like electing a new board to lead them for the  next year.  But it’s not all work but definitely lots of pleasure, too.  It all begins with a huge CLUB NIGHT this Friday at Touché. You should see several guys in red shirts in the crowd for their monthly night at the bar.  Raffles are just part of the plan.

It won’t be a M.A.F.I.A. weekend without a play party on Saturday and with their members gathering it should be one of their biggest, hottest play party of the year.  Come meet the guys in M.A.F.I.A. on Friday and find out how you can join the party on Saturday.

Before M.A.F.I.A. gets things going, we’ll open the Cub Room at 8pm for our regular Leatherwomen’s Night where our gal pals can mix, mingle, cruise and network before the Club Room opens to all at 11pm.  I understand there is a fireplay demo planned for this month, sure to heat things up for the crowd of women.

Speaking of demos, our DUNGEON MASTER NIGHT is Saturday and features another hot, intense demo.  Our DM Timothy will be presenting a temporary piercing demo at midnight.  Since we expect several S&M players to pass through town on their way to/from Inferno, it seems like the perfect topic to present this month. Unlike piercings you may have had to insert jewelry in a an ear, nipple or elsewhere, this piercing for the experience of pain.  Needles are pierced and then removed.  If done correctly this is a safe form of play and Timothy will take you through  all the elements to make it safe.

bearsBeginning this Sunday, Touché will be opening just shy of noon so you may catch the kick off for all Chicago Bears football games this season.  Of course our SUNDAY BEER BUST will begin the minute we open the doors with $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light served up all day.  Our Beer Bust also includes all sodas off the guns for just a buck too.  Mario will be here to lead the cheers for the Bears as well as serve up Chicago Red Hots during the games and some Bears giveaways.  We’ll keep the football action on our screens all day.

You can still expect Mark to open the Club Room at 6pm for the football widows who want to partake of our Sunday Beer Bust too.  At 7pm he hosts our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT presenting the latest Hollywood releases or a favorite classic each week on our big screen, surround sound set up in the Club Room.

Next week we’ll host our annual CLUB RUSH PARTY when you can meet reps from many of Chicago’s local  leather/fetish clubs.  Here’s you chance to get to know more about the various clubs who’s colors/banner cover our walls.  Some are social, others strictly play. Some are men only, while others welcome men & women.  Leather, rubber, uniforms, pups, boys and more all have a place in our club scene.  Perhaps you’ll meet a club that will offer you the fellowship of brothers found in clubs.

Also OKTOBERFEST begins next Saturday during our Gear Night.  Come enjoy a beer and celebrate the season in Munich.  Our raffle for a new leather jacket from Leather 64TEN kicks off that day giving you a chance to  enter every night till OKTOBERFEST ends on October 1st.  There will be other special events during the 2 week run of Oktoberfest.

But it’s late in the week (okay it took me an extra day or two to recover from last weekend) and I need to get this posted and out.  So I’ll pass along more info next week.  Of course you can always ask me about upcoming events when you see me at the bar.  I’ll be the one with a beer in his hand.

See you soon,



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