Just about done preparing for the big Memorial Day Weekend and the thousands of leathermen and bears heading to Chicago for one wild weekend.  Quite a few out of towners come in early, expect to see several visitors from abroad in the bar this weekend.  Hey, you wouldn’t come from Europe or Australia for just 3-4 nights, you’d come for a week or longer.

We have 6 big nights planned to entertain the masses and will be looking for you to help us give them a proper welcome and a good time while they are here at Touché.  Ready for the challenge?

So let’s get you ready this weekend before all hell breaks loose.  We’ve got the men of ONYX in the house for their May Club Night.  A week early but they are set to rock the night with a special fundraiser for the Metropolitan Tenant Organization.  This night is all about jockstraps and grungy undies with a special silent auction to support the MTO.  Go ahead and sniff, then bid the items you’d like to score and enjoy at your leisure.  ONYX always packs the house and that means lots of hot men sharing their gear in the auction. Should be an aromatic night!

Saturday is Armed Forces Day and our annual GRUNT GEAR NIGHT.  Join the men of BLUF/Chicago in their leather uniforms in your military gear.  Camos, boots, grunt gear is welcome.  You’ll want to gear up to head to the Club Room, there will be a strict dress code for entry.  Our barber and bootblack will be on duty, making this your night to get cleaned up for the coming IML weekend.  Get here early as they will both be busy this night.

It also happens to be a FULL MOON night on Saturday and you know what that means.  I’ll be looking for the hottest “full moon” in the house with a nifty $100 cash prize for the winner.  If you don’t enter, you’ll have to help me pick the winner.  Tough job, I know.

You’ll want to hit our SUNDAY BEER BUST this week.  Not only can you get drafts of Bud & Bud Light for just a buck all day, you can kick back and ease into the fun (you’ll want to save up your energy for the next week)  Watch the Cubs/Sox games on our screens or the SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT in the Club Room at 7pm.  Now if you get tempted to stay out late, don’t blame me.

As the excitement of IML and Bear Pride builds, you can expect to find more guys out all next week.  Come on by for our COCK&TAIL HOUR from 6-9pm weekdays with $3 well drinks and select domestic beers.  Both Monday and Tuesday night should also be more “active” with more guys hitting town for the long holiday weekend.

There’s a lot to cover for the 6 nights we’ll be going full tilt, more than I can cover in just one email.  Here’s the dirt on the first three nights leading into the weekend. You can look ahead at the rest but I’ll fill you in on the details for the other events next week.  Remember there is no cover for all events at Touché and we will have a direct free shuttle running from the IML hotel Wednesday, Friday and on thru the weekend to get folks up here quick.

The real party begins Wednesday with our BEST OF CHICAGO WELCOME PARTY hosted by Todd Harris, Mr Chicago Leather 2016.  Todd has invited all his fellow contestants to join him here at Touché before their IML contest responsibilities take over their time for the rest of the weekend.  We have a free shuttle bus to bring everyone up from the IML hotel beginning at 9pm that night.  Once they are here, our special guest will be feted with local treats including tastings of Goose Island brews, Chicago Red Hots and of course Chicago Pan Pizza.

It the Best of Chicago we want to feature that includes you, our local leathermen and bears.  (Yes there are several bears in town already for BP, we saw lots of them last year) Along with the great beers and eats, Chicago has lots of hot men that make the town so GREAT!   We’ll need you to welcome them all for the weekend.

Thursday night we’ll give BEARS a proper welcome for BEAR PRIDE’s EARLY BIRD PARTY.  Hundreds of bears from all over the world also converge on Chicago for Memorial Day weekend.  We’ll need you to come back this night and make all these humpy men feel welcome.  We’ll have DJ Freddie Bain up in the booth and I’ve already ordered plenty of Chicago style pizza to keep the party rolling on into the night.

The IML crowd will be over at the Leather Archives & Museum on Thursday for the roast of IML2015 Patrick Smith IBB2015 Bam Bam and you can expect a lot of them to join us for this night as well.  Plenty for everyone, WOOF!

Not only do IML & Bear Pride “officially” get underway on Friday, but the Grabby’s Award kicks into high gear.  You can bet we have several of the hot porn stars ready to party with you here all weekend beginning with Christian Owen’s FETISCH – What Gets You Off party on Friday.  A Grabby Wall of Fame director, Christian returns to host this big night with several guys on our stage tempting you to show them what gets you off.  Is it leather, rubber, furry men, hot boys, jockstraps or what?  Our DJ Harry T will pump out some deep beats to get these guys grinding on stage.  They will be a special show at 1am featuring Hugh Hunter and Dolph Dietrich with giveaways afterwards.

Chicago’s best weekend for leathermen and bears is almost here.   Gird your loins (you won’t want them to give out too soon) and be ready for night after night fun times at Touché. Don’t wait for next week, we’ll be going at it from this weekend on.  Hop on now for a great time at Touché


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I think I have everything all set for the big IML/Bear Pride weekend which believe it or not is only 2 weeks away.  Look for a ton of Tweets & posts on our Facebook page as we get all the details out there.  I’ll share some with you here but more seems to get added every day.

This week will have us busy “behind the scenes” getting the house ready to handle the crowds and loading up on beer, booze and my Jager to keep us stocked through the long Memorial Day weekend.

All the more reason I’ll be ready to kick back and enjoy some hard edge music by DJ Germ as we host another Riot Bear Productions night of Punk Rock.  It’s Friday the 13th and Germ is gearing up for a night of mayhem in the booth with everything loud, wild and outside the mainstream.

Saturday is not only our monthly DUNGEON MASTER NIGHT with a hot S&M demo at midnight but it is also our big IML SEND OFF PARTY for Mr Chicago Leather 2016 Todd Harris.  Just because Todd is not leaving town to compete at IML as most other contestants do, that’s no reason not to give him a proper send off with tons of well wishes from his friends around town.

The best way you can show off your support for Todd is to wear one of our MCL2016 t-shirts.  We still have a limited supply of these shirts from the January MCL contest weekend.  You can pick one up for just $15 to wear this night and during the IML contest later this month.  $10 from each shirt sold will got to Todd’s travel fund. He’s been on the road quite a bit already this year (like all the way to Australia) with more travel plans after IML.

Of course Timothy will present another demo at midnight in the Club Room this night.  I believe he is planning a single tail demo and if you don’t know what that is, then you should be here and check it out.

You know it’s been raining around here if they note Lake Michigan is 4 FEET above level, wow.  Don’t let the wet weather ruin your Sunday, come enjoy a rainy day here with our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light, $1 sodas for the non-drinkers all day and free Chicago Red Hots from 3-7pm make it easy for you to catch up with your buddies here.  You can catch the ballgames on our screens if the Cubs and Sox don’t get rained out.

We even open the Club Room early at 6pm on Sundays and it does get going quickly.  Our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT begins at 7pm and somehow Mark has turned it into a “sans pants” kind of party.   You can still get those dollar beers, enjoy the movie and much more.

Okay, let’s take a quick look at IML weekend, actually week here at Touché.  IML officially runs Friday thru Memorial Day Monday but there’s just waaaay too much going on here to keep it that tight.  Contestants, leather market venders and many others arrive early and several others will stay after, so we are prepared to entertain them all during their stay.

We kick things off right with our BEST OF CHICAGO WELCOME PARTY on Wednesday, May 25th.   MCL2016 Todd Harris takes on the hosting duties this night and welcomes his fellow IML contestants to town.  That means you can get your first look, up and close, at the competition (we know you’ll be cheering loudest for Todd)  Since many of these guys are making their first visit to Chicago, we like to tout the things that make our city great.

This year’s party is sponsored by Goose Island Brewing which means plenty of great local beers to taste and enjoy.  We’ll offer up free Chicago Red Hots and even some Chicago pan pizza for the tourists and regulars.  Everyone from out of town will receive a bag of local goodies and more.

Then the next night, Thursday May 26th, we welcome the bears coming to Chicago for the big Bear Pride Weekend.  Help us give them a proper welcome for BEAR PRIDE’S EARLY BIRD PARTY, guaranteed wall-to-wall fur.  The roast of IML2015 Patrick Smith and IMBB 2015 Bam Bam is being held over at the LA&M this night and we can expect a surge of leather to join the party as well.  Guess I’ll be ordering big time for this night’s Midnight Pizza Panic, gotta feed the bears.

You know the bar will be packed all weekend with more great parties right up through Memorial Day, I’ll post more details on those events next week here.  But with no cover all weekend, you know every night will be wild.  Make plans now to help us kick off the big weekend on that Wednesday and Thursday nights, too.

One last thing, with all the stuff going on the past few weeks and planning for the big weekend, I failed to note our annual SPRING BIKE RAFFLE has kicked off.  Every time you visit Touché, you can enter the drawing for a new bike from Goose Island Brewery.  I’m putting up on display today so you can check it out.  Just pick up, fill out and turn in your entry forms to the bartender now till Memorial Day.  You don’t have to be here to win, but we hope you will be here at our cook out that day should we call out your name.

Let’s rock it out Friday!


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