Okay, I think we’ve picked up all the pieces from Memorial Day weekend’s madness.  Sorry I got news out late last Saturday, we were swamped each night from Wednesday on.  You’ve just got to know that with IML & Bear Pride in town that Touché will be jumping.  Doesn’t matter what we have planned, you’ll find a great crowd of men and a wild party going on.  Just mark off this week next year and get your ass in the bar each night.

There’s plenty of photos and comments floating around on Facebook and Twitter, so I’m not going to spend much time on what happened last week.  I will say, we had most of the IML contestants here for our big Welcome Party.  We got to see lots of friendly bears last week, too  with many skipping the BP events and coming back for more Touché fun over the weekend. The Fetisch party on Friday set the tone for the weekend with a hot show.  The ILGRA posse on Monday hosted a big cookout and we had several survivors make it back that night. (sorry, I sat down to watch the Blackhawks game and that was it. I was out for the night)

Normally Memorial Day weekend is the end of May but we still have one more weekend this month.  Lick your wounds from last week and come on back for more before June and Gay Pride takes over.

They threw another big dance party last Saturday and now ONYX is back at Touché for their monthly CLUB NIGHT at the bar.  You might think they would be dragging a bit but actually they are getting more pumped up as they prepare for their big 20th BLACK OUT  this coming fall.  You’ll find the ONYX men ready to party and welcoming new friends to join them as they plan to mark their 20th year.  Demos, raffles and those damn potent jello shots are what you may expect as ONYX takes over the house on Friday.

Our calendar here at Touché is pretty tight but whenever we get a month with a 5th Saturday, we look forward to hosting another BEAR ALL show with lots of live music by some hot local gay men.  These guys write the music they perform, so you know it comes form their heart and when they sing, it’s just an incredible show. Our buddy Scot Free lines up the talent for these shows with a mix of song stylings from blues, country, rock and more.

This Saturday marks the 5th year and at least a dozen BEAR ALL shows we have presented and each one has been a blast.  BEAR ALL 5.0 will present Scot, Roy Kinsey, Stood With Ghosts & Lars Von Keitz on our stage along with bear comic Bryan Dowling as our host for a night of great music.  The show starts at 10pm, so come early to grab your spot to listen and watch.  As for all BEAR ALL shows, there is a requested donation of $10 at the door which all goes to the performers.

Once the show ends around midnight, it will be business as usual for Touché.  With the crowds these shows draw, there will be plenty of bear action in the Club Room, trust me.

Before the show, we will tune in the Blackhawks game at 7pm to see if they can knock off those damn Ducks and get another chance to keep the Stanley Cup here in Chicago for another year.  Join us for the game and then stick around for BEAR ALL 5.0.

We’ll wrap up May with our SUNDAY BEER BUST & MOVIE NIGHT.  It’s suppose to be a chilly day, why not stay warm here.  We’ll have the Cubs & Sox games on our screens while you enjoy those $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light all day.  The Club Room opens at 6pm for our Movie Night which has become THE Sunday party.  Come check it out.

June starts on Monday and that means Summer’s street festivals and Gay Pride take off.  Our first event of June will be our next FULL MOON PARTY on Tuesday, June 2nd. It will be a great way to kick off summer fun here at Touché.

I promise to be back next Monday with details on the party and a rundown on street fairs in our area and plans for Gay Pride celebrations at Touché. But it’s a short week and I still have a couple of tasks to finish before our next weekend begins.

Let me get stuff done so we can show you a good time.  After the past week, I’ll be ready for a cold one, come join me.


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Just Get Your Ass To Touché

What can I say?  Things have been hectic as hell, I’ve been busy getting things all lined up and the bar well stocked.  Good thing as our big weekend took off on Wednesday night and hasn’t let up a bit.  I  just now got a chance to log on to get some more news out before our GEAR Night begins.  You should know that this weekend Touché rocks, just get your ass in here, doesn’t matter what’s going on, it’s a great time.

Luis welcomed most of his fellow contestants to Chicago at our Best of Chicago Welcome on Wednesday.  It was quite a hot crowd of leather and bears with plenty of out of towners checking out the bar.

Bear Pride took over the next night with a huge woofy bunch bears hitting town and getting that weekend rolling.  We were joined by tons of leather folk after the roast at the LA&M adding to the mix.

Last night’s FETISCH PARTY with a bevy of porn stars was crazy hot.  They worked the crowd up (not that the horny bastards needed much prompting)  We had to push them out at closing time, they didn’t want to stop.

So that can only mean tonight’s GEAR NIGHT will be jumping.  Remember there will be a strict gear dress code for entry to the Club Room.  Gear up if you want to get in on it.  Our barber & a bootblack will be on duty and we have DJ Cowboy Eric to pump out some great tunes.

Sunday of course is the big IML contest, I’ll be there to cheer on our Mr Chicago Leather Luis Tipantasig.  While that’s going on, here at Touché, we’ll open the Club Room for our Sunday Movie Night at 7pm while we wait to find out who is named International Mr Leather 2015.

Then it’s time to let it all hang out as our SUPER RIPE party gets going after the contest.  DJ Harry T will pump out the deep beats while our hot go-go dudes hit the stages to entertain you.  We’ll turn the lights way down and offer free clothing check, too.  For many guys it may be their last night in town for IML for Bear Pride and they will want to make the most of their party.  Let’s all get nasty and RIPE!

If you’re sticking around or heading back to Chi-town, head on in  on Monday for our Memorial Day Beer Bust.  We’ll be serving up cold drafts of Bud & Bud Light beginning at noon.  The Illinois Gay Rodeo Association will be here to host a COWBOY COOKOUY from 3-7pm with fresh off the grill treats.  Cowboy Eric will return to put a country spin on the music this afternoon.   We will even host a special Movie Night at 7pm in the Club Room with a fiery western comedy.

Then it’s our annual SURVIVOR PARTY Monday night.  Lots of leathermen and bears are still hanging around town and not necessarily looking to spend their last night at a dance party.  They just want to cap off their Memorial Day weekend hanging out, cruising other hot guys.  If you can get it up, get it here!

Time to get back to work.  We’re waiting for you.


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