No sooner do we get done celebrating our Gay Pride, it’s time to celebrate our American Pride.  Thanks to everyone that came out last weekend for Pride.  We had a blast every night (though I was quite worn out by Sunday night)  It looks like we had about 300 or so out for the parade.  Lots of photos are being posted on Facebook, check them out.  I also posted a few comments on the parade too.

Now it’s time to shift gears and celebrate our American Pride, it’s the 4th of July!  That means our RED, WHITE & BEAR WEEKEND with a big Beer Bust & eats on Monday.

The RED celebration gets going on Friday Club Night with the men of M.A.F.I.A. There should be a sea of red as you know these guys are all about plugging holes.  They host a mean raffle with plenty of “big” prizes and ready to invite other handy men to join them for their monthly play parties.

Our TEAM TOUCHE’ have one week to reach their goal of raising $20,000 for TPAN before pedaling their bikes  miles in the RIDE For AIDS.  The Team will be here for our BEAR NIGHT on Saturday hosting a RED, WHITE & BEAR fundraiser.  They will be raffling off some weekend packages for leather & bear events and another 3-day/2 night getaway package and other prizes.  We will extend our offer on the Smirnoff flavored vodka cocktails.  They are just $5 each and the entire purchase price is being donated to the team.  This is THE weekend to put them over the top, let’s help them get there.

Of course it’s BEAR NIGHT and that means great tunes by our DJ Harry T and  to keep you partying on into the night, we’ll feed the bears with our Midnight Pizza Panic.  There’s no cover and no excuse for you to bring your friends with you to Chicago’s original bear party.

We’ve got to party Blue, too.  Sunday is our BLUE HANKY PARTY and we welcome all shades of blue, whether you like sticking it in one end or the other.  Everyone flagging blue will get a buck off their drinks and our annual BLOW JOB CONTEST comes up at midnight.  The winner receives $50 cash.  You’ll want to see this contest or be in it.

Monday is the 4th and you all have the day free.  We’ll open early at 2pm with a special INDEPENDENCE DAY BEER BUST.  All day and all night drafts of Bud & Bud Light will be served up for just a buck.  At 3pm we’ll offer up our All American Weenie Roast & BBQ.  Spend the day with your buddies here at Touché and cap off your weekend right.

Let’s keep things going.  Tuesday is our next LEATHER WOMEN’S CRUISE at Touché.  We’ll open up the Club Room at 8pm for our women friends to gather, socialize and even play.  If you know other women looking to connect with our kink community, invite them to join in.  It is our HARDCORE CRUISIN’ NIGHT and everyone is welcome to join the gathering at 10pm.

Of course this means we are well into a busy July at Touché.  MR MIDWEST RUBBER 2016 is just a couple of weeks away.  I plan to get details on the big weekend up in the next day or two.  Stay tuned, but mark July 15-17 on your calendar, you know it will be a fun weekend at Touché.

So many of you have asked me to repeat the great 1976 party from last April.  Well, get ready because on July 23rd, we’re going to take you back to my days managing Carol’s Speakeasy and all the great hits of the 80’s.

I’ll keep working on showing you a good time, you just keep on comin’


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PRIDE IN LEATHER Celebrating your kinky side

Ready for a busy couple of weeks?  Things are ratcheting up here at Touché.  First up is Gay Pride Parade weekend.  Then is the 4th of July followed by Mr Midwest Rubber and much more next month.  Keep up with us if you can.

Let’s celebrate our kinky Gay Pride.  We have a big weekend planned to allow you to show off your pride as leathermen, leatherwomen, rubber pervs, humpy bears or just in general horny dudes.  There will be a huge contingent in the parade on Sunday and all are invited to march with us.  Keep reading for all the details.

The men of ONYX start the fun with a PRIDE CLUB NIGHT on Friday.  So you know it will be a huge start to the weekend’s fun.   ONYX packs the house with their members and friends and are planning lots of fun  activity to entertain all.  The usual culprits to get the party going – those damn jello shots that get me going and raffles are part of the plans.  I believe they will present a demo or contest as well.  Whatever they have up their sleeve, you know ONYX will make it wild and fun!

Something new this year, our Mr International Rubber 2016 Jeffrey Basile is hosting a Kink Community Dinner on Saturday from 6-9pm.  There will be a catered spaghetti dinner buffet including dessert to enjoy with some special raffle prizes, all to benefit the work of Vital Bridges.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  You can purchase a ticket now for just $12 at the bar (so we get an idea of how many to expect) though last minute diners are welcome.  Tickets at the door will be $15.  Nothing builds our community stronger than coming together to break bread.  Stop in and get your tickets this week, we want to accommodate all and don’t want you left out.

After we clear away the dinner, it time to get RIPE WITH PRIDE!.  Saturday night is our monthly RIPE PARTY and this month we have even more to be proud of.  IML may have been in May but we have yet had a chance to celebrate our Mr Chicago Leather Todd Harris coming in as 1st Runner Up at the big contest.  On top of that another Chicagoan Adam Henderson, Mr Midwest Leather stepped up to the podium as 2nd Runner Up.   Two Chicagoans up there before the world is something big to be proud of by all of us.

Todd and Adam will join us this night as we celebrate not only their placement at IML but also their work on behalf of our community so far this year.    These men made us all proud in May and we finally get a chance to let them know it!  Say hello, snap a photo with them while we enjoy the deep beats by DJ Harry T.  The lights will be low so our hot go-go dudes can do their thing on our stages.   Remember you can check your clothes for free and get RIPE WITH PRIDE.

Get up on Sunday and join Chicago’s leather & kink community in the big parade.  Once again area clubs have come together to host a leather/kink contingent in the parade and everyone is invited to march with them.  We will have a truck for those that can not walk the parade route, but this is a marching contingent.  We will have a supply of flags to share but you are welcome to bring your own, leather, rubber, bear, pup or just good old Gay pride rainbow flags.

Along with the local club members, we are usually joined by club folk from across the Midwest and our local titleholders invited many of their fellow titleholder friends to march with them here.  And we welcome our Bear friends too, several bears from Milwaukee are joining us to march under their MAUL banner.  With nearly 200 participants, we are one of the largest contingents in the parade.  Let’s see if Channel 7 puts us on the air this year.

Following the parade, skip the madness, long lines for drinks and bathrooms in Boystown and head back up to Touché.  It’s Sunday and that means BEER BUST.  $1 drafts & sodas will be served up all day.  While we’re marching in the parade, the staff will be preparing a huge cookout for you once you get up here.  After all that marching it will be more than hungry bears in the house.  DJ Harry T will crank out some fun tunes, feel free to move to the beat as we keep the celebration going into the night.  The Club Room will open early so we get everyone in for the party.

Next weekend it’s our annual RED,WHITE & BEAR 4th of July.  Our Team Touché is hosting their final fundraiser before the big Ride for AIDS.  They are nearing their goal of raising $20,000 for TPAN and we want to get them over the top.  I’ll complete details on this big weekend next Monday.

MR MIDWEST RUBBER 2016 is fast approaching.  Look for updates and complete details to be posted on our website in the next couple of days.  Contestant applications are available at the bar now.  It’s just a part of a hot July at Touché.

Thanks to everyone that came out last Saturday for WE GOT YOU, PULSE and supported the efforts of all the titleholders that gathered up the huge amount of raffle prizes.  I am proud to report that $2,500 was raised here at Touché that night and another $310 was donated at Leather 64TEN with their photo booth.  Another great thing to celebrate our pride, our fantastic and caring community of leather/kink.

Let’s party and show off our PRIDE!



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