Last minute update this week.  It’s been pretty damn crazy for me.  Besides last weekend’s events here at Touché, I was helping the Bijou Theater wrap up 45 years of hot movies and wild sex.  Lots of you turned out for our Touché Invasion last Sunday.  It was a great afternoon into evening, sharing the beer, tales and tails at the Bijou.  Lots of last minute DNA donations were made.

Monday night I was back for the BIG CLIMAX PARTY which was just fucking wild. Many of you came back for it and know just how wild it really was.  DJ’s kept folks dancing in the dungeon space while special performances on the stage entertained all.  We worked to keep the drinks flowing as the crowd packed the place. Men, women, several “what was that?” everyone enjoyed the party and the sex meter was blew up.

Lots of folks wanted a memento of the Bijou Theater to keep so they started pulling stuff off the walls.  There was even a guy cutting down the glory holes and pulling them out. That didn’t stop guys from fucking and sucking away.  One of the wildest parties I ever helped throw, I finally gave out about 4  in the morning. (more because we ran out of ice and couldn’t keep the beer cold)

The rest of this week it was pack things up and pull it out of the Bijou.  We took down the lights, sound and TV’s throughout the theater building and he last thing I did on Wednesday night was to take down the movie screen itself.   A sad moment so of course I  was out drinking late that night.  So long Bijou (Bijou Video continues online at we’ll try to carry the torch here at Touché.

Seems the weather is finally catching up with the season.  No frost on the pumpkin yet but it has definitely cooled off outside.  Not that things are cooling off here at the bar.

Our OKTOBERFEST celebrations come to an end this Sunday and we’re going to end it with a couple of our favorite events.  You still have time to enjoy that Berghoff Oktoberfest Beer for just $4 a pint and to enter our raffle for a new Schott leather jacket from Leather 64TEN. Get your butt in here for a beer and enter the raffle.

It’s the First Friday of the month and that means the CD4 SOCIAL at Touché gets under way at 8pm.  This social if for poz men and their friends to mix and mingle.  Hosted by our bartender Mark, the night will include a few munchies, free pool and a great mix of guys with a positive attitude.  Come meet the gang and start your weekend on a positive note.

Our FRIDAY CLUB NIGHT finds the men from M.A.F.I.A. back in the house to kick  off the weekend.  They’re on a roll these days, new officers, new members, new play space (which I hear makes for a great sex party) they will be pumped to do it again this weekend.  Join these handy men for raffles and fun and find out how you can join them for their next play party (which is Saturday if my info is right)

Our big OKTO”BEAR”FEST party with the Great Lakes Bears will be on Saturday.  Bears and beer make a great combination.  Along with our great DJ Freddie Bain and the Midnight Pizza Panic we’ll have some specials on Schnapps and giant pretzels.  The night includes our annual Beer Stein Holding Contest with a $50 cash prize to the winner.  We’ll see who can hold on and not spill their beer for the cash.  Lots of bears try this every year, more than I have beer steins, so when I announce the contest step up right away to grab yours.

Sunday is the last day for Oktoberfest in Munich, after this day, tents on the festival grounds come down till next year.  We may not have the tents but we do have plenty of beer to cap off another Oktoberfest season.  Since it’s Sunday our BEER BUST runs all day and since it’s the last day of Oktoberfest, we’re adding the Berghoff to our $1 drafts. So you can choose a Bud, Bud Light or Berghoff for just a buck all day.

The Chicago Bears take on the Raiders at noon and we’ll tune in the game.  Following the game our OKTOBERFEST “WURST FEST” begins.  Along with our Chicago Red Hots, we’ll be serving up grilled brats, German potato salad and a little strudel.  Enjoy these German treats with your beer and sometime before 7 we’ll pull, the name of the winner of that brand new Schott leather jacket.  Thanks to our friends at Leather 64TEN for providing our grand prize.

Then it’s time to hit the Club Room for our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT.  Mark opens the Club Room at 6pm so you can grab a seat for the weekly screenings. This week features one of the summer’s biggest super hero action flicks. What’s your super power?

While OKTOBERFEST comes to an end this weekend, fall fun is just kicking in at Touché.  Next weekend is Columbus Day weekend which means many of you will have a three day weekend to enjoy.  Good thing as we are preparing to host the AMERICAN BROTHERHOOD WEEKEND.  You can check out their website  for details on the weekend’s events.  You can sign you there or register here at the bar next Friday beginning at 6pm.

I’ll pass along more info next week.  It’s time for me to get this out so you’ll know what’s going on this weekend at Touché.  We’ll be looking for you.


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Lots of news to pass along to you. There’s been so much going on, I’m wearing out trying to keep up myself.

First the big news. By now, you have probably heard the bad news, that after 45 years, the Bijou Theater, one of the oldest and last remaining gay movie houses has lost their lease. The curtain will be coming down but the Theater is going to pull out all the stops for one last big weekend. I want to reassure you that Bijou Video will continue, restoring classic gay adult films for DVD release and making those DVDS, books, magazines, posters and much more available through their website

Friday they commence the Bijou Warehouse Blowout Sale. I have moved boxes and boxes of DVDS and videos to the Theater with more to come. Prices have already be reduced and on Friday the final rock bottom clearance prices go into affect. All DVDs, I mean all, Bijou, Colt, Falcon, Raging Stallion, Hot House and others, all are just $5 each. And for the video buffs, all VHS tapes are just $1 each. You can’t rent this stuff at this price. The selection is huge but will surely dwindle as the weekend progresses. Come check it out and grab these deals. We want to empty our warehouse and not move it.

For many years, the Bijou Boys Nude Review on stage at the Bijou Theater has packed the house. They will be back for one last blowout show this Saturday, September 26th. Our biggest, most popular dancers that have enjoyed working our stage have been booked for this last show, so you can expect an eye-popping spectacular.   The join will rock for sure this night.

Sunday afternoon, Touché Invades the Bijou! Touché has a long history too, the bar marks its 38th anniversary this November. Over the years Touché has hosted parties at the theater, loading up busloads of leathermen and bears for some wild times at the Bijou. This Sunday, we’ll toast the old Theater, with a few kegs beginning at 4pm. We can’t sell it, so you’ll have to drink it for free. I mentioned this last week but got the ticket price wrong. Its $15 but that includes free beer, Al Parker featured on the big screen and oh, there’s sex, too. The second floor maze of booths, the slings, the cross and the outdoor patio all await your pleasures. Beer, boys and Bijou, Hell yes!

Monday night they’re going to do their best to blow the doors off the joint as our Big Climax hits a Final Night of SIN. Guest DJ’s, special performances, classic films and great music from our early years of the 70s & 80s are just part of the mix. We’ve invited all our local service industry friends (you know bartenders and all) for this big night. I’m not sure when this party will end, I just hope I don’t wake up in the Bijou the following day. Or maybe I will for one last time.

Not that anything isn’t going on here at Touché. Our annual FALL CLUB RUSH PARTY is Friday night.  Friday’s at the bar are usually club nights, when local clubs hosts events like raffles, demos or contests as fundraisers or to promote their club. But a crowd of guys in similar leather gear may be a bit intimidating to someone new to the leather scene or interested in the clubs.

So we began hosting this night a few years ago to allow folks to spend a bit of one on one with local club reps. Just like frat rush parties at a college, they can ask about the club’s purpose or mission, some of the things they do and whether they might be interested in joining a club. Local clubs provide newcomers to the leather scene a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about leather and/or S&M play. So I strongly encourage guys new to leather to attend and check out our clubs.

It’s the last Saturday of September (already??) and that means our monthly RIPE PARTY with DJ Harry T up in the both. Harry plays a mean set of deep beats, perfect for the hot go-go dudes we have to entertain you on our stages. We’ll turn the lights way down low to set the mode and let you get nice and ripe. We even offer free clothing check to make the night just right, or should I say ripe!

I’m not throwing in the towel on our Chicago Bears, I think they will snag their first victory of this season on Sunday. Come watch the game with us, our SUNDAY BEER BUST means all the Bud & Bud Light drafts are just a buck all day and all night. Don’t forget we have our MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm in the Club Room. Early midday or late Sunday anytime is a good time at Touché.

AND OKTOBERFEST goes on at Touché. We’re serving up the Berghoff Oktoberfest Beer for just $4 a pint every night. Make sure you fill out those entry forms for our raffle. Someone is going to win a new Schott Leather Jacket from Leather 64TEN on Sunday, October 4th. You could be the winner but only if you enter.

Looks like the next few days will be pretty wild both here at Touché and the Bijou Theater. Whether you’ve been to the Bijou before or never have, you got to make it there before it’s gone for good. Our party on Sunday will be a good time to check it out. Get your tickets and join us!


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