It’s the last weekend of February and I doubt anyone is sorry to see this cold snowy month come to an end.  We’re kicking out winter with a huge weekend at Touché.

ONYX get us off strong with their monthly CLUB NIGHT on Friday.  It could be because they are one of the largest leather clubs in town and they get a lot of friends to come out to support them.  Or it could be they host some fun raffles, contests or specials to make the night festive.  I’d say it both.  This month they want to see everyone out in a harness, so get yours on and join them.  I got word that they skipped the jello shots for Mike’s Drunken Gummy Bears and who doesn’t like a strong bear?  Sounds like they are lining up a great Club Night, come join us.

Saturday, it’s all about dim lights and deep beats when DJ Harry T returns for our next RIPE PARTY.  With the great music playing, we gotta bring out our hot go-go dudes to entertain the crowd.  You can get into the party and shed your gear, clothing check is always free for our RIPE nights.

Welcome March at our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  A cold draft for just a buck, free Chicago Red Hots, free pool, makes for a great space to hang with your friends on a cold Sunday afternoon.  Tell them to meet you here.  Catch the Bulls, Blackhawks or a college game on our new huge ultra HD screen in the front bar.

The Club Room bar opens at 6pm and fills quickly for our Movie Night at 7pm.  You and your friends can watch the latest Blu-Ray releases on our HD TV with surround sound and still enjoy our Beer Bust specials all night.  A good time for a few bucks.

So, are you just to sit there and bitch about the cold again this weekend or are you going to say “Fuck this, I’m heading to Touché for some heat!”  Good answer, we’re ready for you.


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Time to pack away the beads as another Mardi Gras season comes to an end. Adding to our big weekend celebration was the Illinois Leather & Fetish Weekend. Kudos to Bear Abbott and Ron Billman for putting together another great weekend. We had a great crowd on hand for the welcome bash on Friday and the big contest on Saturday. Congrates to the new IL Community Bootblack and IL Pup. Check out their website for photos and more on the contestants and winners.

I guess you can blame me for the cold this weekend since we hosted our Mr Union suit Contest on Sunday night. Come on, you wouldn’t want to wear one if it was 70 degrees would you? Actually we had several guys in union suits and even others in their jockstraps and underwear. We kept the heat up and the crowd added their own heat to the night.

It’s a short week and then another fun weekend will be here. We have the Illinois Gay Rodeo Association joining us on Friday for our first COWBOY ROUND UP of 2015. I’ll be up in the booth to play some great country music while the ILGRA gang hosts a 50/50 raffle and a membership drive during the evening. We have Shiner Bock pints for just $3 and everyone wearing a cowboy hat will get a buck off regular priced drinks. Cowboys, another kind of leather.

Our big GEAR NIGHT on Saturday will be even bigger. Joining the BLUF/Chicago gang will be CAGE, Chicago Area Gear Enthusiasts meaning more gear guys. Remember there a gear dress code for entry to the Club Room this night, so gear up and join both groups for a big night. Our barber and bootblack will be on duty, put them to work and look your best head to toe.

Movie buffs, join us for Oscar’s Beer Bust on Sunday. Every bar will be hosting an Oscar viewing party but no one will offer drafts of Bud & Bud Light and sodas for just a buck like Touché does every Sunday.

Another thing you can count on, there won’t be some drag queen hosting a contest during the show. We’ll just tune in and let you create your own entertainment.

Some just don’t care for the Oscars, no problem, it will be Movie Night in the Club Room as usual at 7pm.   The same Beer Bust deals and the same movie madness in the dark.

I know it’s going to be a cold week, but just remember Saint Patrick’s Day is just a month away and that means Spring is not far away. We’ll do our best at Touché to help you get through this late winter cold spell. Shake off your cabin fever with a night at Touché and let us take care of you. We have some new flavors, our Beer of the Month is appropriately BRRR. Warm up with one of our fine bourbons or try the new Crown Royal Regal Apple, the best tasting apple I’ve tried in years. A great way to break up the winter blues is to try a new drink.

Heat it up with us at Touché.


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