January thaw or not, this will be THE weekend of this winter at Touché.  This is the weekend we will determine just who will be Mr Chicago Leather 2018.  You know the bar will be packed with lots of leatherfolk coming to town, so gear up and join us.

I have mentioned it in my past few emails, there is a separate page on our website detailing the weekend, so you should all know about the weekend.


Just in case you missed all that hype, the big contest will be held on Saturday January 27th at the Leather Archives & Museum, just a block east of the bar.  The doors will open there at 7pm with the contest getting underway at 8pm.

For our hearing impaired friends there will be a sign language interpreter at the contest on Saturday and during the introductions and roast on Friday.

Tickets for the contest are $35 which includes 2 beverage tickets (there will be service of sodas,. water, beer and cocktails)

There is a full weekend of activities surrounding the contest, Welcome Party and Roast of Mr Chicago Leather 2017 Daddy G on Friday.  Saturday is packed beginning with Leather Eye Openers provided by The Kitchen Sink, a Fetish Flea Market from noon to 4pm, a KINK U presented by The Titans of the Midwest, Pre-Contest Cocktails at 6pm hosted by BLUF/Chicago at the bar  and the big contest at 8pm.  Once the new Mr Chicago Leather 2018 is named, it’s back to Touché for the PURE (as in pure leather) Victory Party.  There will be a strict dress code for entry to the Club Room this night.

Sunday begins with the MCL Leather Brunch at Andersonville Brewing Company, exclusive “behind the scenes” tours of both the LA&M and Gerber/Hart Library that afternoon.  Touché will host our Sunday Beer Bust and Movie Night while The Call host “Leather Showtunes” beginning at 4pm.

We are also offering a weekend package that includes the contest admission ticket, Sunday’s brunch, drink tickets for all the cocktail parties, a MCL2018 t-shirt and more for just $75.  If you plan to attend most of the events, it’s to your advantage to get the package deal.

Those of you that have ordered a weekend package through Brown Paper Tickets can pick up your weekend package of goodies at registration.  Those looking to purchase weekend packages or individual contest and brunch tickets as well as MCL2018 t-shirts can do that during our registration hours listed below:

Thursday   7pm – midnight

Friday  5pm – 11pm

Saturday  noon – 4pm

Reminder that the contest has sold out since we moved the contest from the bar to the LA&M, so if you want to have a seat for the contest, you should get your tickets quickly  (you still have till Friday to purchase the weekend package online thru BPT)

If you fail to get a ticket to the contest, you can still watch remotely here at Touché.  It will be screened on our monitors in the bar.  contest starts at 8pm.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are honored to have our current International Mr Leather 2017 Ralph Bruneau joining us to serve on our judging panel this year.  As IML2017, Ralph has a pretty busy schedule taking him all over and we are glad to have him join us this year.

Along with Ralph, we have Mr ICON Detroit 2017 Joe Dinello, Freddy Miranda Illinois Bear 2017, Mr Midwest Rubber 2017 Pup Link and Mr Chicago Leather 2017 Gerald “Daddy G” Cernak.  There will be a roast of Daddy G on Friday hosted by Thib Guicherd-Callin Mr Santa Clara County Leather 2012.

2015 09 05bComing back to Chicago all the way from London, England for his 15th time as our contest emcee is John Pendal.

John was named Mr Chicago Leather in 2003 and has been our host ever year since 2004.  After his year as IML, john went on to launch a career as a stand up comic.  He travels and performs across the UK and abroad.  His comic wit makes our contest loads of fun. Each year he manages to involve some audience members in a hilarious onstage contest with treats from the UK.

The winner of Mr Chicago Leather 2018 will receive over $2,500 in prizes as we have had many new donations to our prize fund.  At this time prizes have been received from Touché, Leather 64TEN, Full Kit Gear, Caliber Leather & Charles Cole Design, Leather Works, Stompers Books and Northbound Leather.  Mr Chicago Leather 2018 will also receive weekend registration/package for IML, CLAW, Mr Michigan Leather, Mr ICON Detroit, Mr Wisconsin Leather, Mr Iowa Leather and Mr Tri-State Leather at the time I draft this post.  There is a team of former MCL helping put this weekend together and they may have additional prizes to add to this list.

A quick word on the Leather Fetish Flea Market, as I am getting inquiries about this event.  The Flea Market will be held on Saturday, January 27th from noon – 4pm at Touché.  We will set out tables for folks to display their gear for sale or trade.  There is no fee to participate.  We always get more shoppers than sellers, so clear out the back of your closet and bring it in and make a deal.  The KINK U runs at the same time, so there are lots of folks in the house this afternoon ready to shop between “class”.

There’s probably more I could go on about this weekend, but the bottom line is this:

Get in your leather or fetish gear and get your ass in here for the biggest, badass fun time to be had in Chicago this winter.  Oh and get your package or tickets, too.


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01-17-18wIt may have been snowing for the past couple of days across Chicagoland, but we have another January thaw coming this weekend.  So come on out and enjoy the  warmth and good times at Touché.  There’s plenty going on at the bar and you can snatch up tickets for the big Mr Chicago Leather 2018 Contest that hits the following weekend.


Not to conflict with MCL2018 parties next weekend, we’ll start off this FRIDAY CLUB NIGHT with the men of ONYX.  The want to make it a “colorful” night and to do that they are checking out the hanky’s in your back pocket.  They want to know what color(s) you flag and of course on what side.  Grab your hanky code and make sure you are truthfully advertising your favorite kink.  Who knows who you will meet flagging the right combo to fit your desires.

As with most ONYX Club Nights, they will be offering up jello shots and a raffle and you know they will pack the house with members and friends.  With the warming temps outside, you know it will heat up in here.BLUFChicago White - Black Bkgdw

Our first GEAR NIGHT of the New Year should be a good one.  The guys from BLUF/Chicago will be out in force and in their hot leather uniforms.  Gear up in your leathers and come join them for some cruising action in the Club Room.  Remember there is a dress code for entry to back bar this night.  With MCL2018 just one week away, you need to get out and show off your leather or fetish gear.  You want a leather bar? Prove it by showing up in your leather.

In case you haven’t heard the news, we’ll be welcoming Leslie as our resident Bootblack this weekend and she’ll be ready to clean up the salt and crap that this winter can get on your boots.  You’ll find Leslie here this weekend and on future Gear Nights in 2018.

Philip will also be on duty offering free buzz cuts.  He works hard to take care of everyone on these nights, so you’d better tip him well.  Otherwise, I’ll step over and give you clip! (The hair may grow back but I’m not so sure about ears)

Mr Chicago Leather 2018 is just a week away and I’ll go over details on that weekend in a moment.  But during this Saturday’s GEAR NIGHT, we will be offering weekend packages and individual contest tickets for sale.   We had to move the contest out of the bar because we couldn’t handle the crowd only to sell out the auditorium at the LA&M.  So if you want to be there in person, here’s your first chance to secure a seat.

Beer Bust adwYou know, we’re not joking when we say “We give the best head in Chicago”.  Our SUNDAY BEER BUST is Chicago’s best Sunday deal.  Who else serves you up cold drafts of quality beer (we proudly serve Budweiser & Bud Light) for just $1.  Not for a few hours, or odd times, but ALL DAY LONG!   We also serve up sodas for $1 for the non drinkers and if you need an extra kick, all Pucker Shots are just a buck all day too.

We open at 2pm so you can spend a fun afternoon with your bar buddies over a beer.  Both our pool table and darts are FREE to play and we even offer free Chicago Red Hots to keep your tummy happy.   At 6pm the Club Room opens and  begins to fill quickly for our MOVIE NIGHT screenings at 7pm  So whether it’s a cold blizzard or a wet Sunday (which they are forecasting this week) you’re not stuck at home.  Head on over and have some fun with us on Sundays.


Now let’s talk MCL2018

First of all, it’s not just a contest but an entire weekend of parties, cruising and fun with a contest in the middle.  We offer a package deal at $75 that includes admission to the contest, the Leather Brunch, a t-shirt and goodies.  But you also get drink tickets for each of the cocktail parties and the contest, too.  So if you plan to be here Friday, the contest on Saturday and need revival on Sunday, get the package deal (order it right now line here) and you’ll be ahead.

Still thinking about competing for the title?   The winner receives over $2,000 in prizes and will represent Chicago at IML in May.  You have until Thursday, January 25th to submit your entry forms.  You can pick them up at the bar or online.  Questions about the contest, drop me a line

So what’s all going on? you ask.  Click on the MCL2018 page at the top of this website.  You can view the weekend schedule and see who is on the judging panel and more.  We are honored to have John Pendal IML 2003 return to host the contest.  We are also welcoming International Mr Leather 2017 Ralph Bruneau to help us select the next Mr Chicago Leather.

Also going on that weekend, our friends at Full Kit Gear will be celebrating their 3rd Anniversary of their Chicago store at 5021 North Clark Street on that Thursday, January 25th.  Stop by from 6-8pm to wish them well on another year before you head up to Touché.

Then start Friday, January 26th with a visit to the Leather Archives & Museum from 7-9pm  There’s an opening reception in the Guest Artist Gallery for MEN as seen through the lens of inkedKenney

Just more activities revolving around our Mr Chicago Leather 2018 Contest Weekend.  With a full line up of events and all the out of town visitors coming to Chicago, it will be a fun weekend.  So plan ahead, get your schedule cleared next week so you can join us for all of Mr Chicago Leather 2018.

Last note this week, I try to avoid politics in my posts for the bar. But it was just one year ago this week that our new President was sworn in and the following day millions of women (and men) marched across the country.  I was out there last year and saw many of your out there as well, so I know for most this will be a favorable comment.

This Saturday there will be another Women’s March, titled MARCH TO THE POLLS.  I plan to be out there again this year and ask you to join me as we urge everyone to get out and vote this year.  Personally, I believe we need a shift in our Congress and Senate but that’s my view.  The line up begins at 9am with the rally kicking off at 11am.  It’s supposed to be warm, above freezing at least.

Now whatever side of the fence you are on, getting folks to vote should not be controversial.  If you like the President, urge friends to vote for his supporters, if you don’t urge folks to vote for those that oppose him.  If the President has a disapproval rating of 60% or higher and everyone votes, he wouldn’t have been elected in the first place.  The fact is that way too few people participate in voting (when was the last time you heard a report that 70-80% of eligible voters cast a ballot?) and then bitch about what is going on in our country, period.  Getting people to the voting booth should be a priority for all of us.

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box and back onto my barstool.  Which is where you will find me on Friday for ONYX Club Night.  Come find me.


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