2017  is off and running.  Before you know it, IML will be here and contests across the US are lining up to pick their men to compete here in Chicago in May.  The year began with the first Mr Indiana Leather title going to Liam Matthews.  Last weekend the contest spotlight was on DC for Mr Mid Atlantic Leather with Martel Brown Jr from Pittsburgh taking that title.  In a less than 2 weeks we will be hosting Mr Chicago Leather 2017 and we’ll find out who will assume the title from Todd Harris.

01-18-17w 01-18a-17wBefore that happens, we still have another big weekend set this week beginning with ONYX CLUB NIGHT on Friday.  Fresh off their big MAL party, the ONYX men will take over Touché for a wild night that includes demos and raffles.  This month they will be checking those hankies in your pocket.  Just what are you into or looking for this night?  Then there’s those jello shots that gets everyone ready to party.  It’s going to be one of those nights you like so well.

Then it’s time to gear up on Saturday.  Our monthly GEAR NIGHT will be busy as the excitement for MCL2017 builds.  I have news about MCL this night, keep reading.  The guys from BLUF/Chicago will be here getting primed for MCL as well.  They are hosting a pre-contest cocktail party and a cigar smoker next week.  You can get the details on both this night while you wait for a buzz cut from our barber or your boots taken care of by slave angie.   And yes, get your gear on as there will be a dress code for the Club Room.

I mentioned MCL2017 a few times already, details are posted on the MCL page of our website.  We have lots of fun events planned over the entire weekend into Sunday to make it a big fun-filled experience.  My email box is filling up with questions, so let me make a few things clear for all.

The Fetish Flea Market will be on Saturday afternoon from noon till 4pm.  We always get lots of shoppers looking for deals on used gear.  This is a great opportunity for everyone to clear out gear that you don’t wear anymore.  (Trust me I know about leather that shrinks over the years)  Clear out the back of your closet and bring it in to sell or trade.

Besides, jackets, vest, shirts, pants, chaps, boots, hats or gloves, check the toy box too.  Maybe there’s an old crop, flogger, restraints, hood or more that gathers dust.  (keep the butt plug or dildos, use it as a door stop)  Besides leather gear, rubber, uniforms and even your old cowboy hat may be just the item someone else is looking for.

Gather it all up and bring it in.  There’s no fee to sell, we provide tables and a couple of racks to hang stuff on during the market.   You may make someone very happy and just might find another item from someone else.

Second is the contest on Saturday.   We moved the contest out from Touché to handle the crowds that come to watch the competition unfold only to outsell the auditorium at the LA&M.   We offer a package deal for those folks that want to join in on all the events over the entire contest weekend.   Individual tickets will be available but the number offered will be based on the number of packages sold first.   If you are coming for the weekend, get the package deal on sale now at the Brown Paper Tickets website.

We will begin sale of individual contest only tickets at $30 a piece during our GEAR NIGHT this Saturday, January 21st.  Once package offer on BPT ends this coming week, we will offer any remaining seats at the MCL20417 registration on Thursday and Friday next week.

Now since the contest sells out, you still can see the contest here at Touché.  We have been hard at work on the technical side to make it possible for you to sit here at the bar and watch the proceedings on our monitors around the room.  You will be able to hear it all too.   That also means you will also be in the house when the rest of the crowd heads over once things wrap at the LA&M.

Touche40LogowOne more item for next weekend.  YEAR 40.  Along with planning for MCL2017, we have been working hard to plan for Touché’s 40th anniversary in 2017.  We are planning several events throughout 2017 to commemorate our first 40 years and will be announcing several of them during MCL events.   Stay tuned.

An other hard week means I can’t wait for the weekend.  Don’t forget we are here all week, ready to serve you.  You may just find me here enjoying a drink with friends any night.  Hope to have one with you, soon.


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Okay, we are all “back to business” now that the holidays are over.  And just like you I have been pretty busy all week and looking forward to the weekend and a bit of fun.  First, let me fill you in on what’s on tap this weekend and then I’ve got some news on what has kept me working hard this week.

01-11-16wActually, let’s start having some wild time on Thursday.  There’s a FULL MOON up there behind all the clouds that’s giving me an “itch” to scratch.  Come out and get a little wild before the weekend.  We’ll have a few drink specials to help you loosen up and around midnight, I’ll put $50 cash for the hottest “full moon” in the house.

At our Black & Blue New Year’s Eve party, I gave away several prize bags of t-shirts and other goodies the we had for 2016.  I’ve got that same problem with all the porn that has piled up here over the past year.  Both Grab Magazine and Bijou Video keep us fed with new material to screen at the bar.  Which means I have lots of DVDs to clear out as well.

So Friday we’re hosting a big DOUBLE PORN POKER PARTY with lots of chances to win some of these hot XXX DVDs to end up in your collection.  By double, I mean if you win you get to pick not one but 2 DVDs.   We’ll hand out the cards, you get chances to play and win. It’s that simple and lots of fun.

Come back Saturday for our DUNGEON MASTER NIGHT.  Our DM Timothy will present a simple but very fun demo using clothes pins.  This is one of those demos that everyone can try out and it doesn’t cost you much for the items needed.  We’ll even have some extras on hand so you can practice what was presented right then and there.  Take a few home, keep them in your “toy box” and have more fun nights.

Sunday is a great day to relax, kick back before thinking about Monday and back to the grind.  That’s why our SUNDAY BEER BUST is the perfect place to spend a Sunday.  We serve up $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light.  Not a beer drinker?  We also include sodas and for a kick ALL FLAVORS Pucker shots are just a buck, too.   Enjoy a game on our screens or play a few on our free pool table.  We even serve up free Chicago Red Hots with all the fixings, even ketchup for the non-Chicagoans.

The Club Room opens at 6pm on Sunday and by 7pm has a big crowd ready for our MOVIE NIGHT presentations at 7pm.  With that big HD screen on the back wall those Blu-Ray movies look fantastic.  Then there’s the surround sound system that makes the whole room rock!.  To top it off, your bartender Mark has this pants off thing going on that makes for a real distraction from the movie but oh so much fun.

MCL2017_poster_wNow what else is making me sweat?    We’re just 2 weeks away from MR CHICAGO LEATHER 2017 January 27-29.  There’s quite a bit of last minute details to line up for a huge winter weekend that has lots of leatherfolk heading to Chicago.  I want you all to be a part of the party.  Check out the MCL2017 tab on our website if you haven’t already to get the rundown on the busy weekend.

Weekend packages that include admission to the contest at the LA&M on Saturday, the brunch on Sunday, drink tickets for all the parties, t-shirt and much more are selling fast.  There will be a limited number of tickets for the contest available will go on sale next weekend at our GEAR NIGHT.  But to ensure you get in on all the fun order the package at Brown Paper Tickets now.

I also mentioned at our NYE bash that 2017 marks our YEAR 40.  Chuck never guessed way back in 1977 when he took ownership of the bar, that we would still be at it 40 years later.  I joined the staff early on and it certainly never crossed my mind I’d be there all these years as well.

I am putting together the last plans for a year long celebration of this accomplishment with new daily specials, revival of a few of our wild parties from the past and more big events throughout the year.

I expect us to have all of that in place to launch during MCL2017  beginning with a salute to ALL the men that have worn the mantle of Mr Chicago Leather and before that Mr Touché.   We have sponsored a contestant from Chicago at IML from it’s beginning in 1979.

So look for more news on plans for YEAR 40 at Touché and MCL2017 over the next couple of weeks.  Or, you could just stop on by and have a drink with me, I’ll be happy to fill you in, there’s just so much to share.  Let me get back to it for today, I want to have a howling good time with the Full Moon tonight.



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