Last minute news this week guys, but after last week’s huge Mr Midwest Rubber Contest, I snuck away for some roller coaster riding this week.  I’m back and ready to sweat out another hot weekend at Touché.

First of all congrates to our new Mr Midwest Rubber 2015 Gummibrachen.  Here he is flanked by our judges Ryan Johnson-Mr Vulcan Rubber 1994, Joe Spaceman-MWR2014, Gummibrachen-MWR2015, Luis Tipantasig-MCL2015, Laura Pulice-owner Vex Clothing & Joey McDonald-IML Executive Director.  The contest last Saturday night was lots of fun with MCL 2005 Jeff Willoughby as our MC.  There were 2 contestants cheered on by a big crowd of rubber and leather men. Each was properly grilled onstage, displayed their “ass”sets and showed off their imaginative dungeon skills during the “mystery bag” portion of the contest.  Not an easy task as our winner had his parents in the audience as he smeared banana pudding up our demo bottom’s ass.  Check out the Great Lakes Den website for more photos from the contest.

It’s going to be a hot & steamy Chicago weekend and I’m not just talking about the weather.  Escape the heat and humidity outside and enjoy the wild nights here at Touché.

Friday night Riot Bear Productions presents RIP IT UP!  Crazy man DJ Germ returns to our booth for a night of all things loud, heavy and outside the mainstream.  If you’re tired of the same gay bar dance music program, this is your night to enjoy some kick ass punk rock.  Get here and enjoy.

You’ll really be feeling the heat on Saturday, that’s because it’s our hot monthly RIPE PARTY.  The lights will be low, DJ Harry T will pump out some seriously deep beats and our go-go dudes will work our stages.  There’s a reason we call this party ripe, it’s hot, sweaty and loads of fun.  Free clothing check is offered if you want to shed your pants and gear. Indulge.

All this heat and humidity getting to you? Take a break and chill out at Touché on Sundays.  We offer up THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN!  Our Sunday Beer Bust kicks off at noon and till we close, the Bud & Bud Light drafts are just a buck all day.  We also serve up sodas for a $1 too.  We don’t want you to get sunburned, we have a couple of good reasons to come in out of the sun.

Join our bartender Robb for our After The Beach Party from 3-7 with great raffles and eats.   Then it’s time for Mark to host our Movie Night at 7pm in the Club Room featuring the latest releases and favorite classics.  You’d think the dark room would be nice and cool, but things tend to heat up during the night. We don’t think you’ll mind at all.

There’s lots more summer to come yet.  August has 5, yep 5 big Saturdays before we get to Labor Day weekend.  That means plenty more time to enjoy your summer including Market Days weekend.  Plus we have 2 big events scheduled for August, our annual AIDS Walk benefit for Chicago House “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'” and then  our Cowboy Eye for the Leather Guy with the Illinois Gay Rodeo Association.

Get out there and play this summer and make sure you get in here and play some more with your buddies at Touché.  I’ll be heading back to an amusement park soon but I’ll be here looking for you tonight.


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Rub a dub-dub, time to get slicked up for a big weekend at Touché.  Whether you are a rubber guy or not, you’ll want to check out the festivities for our MR MIDWEST RUUBBER 2015 CONTEST WEEKEND.   Of course the main event is the title contest on Saturday night but that’s not all that’s going around here this weekend. Remember there’s no cover for any of the events at the bar. Here’s the rundown in full:


This will be your first chance to see who will be vying for the title and who has the task to pick the winner.  And we wouldn’t let Joe end his year as Mr Midwest Rubber without a thorough roasting by his buddies.

Saturday July 18th  take a deep breath and dive in to Touché for

FETISH FLEA MARKET  noon till 5pm

buy-sell-trade  all kinds for fetish goods, rubber-leather-uniforms-boots and much more.  Take some time this week and go through your closet and play chest, I’m sure you got some old gear or items just collecting dust or taking up space.  Bring them in and make a deal or come check it out, you might find that certain something to add a spark to  your cruising or playtime.  Each time we host these flea markets the selection is different.

KINK U presented by the Titans of the Midwest  1-5pm

The Titans were here at Mr Chicago Leather and those sessions were packed.  This time round they have a new line up of topics and presenters. There is no fee to attend any or all but get here early to grab a seat.

1-2pm  Liquid Latex

2:30-3:30 Electro play

4-5:30 Safety panel discussion


Sir Jeff Willoughby, Mr Chicago Leather 2005 returns to host this years contest, so you know it will be fun and lively.  Watch as the contestants are paraded and grilled onstage and don’t forget the messy part you love so well, the Mystery Bag portion of the night.

Judging our contest will be Ryan Johnson – Mr Vulcan Rubber 1994, Laura Pulice-owner & designer of Vex Clothing, Joey McDonald- IML Executive Director, Luis Tipantasig-Mr Chicago Leather 2015 and Joe Spaceman our Mr Midwest Rubber 2014.

Of special note, both Ryan and Laura were a huge help in building our rubber community here in Chicago.  As Mr Vulcan Rubber, Ryan moved here to Chicago and was a huge help in my planning for my early rubber weekends in the 1990s that grew into the Mr International Rubber contest weekends.  His knowledge and experience are certain to help us select the right man to follow in Joe’s footsteps.

Try to find rubber in Chicago in the mid 90s was no easy feat.  But I got to know Laura as she was launching Vex Clothing at the same time.  I remember her bringing a rack rubber gear to our first “rubber” market and she sold EVERYTHING.  She didn’t have one item left for the second day, that’s how hungry guys were for rubber gear back then.   Over the years, she has gone on to designing some incredible outfits in rubber for women but also a ton of stuff for guys. And she has supported the title for years making gear for each of our previous MWR winners.  Laura continues to show her work across the US but will take the time to help us select Mr Midwest Rubber for 2015.


The real fun begins after the new Mr Midwest Rubber 2015 is announced as it is our monthly GEAR NIGHT at Touché.  There will be a strict gear dress code for the Club Room all night and with the crowd on hand, it is sure to be rocking all night.  Our barber & bootblack will take care of you and we have our buddy Freddie Bain up in the booth to pump out the tunes all night.

Sunday July 19th


We’ll let our friends at the Andersonville Brewing Company 5402 North Clark get this day going with a hearty breakfast ( and maybe a mimosa or 2)  Grab a coupon at Touché on Friday  or Saturday and get $2 off your choice of breakfast or lunch entrée.  Get your day going with your buddies here and maybe they will fill you in on how your night ended in case you forgot.

Then be prepared to head back to Touché for our SUNDAY BEER BUST with $1 drafts and sodas all day long and a second helping of our FETISH FLEA MARKET from noon till 5pm.  If you need more, our AFTER THE BEACH PARTY kicks in at 4pm with more eats and raffles and the Club Room opens at 6pm for our MOVIE NIGHT at 7.  Let’ see if you can bounce back for more.

It’s not too late to enter but contestants must register at 9pm on Friday.  applications are available at the bar now, come by and grab one.  The contest is open to rubbermen from across the Midwest, not just Chicago. We have had winners from both Des Moines and Cincinnati in the past, who knows where this year’s MWR will be from.  The winner receives over $700 in cash and prizes and will be entered into the Mr International Rubber 2016 contest in November.

There is plenty more excitement on Clark Street this weekend. CELEBRATE CLARK STREET WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL runs both Saturday and Sunday.  The festival is just 4 blocks up Clark Street from the bar and features a variety of music (hence the name) local artists and of course lots of food and drink.  Our neighborhood festival has grown quite a bit over the few years it has been running and with the number of LGBT living in Roger Park you will find many community members strolling the street and enjoy the music and food.  Come on up and check it out.  Remember Sunday the parking lot across from the bar is free. Park and wander up, then head back down to rest your feet at our Sunday Beer Bust.  With Mr Midwest Rubber in the house, it will a crazy day at Touché.

Before I wrap this up this week, I’ve got to give a shout out to our bartender Mark and his fellow teammates that just completed the RIDE FOR AIDS last weekend.  They peddled up to Wisconsin and back some 200 miles to raise funds for TPAN this year.

team 2 photo

In the hot July sun to ride a bike that far is no easy trick.  They trained hard and did a lot of fundraising too beforehand.  The next time you see Mark or any of the guys at the bar, let them know how proud you are of their accomplishment.  They can still accept contributions for the cause, make their effort worthwhile.

Now let’s ready to sweat it out in some rubber.  In more ways than one it’s going to be a hot weekend at Touché, come join us.


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