Late posting this week as I play catch up from a break after our hectic Halloween and 40th Anniversary celebrations.  Thanks to all that came out to help Touché mark our first 40 years.  Many more to come with your continuing support.   Here’s what’s planned as we head to Thanksgiving.

On tap this weekend before the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend are the kick off of our annual Harvest of Hope Food Drive for the Groceryland Pantry and GEAR NIGHT with BLUF/Chicago.

11-15-17w Friday night we begin our drive to stock up the shelves at the Groceryland Pantry.  From now till the end of December the old grocery cart will be parked by the front door for you to help load up week after week.  Pick up a few extra non perishable food items or personal care goods to drop in the cart.  Soup (don’t forget the crackers), tuna, peanut butter, fruit, cereal are just a few suggestions.  When you shop for your pantry at home, just double up on a few things and bring them along.

Everyone with a donation will receive a complimentary drink and be entered into a raffle for a Touché sport bag loaded with more 40th anniversary gear.

11-15a-17wThis Saturday get your gear on for a special GEAR NIGHT.  The BLUF/Chicago crowd will be on hand in their hot leather uniforms to mark the 20th Anniversary of BLUF.  They will be out in full force to celebrate their many years of getting guys into leather and uniforms.  If you haven’t met these guys, this would be a good time to find out what BLUF is all about.  All the more reason for you to get on your leather, rubber or uniform and join the party.  You’ll need your gear to hit the Club Room to mingle as there will be a dress code enforced.

Now that the messy weather is rolling in, let our bootblack take care of your boots.  And don’t forget to get on the list for our barber to trim you up topside, too.  They both get a bit busy these nights but there will be lots of hot leathermen and others in their gear to cruise while you wait.

Beer Bust adwIt looks our Chicago Bears are not going to be a big contender in the post season (and I was so hoping for another version of the Super Bowl Shuffle)  But we’ll still be here to cheer them on Sunday during our BEER BUST.  You can lose with $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light served up all day.  Catch the game or just hang with Mario and the boys during our fun afternoons.  Don’t forget the free Chicago Red Hots, too.

Wrap up any chores or shopping and head in for our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm in the Club Room.  A great crowd gathers for the movie, some even watch!  Either way the Beer Bust continues and it makes for a great start to a fun Sunday night at Touché.

A very short work week for you as the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend begins on Wednesday.  If you are heading out of town, be safe on your journeys and get back here for our festive holiday season to come.  Those of you hanging in Chicago let’s have a good time.  If you have friends form out of town, why not share your favorite party spot with them, there’s loads going on for the weekend.


We jump right into the festivities on Wednesday night with what has become a huge night at Touché our weekly JOCKSTRAP NIGHT.  Before you stuff the turkey, stuff your jockstrap and come show it off with the rest of the guys at the bar.  Thanks to our buddies at Full Kit Gear, we’ll raffle off some jocks and some gift certificates for other under gear at their store in Andersonville.  We’ll offer free pants check and you get a buck off your beer or cocktails just for sporting a jock.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday and our crew will be stuffing themselves as well, but we will open at 8pm for our THROWBACK THURSDAY night at the bar.  Lots of great tunes fro the 70’s & 80’s along with hot video features from Bijou Video as well.  After a day of feasting, join us for an after dinner cognac, single malt or maybe a little coffee with something.  You may come on “stuffed” but after a drink or two, you just might get the urge for a “little more”.  The Club Room will open at 10pm.

The day after Thanksgiving is often referred too Black Friday with stores packed with shoppers.  We’ve got a better idea of what to do on Black Friday, come join the men of ONYX for a huge CLUB NIGHT.

suit up flyer 1wThis Friday, ONYX will collecting personal care items to donate to the Broadway Youth Center. They are asking all of you to help by bringing a bag of toiletry items with you.  Very simply, start with zip lock plastic bag (a gallon size will do nicely) and hit the local dollar store.  For $5-$10 you can drop a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, shampoo, maybe a razor and shave cream for the older kids.  Don’t forget the gals, you can make it a bag with aa hair brush and feminine stuff instead.  ONYX will take all the bags collected to BYC for the kids they help out.

ONYX will show their appreciation for your support with lots of raffles and more like those jello shots they have each month.   With the holiday, you can expect a huge turnout of ONYX members and friends from across the Midwest, so you know it will be a huge crowd.  Don’t miss out!

Right after Thanksgiving it’s all about the rush to Christmas (our Night of 1,000 Santa’s is following Saturday) but Santa is not here yet. Which means you can get downright naughty during our RIPE PARTY on Saturday, November 25th.  The lights will be turned down low, the beats by our hot DJ Harry T will be deep and at midnight our Ripe Go-Go Dudes will hit the stages. It all adds up to the wildest night of the weekend.  (maybe the free clothing check has something to do with that, too)  Whatever, this is the night of the weekend you don’t want to miss.

Which brings us to our last SUNDAY BEER BUST of November.  If you headed out for Thanksgiving, you can catch up with your Chicago buddies to end your holiday with $1 beers & sodas.  Or maybe you stuck around and just didn’t get enough time for fun on your own, what with guests and family.  Make this your day/night to grab a beer or two and enjoy some “quality time” of your own before the work week begins.

Just to plan ahead for the season, here’s a few dates to note in December

Saturday Dec 2nd  BEAR NIGHT & our “NIGHT OF 1,000 SANTAS” a Toys for Tots event



Friday Dec 29th – Jan 1st Touché’s 41st annual BLACK & BLUE NEW YEARS WEEKEND

I’ll fill you in on details as each of these events roll around.  Right now, I wan to get this out and pick up a few goodies to put in the cart for Groceryland.

See you at Touché,


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Touché 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Hot on the heels of a wild Halloween weekend, our big 40th Anniversary Bash on Wednesday kicks off a 5 night celebration to mark our first 40 years.  Real quick, we still have our Rocky Horror Party on Monday and Halloween on Tuesday to enjoy.  The maze will be open for two more nights before we reset the house for November.  If you are looking for more Halloween fun, come join us at Touché.

Now let’s talk anniversary because we have lots planned to celebrate our history of 40 years as Chicago’s Leather Bar.   Some of you may not know, but Touché wasn’t always located on Clark Street in Rogers Park.  We first opened in 1977 down at Lincoln & Diversey and for our first 10 years or so was a hot bed of leather, cruisy activity.  A fire destroyed our original bar but within a few short months, Chuck was able to secure a new location for Touché and once we set up shop, guys have been flocking to Clark & Devon ever since.

So much history with leather, rubber, uniforms, bears, boots and all around kink that we have something special to celebrate each night November 1st through the 5th.  And each night you can enter our 40th Anniversary Raffle.  The grand prize is a week in New Orleans including a 7 day/6 night stay at the BEARingy Suites guest house and  roundtrip airfare for two from Chicago!  Read on for details on all the plans.

11-01-17wThe party kicks off big time on Wednesday, November 1st – 40 YEARS LEATHER.  A huge date for Touché because 40 years ago to this day, Chuck Rodocker first welcomed you to “his” bar and it has been something he likes to celebrate each year (I’ve managed a few times to move him off this date so we can recover from Halloween) But this year, we definitely will throw a big  blow out to get things started right!

The doors will open at 7pm on Wednesday night and everyone is welcome to join us as we celebrate our leather side this night.  To ensure you have a good time, we are rolling back prices to 1977 levels on a few choice drinks.  Back then 75¢ got you a can of Miller Lite (Bud Light was not made yet), Smirnoff was the top selling call vodka and we sold it for $1 and Jack Daniels was hot as it is today and we served it  up  for just $1.50!   This night you can enjoy all three at the same prices we offered back then all night long.

Come hungry as we’ll be offering a huge buffet featuring a carving station of choice meats, beef, ham and turkey.   There will be a huge cake to satisfy your sweet tooth. And there will be lots of great raffle prizes to be given away during the night.  We’ll have tons of photos and posters from many of the wild parties we have hosted over the years on display in the bar.  Did we catch you in the act one night?

To entertain you, we are pleased to announce the Tony nominated cabaret legend Sharon McNight will perform at 9:30pm.  Sharon made her Broadway debut in 1989 in Starmites, received a Tony nomination for her performance, and is the recipient of the coveted Theatre World Award for “Outstanding Broadway Debut”.

She has played from the Moose Hall to Carnegie Hall, from San Francisco to Berlin.  She has five solo recordings to her credit, one of those being “The Sophie Tucker Songbook,” which contains the music of her one-woman Off-Broadway show, “RED HOT MAMA” based on the life of the first lady of show business.   February 2018 marks a revival of that show staged at the Seven Angels Theatre in Connecticut. The concert version of the show won the for best show.

You may  remember her appearance at IML and other appearances around Chicago such as Davenport’s over the years. Sharon was here to entertain us for our 30th anniversary and as an old pal of Chuck, she just had to come back and celebrate with him for our 40th.

To take the party on into the night, our hot Ripe Party go-go dudes will hit the stages later in the evening.  Hey, it’s Touché, you know we’ve got to have some skin on the menu.

As Chicago’s leather bar since 1977 and the proud sponsor of Mr Chicago Leather, we have had a ton of hot leathermen represent the bar.   Helping host this night’s bash will be our current Mr Chicago Leather 2017 Jerry Cernak and his brother MCL’s from over the years.  They’ll help us pull names for some great prizes during the party.

The party continues on Thursday night as we celebrate our “second skin” with SHINY BLACK LATEX LUST beginning at 10pm.  We’ll welcome Mr International Rubber 21 to town for weekend.  Touché sponsors Mr Midwest Rubber every year and our current MWR2017 Pup Link will be competing at this year’s contest over this weekend.  Pup Link will be joined by his fellow MWR’s to welcome rubbermen from around the world and help us celebrate our rubber side over the years.  We’ll change up the displays to show off the many rubbermen that have added to our fun over the years. More great raffle prizes including gift certificates from MWR co-sponsor Latex Catfish and a few drink specials.  Rubber or leather, everyone is welcomed to join us.

Since 1977, Friday Night has been CLUB NIGHT at Touché.  One look around the room and you can see that we are home to many of Chicago’s leather clubs.  We call the back bar the CLUB ROOM which is dedicated to the many other clubs from across the US that have presented their colors to us.  And sadly the colors of many Chicago Clubs lost when AIDs hit, still find a place of honor on the walls.

So we couldn’t celebrate our history without A NIGHT OF BROTHERHOOD on Friday, November 3rd.  All local leather/fetish clubs have been invited to join us for this important night.  We’ll display lots of club history on the walls and the clubs have been asked to share some of theirs with us.

It happens to be M.A.F.I.A.’s usual Club Night and some of their members will be on hand to help host our raffles for the night.  To mark our 40th year as home bar for Chicago’s clubs, Leather 64TEN has donated $40 gift certificates as prizes which we’ll raffle off along with a few gift packs of Touché Year 40 gear.  Club members in their colors get discounted drinks and there will select drink specials for all.

From the get go, Touché has always welcomed all men, of all sizes and when bears declared their identity, we were proud to present a night just for bears of all sorts.  So we just had to include bears in our 40th Anniversary celebrations.

The celebrations roll on Saturday with a big 2X part night.  The first Saturday of each month Touché hosts Chicago’s original BEAR NIGHT and when there’s a FULL MOON in the sky, it’s time for a wild FULL MOON PARTY & CONTEST.  This weekend both line up at the same time which means it will be a FULL MOON BEAR NIGHT at Touché with our Chicago Bear Rick and Chicago Cub Drew.

We have secured a couple of registrations for this winter’s North American Bear Weekend for door prizes.  A chance to gather with hundreds of bears from across the country, sounds like a winter break to enjoy.  There will  be other great prizes, drink specials and of course our popular Midnight Pizza Panic.

Once we clear away the pizza boxes, it will be time for our FULL MOON CONTEST.  With a $100 cash prize, let’s see how many hairy butts will be on the line.  Chicago Bear Rick and Chicago Cub Drew will help me line ‘em up and determine the winner. Can I get a Woof!

And we get an extra hour tonight as we roll back the clocks coming off Daylight time.  More time to hunt bear at Touché!

It’s back to our roots on Sunday, November 5th with a SLEAZY SUNDAY BEER BUST.  You combine cheap bears and a bunch of horny guys and it’s bound to get sleazy.  We’ll start pouring the $1 drafts of Bud &  Bud Light at noon and keep it flowing till we close. We’re going to add something special to the offerings this day.

Back in 1977, the popular shot was Schnapps.  We served (and drank) rounds and rounds of peppermint Schnapps in the beginning.  Then came spearmint, butterscotch and on with the flavors. I think we were in a sugar coma by 1980.

Around 1982, I noticed a billboard that stated “never have a beer without a Jägermeister.”  Hmmm.  I spent the better part of that afternoon searching liquor stores for a bottle of this  stuff.  Eventually, I found one, dusty, sitting on the back of the shelf and brought it back to Touché for us to check it out.  History was made that day as I truly believe Touché was the first bar in Chicago to stock it and serve it.

To help “cap off” our 40th Anniversary Celebrations we just had to acknowledge this one bit of our history by adding $2 Jäger shots to our SLEAZY SUNDAY BEER BUST.   That’s because we could not end our 40 year celebration without a salute to the guys that worked at Touché to take care of you over the past 40 years. And boy have many of these guys loved their Jager.

Topping off our celebrations will be a STAFF ALUMNI PARTY from 3-7pm on Sunday November 5th.  We’re inviting all the guys we can locate to come back for this afternoon and you can check out photos of many of your old bartenders from back on Lincoln Avenue to last week.  Enjoy those $1 drafts and $2 Jagers as you catch up with old friends.

There will be a free buffet laid out and we’ll hold our final round of raffle drawings including the Grand Prize drawing for the trip for two to New Orleans.

raffle posterwThere you have it, 5 big parties, celebrating our leather, rubber, brotherhood, bears and our crew over the past 4 decades. Remember you can enter every night for the trip for two to New Orleans that includes a week’s stay at the BEARingy Suites guest house, just steps from the nightlife and round trip airfare from Chicago to get you there.

Shed that costume and come back after Halloween to help us toast our first 40 years.  We couldn’t have made it without your support and we wish to truly thank you.



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