It’s hard to believe that August is coming to an end, seems like we just cleared up after IML and readying for Pride.  Touché has been a hotbed of activity all summer long and we’re not letting up yet.  We have a couple of our best nights to come this weekend before we head into the long Labor Day Weekend.


This Friday is ONYX CLUB NIGHT and a sure start to a big weekend.  ONYX is one of our biggest leather clubs and they pull in a lot of friends for their nights here at Touché.  This month ONYX indulges in all things bondage!   You can expect a demo and more during the night.  I’m sure they  will have their potent jello shots, watch  out.   Whatever they do, you can count on ONYX to throw a great party.

08-24-16w Saturday is our monthly RIPE PARTY and you should know by now that that means a hot night at Touché.  We’ll dim the lights, our DJ Harry T deepens the beats and our hot go-go dudes will be up on the stages to entertain you.  If you’re getting warmed up and ripe, don’t forget our free clothing check.

RodeoRoundTown2016w It’s also Rodeo Round Town weekend here in Chicago.  The Illinois Gay Rodeo Association is hosting events around town preparing to bring live rodeo back to Chicago in 2017.  As a supporter of the Windy City Rodeo, they want us here at Touché to host one of these events on Saturday night.  What better way than to get those cowboys out of their tight jeans than an  underwear auction?

As part of our Ripe Party, I’ll be hosting this auction at midnight and give you a chance to bid on the hot gear our studs will be wearing from Cram on Halsted.  Lots of men sporting some fun, hot undergear for you to bid on.  We’ll let you take those jockeys off them if you’re the top bidder.  There will also be a raffle and you can become a member of ILGRA, too.  Let’s help bring the rodeo and more cowboys back to Chicago for next summer.

Have you snagged one of our Touché beach towels yet?   We’ve been raffling them off all summer and only have a couple more chances for you to win one this year.  I know you’re going to make the most of this last August weekend, but you can still head over to the bar for our SUNDAY BEER BUST and AFTER THE BEACH PARTY.  The Beer Bust runs all day with $1 Bud & Bud Light drafts.  The Beach Party kicks off at 3pm and features our Beer Bust specials, free eats and raffles for a Touché beach pack and other cool prizes.  Enjoy the sun but get your ass in here for a cold one and a chance to grab one of our beach towels.

There’s also our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT in the Club Room.  At 7pm each week, we screen one of the latest Blu-Ray releases on our HD screen with Surround Sound.  Way cool and loads of fun. Next weekend is Labor Day and while that may bring a tear to your eye about the end of summer, we have lots planned to make ending another Chicago summer a great time.  If you’ve got friends coming to spend the weekend, you know they will be glad you brought them here.  Check out the schedule, I’ll give you the rundown next week.

08-31-16w We are still looking for folks to join our teams.   Bowling season begins after Labor Day and we have a couple of Touché teams lined up for the Tuesday night league.   We can always use a couple more bowlers and if there are enough, we can sport a third team, too.   Wanna play with us?

The other team we are recruiting is our team in the upcoming AIDS WALK on Saturday, Oct 1st.   Registration is simple and we are planning some fundraisers to help out Chicago House.  Thanks to everyone that came out for our annual “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ ‘ benefit last Saturday.  With the help of the Chicago Rubbermen in selling raffle tickets and the donation of a pair of Chippewa boots from Leather 64TEN, we raised $400.  Join our team, take a short walk and help us support Chicago House.  Talk to me about the team or leave your contact info with the bartenders.

The rain has stopped, time to get out and enjoy the day before our Jockstrap Night at Touché.  Maybe I’ll see you there?



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08-17-16wYou may get a lot of roller coaster talk from the staff this weekend.  A few of us snuck off on Tuesday for a soggy but coaster filled day at Kings Island.  And we’re hoping to hit Cedar Point before summer ends.  It’s been a busy summer for all of you and we also want to get in on some of the fun, too.

With Labor Day on the horizon, we all are trying to cram as much summer fun into these last few weeks.  That means lots of extra good times here at Touché.

The rain and clouds may hide the Full Moon out there this week, but we know it’s up there behind the clouds and know it will make for a crazy start to this weekend.  We’ll get things going with a FULL MOON PARTY & CONTEST this Friday at the bar.  We’ll have a couple of surprise drink specials to “loosen” you up and fun raffle prizes.  Then at midnight, you know the drill, I’ll line up willing contestants to have them drop pants for our Shoot the Moon Contest for a $50 cash prize.

Our GEAR NIGHT on Saturday with BLUF/Chicago will be extra special, too.  Whether you wear leather, rubber, a uniform or sports gear, a great pair of boots help pull off the look.  This night we are all about the boots men wear.  “THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN’ ” is our annual boot fetish night which also benefits our AIDS WALK team efforts on behalf of Chicago House.   We’ll be raffling off a pair of Chippewa Boots donated by Leather 64TEN along with other great gear prizes.  So get your boots on, have our bootblack shine them up and show them off.

chicagorubbermenLOGOTouché is also honored to host the Chicago Rubbermen this Saturday as they celebrate their 11th Anniversary.  They will start with a private cocktail party in the Club Room and then lend a hand hosting the raffle for those Chippewa boots.  The Club Room will open up to all a bit later so you can all help the Rubbermen celebrate.

All the excitement in Rio will end on Sunday as the 2016 Summer Olympics come to a close.  Another good reason to join us for our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  Besides the $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light all day long, you can catch the final competitions and the Olympics Closing Ceremony on our screens.  Don’t forget we offer free Chicago Red Hots and more along with fun raffle prizes in our weekly AFTER THE BEACH PARTY from 3-7pm.  And there’s our MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm in the Club Room too.  See, I told you we were cramming a lot into these last few days of summer.

The cramming continues next week.  The men of ONYX will once again pack the house for their CLUB NIGHT next Friday.  Our August RIPE PARTY is that Saturday and along with the great music and hot go-go dudes, we’re cramming in some cowboys too.  The Illinois Gay Rodeo Association is working hard to bring live rodeo back to Chicago in 2017.  They’ll be here that Saturday hosting a live underwear auction at midnight.  If you get the winning bid, you get to pull the underwear off the hot studs wearing them.

You know, this cramming stuff carries on into September.  We probably have our biggest, busiest month of 2016 coming up beginning Labor Day Weekend.  It’s looking like every weekend next month will have more than one function going each night.  Besides our usual line up of club nights, gear nights, Ripe Party  and more, Touché will host the Great Lakes Drummer contest, the Leather Archives & Museum’s 25th Anniversary, our OKTOBERFEST celebrations, Reeling parties and much more.  I’ll try to get our September calendar done and printed so you can pick one up this weekend.

You can still join the team.  We are still looking for folks to join our AIDS WALK TEAM and we also need more bowlers to play with us in the Tuesday night league this fall.  Let me know if we can count on you.

Let me get back to cramming my workload so I can be ready to enjoy a cold one with you.  Hope to see you soon,


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