I heard a few of you noticed I was not in the bar this past weekend. I dashed out for Homecoming at Ohio State last Saturday, come on even I deserve a break every once in awhile. The cold wind did not deter our tailgating before the game with plenty of eye candy to check out, all those college boys and several seasoned alumni, woof! While the young guys were cute, those older guys with a bit of gray in the beard worked the best for me. Unfortunately it’s been years since I was on campus and knew of the good spots to drag someone off for a bit of risky, frisky fun if you follow my meaning.

OSU welcomed Rutgers University for their first game at the “Shoe.” I understand their stadium holds about 40,000, the horseshoe at OSU holds about 107,000, so it was probably the biggest crowd their team ever played in front of. After their loss to our Buckeyes, the student cheering section offered a final cheer “Hey Rutgers, Welcome to the Big Ten.”

Besides all the Homecoming stuff at the game (naming the King & Queen, etc.) the Best Damn Band In The Land put on one hell of a halftime show. The OSU Marching Band does some incredible studs in their shows. They just don’t step into new formations to play, they make it a moving picture. Their tribute to rock & roll included a rocker playing his guitar, Frankenstein walking across the field, a pinball game for Tommy and more. Check out this show and several of their others on You Tube here.

While I was at the game, the Windy City Bondage Club hosted a great bar night on Friday with a few guys getting the rope treatment. Saturday was our GEAR FETISH NIGHT saw lots of leather, rubber and uniforms in the house. BLUF/Chicago gathered here for the night and our Mr Chicago Leather 2014 Miguel hosted a salute to Sir Justin and pup Tork for winning the International Pup & Trainer titles in October. This was the first time Chicago got to congratulate them on their new titles.

We’re deep into October and the hammers keep swinging as work on the front of the bar progresses. They got the upper level of the front finished and the scaffolding that has been out front for months is now gone. Sorry smokers, you’ll have to forgo cover on those rainy days. But without the scaffolding in the way, the crews can get to work on the lower half and hopefully warp this project up by our big anniversary party in November. Insulation, plywood and wrap are on this week’s agenda. Then next week it will be the new windows, new panels and lighting to follow. The last job will be our new sign, it’s going to look great!

Halloween fun begins next Monday when we open our Maze in the Club Room for a wild, wicked week. I’ll detail all the weeks events but we still have a big weekend to enjoy before things get creepy, spooky here.

ONYX invades the house for our FRIDAY CLUB NIGHT to celebrate their 19th anniversary! That can only mean the guys will be up for some serious celebrating. Jello shots, raffles and lots of hot men, you know they’ll have lots of friends out to help them mark this occasion up big. Come join the party.

I jumped the gun last month, DJ INTELECT helped us launch our monthly RIPE PARTY and has been spinning some incredible tunes for this event. I posted that the last party would be his last as he is moving back to the West Coast, but he is not leaving Chicago till November 1st. That means he will be here one more night this Saturday to get the party going. Come enjoy his great set of music, we’ll dim the lights and have some hot guys up on our stages to dance for you. RIPE will continue as we have lined up a another great DJ to keep the music coming and the party RIPE. We’ll introduce him in November.

We can only hope that last week’s spanking at Soldier Field will spark the Chicago Bears into a winning team. We’ll tune in the game at noon on Sunday. At least you can count on our SUNDAY BEER BUST, the Bud & Light drafts for a buck is always a winner. Now that the Bulls & Blackhawks seasons are underway, there’s even more sports action to enjoy while you sip those dollar drafts on a Sunday afternoon.

Our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT kicks off Halloween thrills this week. We’ve got a new chiller feature to show you, better grab hold of someone to calm your nerves. The Club Room opens at 6 with the movie at 7pm and the thrills continue all night. Seems Mark has a thing for underwear, somehow he manages to get most of the crowd out of their pants. Just wondering if anyone watches the movie?

Now it’s time to focus on Halloween and get the bar all decked out. I actually like decorating for Halloween more than Christmas. Trying to think up different ways to spook out the crowd. This year, we’re going to take you into the woods. Anything to make it go bump in the night. Here’s a quick rundown of our Halloween week events.

Monday – BIG PUMPKIN join us at 8pm for some pumpkin carving fun. We have few to prepare for our décor or bring your own to take with. We’ll have the tools, designs and tips to make your jack-o-lantern up right. At 10pm we’ll judge the results with a nice prize package for the winner.

Tuesday – ROCKY HORROR PARTY a Touché tradition, we’ll have all the props you’ll need when we screen this twisted gem at 10pm. Costumes are welcome, there’s nothing like seeing the room do the Time Warp Again!

Wednesday – BIG HAIRY BEAST this shirtless night will feature a new game for prizes. There are several big hairy beasts involved, think you can handle them?

Thursday – WELCOME MR INTERNATIONAL RUBBER 2015 as if Halloween is not crazy enough, MIR comes to Chicago this weekend and Mr Midwest Rubber 2014 Joe Gallagher will host a party welcoming rubber pervs from around the world. There should be plenty of guys bouncing off the walls in our maze (all that rubber you know) and we’ll test their pervert skills with our Pumpkin Fisting Contest.

Friday – HALLOWEEN PARTY it’s the big night we’ve been building up to. Lighten up, we may be a leather bar but we are a GAY bar too. Who doesn’t love some good Halloween fun with treats, a few tricks and a contest for all those costumes. It will be a BOO-tiful night.

Saturday – SCARE BEAR NIGHT we’ll stretch the fun one more night with the Great Lakes Bears. Costumes welcome, with more treats, tricks and another contest. I promise no pumpkin on the pizzas.

The Halloween Maze in the Club Room will be open each night, dare it if you have the balls. Things do go bump in the dark and we’re not sure just what will grab you. It is Halloween you know, be brave.

Come help ONYX celebrate 19 and make DJ Intelect’s last night RIPE!


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Things are staying crazy here. ABW last weekend rocked the house and thoroughly wore me out, thanks Dean and crew for a great time. The rain has not stopped the work on the building, you will definitely see some changes this weekend, the scaffolding that has been out front should come down on Friday. The last façade work should be completed next week and then the new lighting and signage will go up in time for our 37th Anniversary Party in November. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, life and the wild times go on here at Touché. We start off this weekend with the WINDY CITY BONDAGE CLUB hosting a guest club night on Friday. You know these guys will present some fun bondage demos, come check it out. Plus they are looking for more guys to join them for their monthly play parties. If you have ever been curious about bondage then you definitely need to meet these guys.

Our GEAR NIGHT on Saturday will be big. As always, the men from BLUF/Chicago will be in the house so you know there will be plenty of leather and uniforms in the Club Room. We’ll probably have lots of pups running around the bar as well. Mr Chicago Leather 2014 Miguel is hosting a salute to Sir Justin and pup Tork for winning the International Puppy Trainer and pup titles. Come help Miguel congratulate them on their honor. Our barber and boot black will be on duty to clean you up (I wonder if the barber trims pups too?) Remember there’s a strict gear dress code for the Club Room that night, so get it on and get in here.

The Chicago Bears give us a big win last Sunday, let’s hope that’s a sign for the rest of the season. We’ll tune in this Sunday’s game against the Dolphins at noon. Enjoy our SUNDAY BEER BUST with $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light and sodas during the game and all night long. I’m not sure but it looks like Mark has an underwear thing going during our Sunday Movie Night at 7pm in the Club Room, makes the viewing all the more interesting.

I misspoke last month about our DJ INTELECT. He’s the man responsible for our RIPE PARTIES each month, the great music and hot dancers. He is moving West, but not till November. So he will be here next Saturday for one last turn in our DJ booth, come hear him play. Not to worry, RIPE will continue and we have a new DJ lined up to take the reins next month to keep the party going.

While the work continues on the outside next week, we’ll start getting the inside ready for Halloween. It should be a really wild season with Mr International Rubber that same weekend. Touché will welcome the MIR crowd that Thursday with our perverted Pumpkin Fisting Contest. That should clean off of rubber real easy.

So I’ve got lots to do, let me get back at it and we’ll be ready for your next visit.


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