The Grand Rapids Rivermen braved last weekend’s winter storm to be here on Saturday for their annual Turkey’s In Bondage night at Touché.  Even the Argonauts made it down from Green Bay to join them.   Thanks to all of you that made the effort to get here and welcome both clubs to Chicago.

Yes, I was absent.  I made my annual trek back for an Ohio Sate football game and am certain you had a much better time here that Saturday at the bar.  Not only did my Buckeyes lose the game, it poured rain (I would have preferred the snow) as I sat there in the cold to watch them go down. And there was no beer to cry in at the stadium, damn college rules.

But I’m back  and busy preparing to share a wild Thanksgiving holiday weekend with you, unless you’re heading out of town.  If you’re hitting the road, be safe, we want you back here.  Those of you sticking around, have we got some wild nights coming up.

Wednesday kicks off the weekend and in the bar biz, we call it our BLACK WEDNESDAY.  Guys are back in town and ready to catch up with friends they haven’t seen in a while.  I’m sure you have told your friends about the wild nights you have enjoyed at Touché.  If you have buddies coming to spend the holiday with you, put the bird in the fridge and bring them by and let them get a taste of what you enjoy about the bar.

It’s a FULL MOON BEAR CHESTED NIGHT at Touché.  Show us some skin for $1 off drinks.  Being  a longtime hot spot for bears, you’ll find plenty of furry men in the house.  The Club Room will be open and I’ll host a contest at midnight with a $100 cash prize for the “hottest full moon” in the house.  Another Touché tradition to share with your guests.

Go ahead and stuff yourself on Thursday, we’ll pamper you that evening at Touché for our BRANDY OR BROMO Night.  We’ll be open at 6pm and tune in the Chicago Bears game against the Packers at 7.  Our Cock&Tail happy hour specials run till 9pm and we’re also offering $1 off all our fine cognacs, single malts and other “good stuff” all night to cap off your day of feasting.  Ate too much?   We’ll keep some Alka Seltzer handy for those that need it.  The Club Room will be open at 10pm just in case you’re looking for a late night treat.

Then it’s BLACK FRIDAY time.  Shop all you want, you won’t find me near a store this day.  But you will find me at Touché this night for ONYX CLUB NIGHT.  It should be an extra big helping of hot men of color as the club always brings out lots of friends, there will be many more visiting brothers to add to the mix.  You can count on ONYX to offer up some Jello shots, come on there’s always room for Jello, right?  Raffles, demos, and men still “shopping” will make it a wild night.

We’re going to keep pouring it on come Saturday with our monthly RIPE PARTY.  The lights will be kept low, the music even deeper with DJ Harry T up in the booth.  I’ve got a couple of hot go-go dudes to dance for you and get you all ripe and nasty.  Need more?  Don’t forget we offer free clothing check so you can get down to your jock or BVDs and get nice and ripe yourself.  It’s the last big night for the out-of-towners so you know they’ll be ripe for the pickin’!

Come Sunday, we’ll tone it down (just a bit) with our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  After beating your wallet with holiday shopping, give it and your feet a break.  Gab a seat at the bar and grab a cold beer or soda for just a buck all day and all night.  Forget the leftover turkey, we have free Chicago Red Hots 4-7pm.  The Club Room opens at 6pm and fills up by the time our MOVIE NIGHT begins at 7pm.  Those of you that spent the holiday away can catch up with your friends here and get a “taste” at Touché before heading back to work on Monday.

The holidays have begun.  Our annual NIGHT OF 1,000 SANTA’S with the Great Lakes Bears is next week.  The hit HUMAN CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING PARTY will return in December and of course you can plan on a hot spanking demo at our December Dungeon Master Night.   Plenty of fun time to alleviate any holiday stress.

I was pleased to see all the bags of groceries brought in last week for the Groceryland Pantry.  I’m taking those over today and will have that cart here ready to accept more donations throughout the season.  Keep filling it up.

All of the staff here want me to offer you a hearty thanks and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Gooble, gooble.


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Big thanks to everyone that came out last weekend to welcome International Ms Bootblack 2015 slave Tabitha.  Lots of folks came out for the party at the bar and the High Shine Leatherfest at the LA&M. We didn’t get any takers on our High Shine contest on Saturday but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a good night.  Timothy presented a great TT demo and we had lots of CHC visitors stop by the bar while they were in town for the club’s applicant weekend.  Was nice to see some old friends and make some new ones.

Now it’s time to gear up for the coming Thanksgiving holiday.  Lots on our schedule over the next couple of weeks  as we switch into holiday mode.

First of all we kick off our part in the annual Harvest of Hope food drive for Vital Bridges’ food drive.  The grocery cart is back and our Mr Chicago Leather 2015 Luis Tipantasig will host a raffle this Friday to start accepting your donations of non perishable food items.  I ask that you step up big this week and bring in not just a can or two but a bag of groceries so we can stuff that cart for the pantry’s holiday meals next week.

Everyone that brings a food donation will receive raffle tickets for chances to win gift certificates for dinner at a couple of Lettuce Entertain You restaurants.   You help us feed to the pantry’s clients and we just might give you a treat to dinner.

Don’t forget that Luis is also representing Touché in this year’s Bar-Lesque to benefit TPAN.  The more he raises the more revealing the photos of him become on the Bar-Lesque website.  We are making it easy for you to contribute to the effort, just order up a Birddog Whiskey drink any night through Sunday for just $5 a drink and we’ll put that $5 into the pot to donate to TPAN.  You can expect Luis to offer up some shot specials too, all to get him out of his clothes.

Saturday is not only our monthly GEAR NIGHT with the men of BLUF/Chicago but also the Grand Rapids Rivermen annual visit hosting their “Turkeys In Bondage” craziness.  The Rivermen will host a raffle with proceeds going to the pantry.  So if you didn’t bring a bag of goodies for the cart, you can support the effort with a cash donation.

You can expect our bootblack and barber to be on duty as usual for our Gear Night so you can look your best on the big turkey holiday.   But I have also learned that a few of our club brothers from Wisconsin will be joining the GR Rivermen and their friends from Michigan at Touché on Saturday.  I urge all our local clubs to make sure you are here to welcome them all to your home bar.  Should be a big night.

Another big Chicago Bears game this Sunday as the team is showing they can win.  We’ll tune in the game against the Broncos so you can cheer them on during our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  Touché is the only bar in town to offer up drafts of Bud & Bud Light, shots of Cactus Juice and sodas for the non-drinkers at just a BUCK all day long.  We also serve up free Chicago Red Hots with all the trimmings during the afternoon.

I don’t think matters what movie I pick for our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT in the Club Room at 7pm.  Once the lights go down and the movie starts the sizable crowd quickly turns their attention to guy sitting in the dark next to them. Whether you came to watch or not, the movie crowd is fun, come check it out.

Then it’s a short work week with Thanksgiving on Thursday.  I know some of you may be leaving town as soon as this weekend but many will be staying in town, maybe with guests coming in for the holiday weekend.  We have a full weekend of exciting fun that gets underway on Wednesday or as we call it in the bar biz, Black Wednesday.

Not just any Black Wednesday either as there is a FULL MOON out this night.  It’s our BEAR CHESTED NIGHT so you’ll see lots of skin and with a Full Moon, you know I’ll be hosting a contest at midnight.  I’ll have a $100 cash prize for the “hottest full moon” in the house.  There will be a couple of drink specials and the of course the Club Room will be open.  So put the bird in the fridge to thaw (you should actually do that on Monday) and bring your out of town guests to your favorite haunt.  We’ll get you out in time to prep that dinner on Thursday.

Touché will be open on Thursday for the Chicago Bears game and we also have ONYX here to host a Black Friday Club Night followed by our RIPE PARTY on Saturday with great music and a couple of hot men to dance for you. Plenty of opportunities to entertain your guests.

More on the big weekend on Monday.  I’ve got to pick up my bag of groceries for the pantry.  Remember to pick up some extras this week while you’re shopping for your Thanksgiving feast and bring them any time,  The cart is waiting for you by the door.  And I’ll be waiting at the bar.


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