Whew! April has been one crazy month here at Touché.  You’d think IML and Bear Pride coming up over the Memorial Day weekend would be something, but over the past month we have hosted lots of wild, fun nights.  1976 was a great year and great party (look for a Carol’s Speakeasy reunion with lots of 80’s music this summer) but we also hosted a big fundraiser for Mr International Rubber 2016 Jeffrey Basile, a huge night of live music with Bear All, big club nights with MAFIA and ONYX (they’ll both be back in May, too) and let’s not forget the Cupcake War which raised over $1,500 for the Broadway Youth Center.

Now I know many of you are heading off to Cleveland for CLAW 16 this coning weekend. Look for Mr Chicago Leather 2016 Todd Harris, MIR 2016 Jeffrey and a couple of our staff members there lending a hand to the big weekend. Touché is proud to be a sponsor of CLAW and the various organizations it supports across the US.  Have fun, be supportive and play safe!

Since we’ll be a bit shorthanded this weekend, I’ll be here at Touché and if I have to work, I’ll make sure it’s a good time.  So if you’re sticking around Chicago, come on up to Touché and join me for a couple of wild nights.  We’ve got some great plans of our own to make the last weekend of April a fun one.

If all the leather folk leave town, it makes sense to host our annual LEATHER EYE FOR THE PREPPY GUY makeover contest this Friday.  Some lucky preppy stud will receive a leather makeover by LEATHER64TEN worth over $500 plus 2 tickets to the International Mr Leather 2016 Contest in May to show it off.  The fun part is determining just who will get that makeover.

I love hosting this contest, lots of leather wannabes and novices means some fun Q&A during the process.  You can count on me to grill them thoroughly and show off their “ass”ets before we pick the winner.  Then he’ll be whisked off to Leather64TEN to be outfitted and brought back for our first look at the new leatherman.

This is our Spring fundraiser for the Groceryland Pantry.  Thanks to all, we helped stock up the pantry back during the holiday season.  But that was months ago and the shelves are not as fully stocked.  Let’s fill them up again.  Bring in a donation of non-perishable food.  We will also host a raffle during the night with plenty of great prizes, all to support the pantry.

Saturday night is all about getting nice and RIPE!  Once again DJ Harry T will pound out some serious, deep beats while our hot go-go dudes do their thing on our stages.  We’ll turn the lights down low and offer free clothing check.  Get out of your pants and get ripe at Touché.

Saturday is also your last chance to place your order for Krispy Kreme doughnut sale hosted by Team Touché in the Ride for AIDS.  The guys have been busy all month training for the grueling 200 mile bike trek in July.  To help meet their fundraising goal, the team has been taking orders for freshly baked treats.

Next weekend, you can pick up your Krispy Kreme’s at the BEAR NIGHT on May 7th.  That night, along with the doughnuts, the Team will host a “RUN PASS EXTRAVAGANZA” with raffles for weekend passes to several bear events over the summer and next fall.  Just in case you missed getting your doughnut order in this weekend because you slipped off to CLAW, the Team will have a few extra dozen on hand, just get here early that night to claim a dozen before they are gone.

Putting the finishing touch’s to this weekend is our SUNDAY BEER BUST & MOVIE NIGHT.  $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light all day long with the Club Room opening at 6pm.  The weather is supposed to be crappy so if you’re going to be stuck indoors, why not spend it here, toasting the day with your buddies.  Free Chicago Red Hots while catching the ballgames on our screens.  Watch the latest from Hollywood on our hi-def/surround sound theater set up in the Club Room at 7pm.  Try to avoid the big distraction in the corner, go ahead & try.

We’re ready and waiting for you.


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Seems everyone loved spending last Friday back in 1976.  It was one of our biggest blasts of the year (so far) with a huge turnout that enjoyed the great music – thank you DJ Freddie Bain – and memories of my first year in Chicago.  Yes, we will repeat a 70’s music night and I have yet to plan a reunion for Carol’s Speakeasy fans and the great music of the 80’s.  (another time and place for me)  Big thanks to Gerber/Hart Library and Bijou Video for all the posters and signs at the bar.  G/H allowed me to scan images from their archives and the Bijou team did all the printing.

Thanks to you for the your support of our Team Touché as they prepare for the Ride for AIDS.  The team raised over $1,300 from donations at the door that Friday.  You still have time to support the team, order a dozen or two in their Krispy Kreme doughnut sale.  Our bartenders can take your orders through April 30th.

Another week and another big weekend at Touché.  We get things rolling with ONYX CLUB NIGHT on Friday.  The guys are keeping me in the dark as to their plans this month, but they  always pack the bar and pull off some wild, fun times.  Come be surprised with us, you can count on ONYX to blow the doors off the place.

If you enjoyed the music last week, come and listen to more great LIVE music this Saturday night.  It’s been a while since we have been able to schedule a BEAR ALL show with producer Scott Free and he has a great line up of talent to appear this Saturday night at Touché.  Bear comic Bryan Dowling returns to host the night with performances by Ben Walter, Mister E Machine, The Pleasure Centers and Scott Free beginning at 10pm.  These shows feature local gay musical talent performing their own songs with passion and heart.  Every show has been an incredible event to experience and I hope you will come out and support our local talent.  We’re asking for a $10 donation that all goes to the performers.

After the show, we’ll offer up free pizza – we gotta feed the bears and then take the party on into the night.  With a big crowd for the show, you know the rest of the night will be pretty wild.

Then it’s time to wrap up your weekend at our SUNDAY BEER BUST.  We open at noon and pour drafts of Bud & bud Light for just a buck all day! Whether you’re out to enjoy the day or busy running errands before work on Monday, a stop for a few cold ones fits the bill.  Matthew is here during the afternoons with Cubs/Sox games on the screen and free Chicago Red Hots.  Mark opens the Club Room bar at 6pm for our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT, screening the latest releases at 7pm.  Of course you know late night action always picks up, making the “back to work” Monday routine easier to handle.

Next week many of your will be heading over to Cleveland for the big CLAW weekend.  Look for Mr Chicago Leather 2016 Todd Harris and a couple of our staff will be there to lend a hand and host the big Flexx party that Saturday.

But things will still be jumping here at Touché if you are sticking around town like me.  Our annual LEATHER EYE FOR THE PREPPY GUY makeover contest is set for that Friday, April 29th.  Some lucky guy will receive a makeover by Leather64TEN and get $500 in new leather gear plus tickets to the 2016 International Mr Leather Contest in May.  It’s our spring benefit for the Groceryland Pantry with some great raffle prizes.

We cap off a big April with our monthly RIPE PARTY on Saturday.  More great music and  hot men on our stages will make for one wild night right here in Chicago.

Spring has definitely sprung, come on out and enjoy any night at Touché. We’re waiting for you!


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