Well, we finally got the hitch fixed that would not allow me to add new images to the website.  Just in time for a big weekend, lots of guys will be heading back to Chicago for the coming holidays will make for a festive crowd.  Get your last minute shopping and holiday preparations done and come celebrate with the gang here at Touché.

ONYX kicks off the weekend hosting their monthly Club Night on Friday with raffles, those kick-ass jello shots and I believe they are planning a demo to help you “tie up” the loose ends of your holiday.  Whatever they do, there are lots of ONYX men and they each bring quite a few friends out for their Club Nights, so the joint will be jumpin’.  Get your Ho-Ho-Ho going with ONYX.

Make sure you get your GEAR on for Saturday.  The men of BLUF/Chicago will be here for our monthly GEAR FETISH NIGHT and they look fucking hot in their leather/uniform gear.  I saw quite a lot of you at the LA&M/Eagle Rising benefit last week and you all were enjoying that scene.  We do it every month for our GEAR NIGHT, so get it on and get in here.  The Club Room bar is restricted to guys in gear from leather-rubber-uniforms-jocks and more.  Our barber and bootblack are on duty to make sure you look your best for the holidays, put them to work (and tip them well)

Let’s see what happens with the Chicago Bears this Sunday, they announced a new quarterback for this week’s game.  They won’t make the playoffs but they could finish the season with a couple of nice wins.  Come cheer them on while you enjoy our SUNDAY BEER BUST with drafts of Bud & Bud Light, shots of Cactus Juice and all sodas for just a buck each all day and all night.  If you have to hit the stores this day to work down your gift list (you do have my sizes, right?) join us for our SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm in the Club Room.  Sit back with a cold beer and watch the show.  You just might pick up a little something (a big one is more like it) for yourself.

You’ve got a couple of days work next week before Christmas Eve.  Make the family rounds and then gather up your friends for our annual PARTY WITH SANTA on Wednesday night.  You can count on him to park his sleigh out back and spend some time here, checking up on the naughty boys at Touché.  We’ll be serving up some holiday specials including the eggnog and some treats, too.  We’ll snap your photo with Santa and if you treat him real nice, you’ll have something for you as well!

Speaking of treats, our December Beer of the Month is Revolution’s FISTMAS.  It’s been a popular holiday ale, so much so that they’ve run out of this year’s batch.  Not to worry, we did load up on it but even our supply is limited.  Grab one on your next visit.  Sensing we might run out, we have a couple of new seasonal brews to offer you ready to stock if we do.  Ask your bartender for any of our new flavors.

Touché will open at 8pm on Christmas Day to provide you the relief you’ll need from another day of feasting and family.  With a whole ‘nother year before Santa makes his rounds, you can get away with being naughty tonight.

Wrapping up our Christmas celebrations will be our annual TOYS FOR BIG BOYS GIFT EXCHANGE on Friday, Dec 26th.   You know you’re going to get stuck with at least one crappy present, bring it in for a chance to exchange it for something you may enjoy, like a $50 gift certificate from The Pleasure Chest.  You don’t have to re-wrap it, we’ll take care of that here.  Bring your gift in by midnight, we’ll wrap them up along with several other cool gifts and that gift certificate and host our exchange shortly after midnight.  The exchange is lots of fun, we never know what’ll turn up.  Even if you don’t have a gift you wan to pawn off on someone else, come join the party as we’ll raffle off the extra gifts.

It’ll be non-stop party mode through the next full week with New Year’s Eve on the following Wednesday.  We’ll kick it into hi-gear with our RIPE PARTY next Saturday and not stop till our first SUNDAY BEER BUST of 2015!  Tickets for our BLACK & BLUE NEW YEAR’S EVE are going fast. Pick up yours this weekend, their only $5 each and make a great last minute gift for a buddy.   I’ll get you the full run down next week.

Time for me to work on my cards and gift list so I can enjoy this weekend with you at Touché.  If you are leaving us for Christmas, let me wish you a Merry Christmas now.  Those of you in town, come on by, I’ll make my wish in person.  Ho-Ho-Ho!


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We’ve got a great holiday weekend planned for you at Touché.   I just can’t post all our flyers to show you what’s coming up.  Been trying to get that fixed on the website and now the weekend is about to begin.  You’ll just have to read closely.

Friday is another of those double party nights.  First we have our Club Holiday Party for all our local club brothers & sisters in Chicago.  The Club Room will be closed till midnight so we can treat them all to a special holiday event.  So all of you that are members of any local leather club are welcome to join your fellow club friends from 10pm with a hosted bar and holiday treats.

While our club friends gather in the Club Room, we will host a special fundraiser party for the Groceryland Pantry also beginning at 10pm in the main bar.  BLUF/Chicago member Dillon along with several of his friends have lined up a trio of “human Christmas trees” for all to decorate.  You can make a donation to the pantry and hang lights, garland and ornaments on the tree of your choice.  We’ll see how well our “trees” hold up, they are going for a prize as the best decorated tree.

Lori over at the pantry has arranged for a matching donation for the funds raised this night which will allow her to stock up on hams and turkeys for their clients holiday feasts. So come help us decorate our trees.  With the Club party going on at the same time, there will be lots of folks to help.

Keeping the holiday festivities going, our Dungeon Master Night on Saturday will feature a spanking demo at midnight.  It’s one of our most popular demos, there’s lots of guys into spanking and the Club Room will be packed.  Come be naughty, perhaps you’ll find the man to give you or take a good spanking.

Check the feature posted for this Sunday’s Movie Night and you’ll know the Club Room will be packed again.  We’ve got one of the big hits of the year to share with you at 7pm.  Our Sunday Beer Bust will be in full swing with $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light along with $1 sodas all night.

Keeping it going into the week, we’ll tune in Monday Night Football to catch our Chicago Bears as they take on New Orleans.  Then on Tuesday, we’ll celebrate the first night of Chanukah.  Chanukah Harry will be here with dreidel games, prizes & gifts.  We’ve stocked up on Genesis Ale from Schmaltz, the He-Brew beer company and even have some Manischewitz on hand to toast the night.

It’s not too soon to plan for your New Year’s Eve.  Our party tickets are available at the bar, just $5 each.  Ask your bartender for your and grab one for a friend, too.

Now let me get back to tinkering with this website and see if I can get these other flyers posted.   I’ll be looking for you on Friday to help with our “trees”.


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