Obviously it’s taken me some time to recover from the big Midwest Rubber Contest weekend, here it is Friday and I am just getting updates posted on the website and preparing this week’s email blast.

Yes I was a bit worn out from the 3 days partying last week, it was fun weekend, lots of hot guys in rubber, a huge contest and more. Congratulations to Joe Spaceman for claiming the title Mr Midwest Rubber 2014, I’ll post some photos when I recap the weekend below. Now he is preparing for his big year and the Mr International Rubber contest this fall. Look for more news on Joe as we work out events with him.

We also hosted the drawing for our Annual Bike Raffle last Sunday and am waiting for our winner to come forward to claim his prize, that shiny Shiner Bock Bike that has been on display above the bar. Once he comes in to pick it up, I will snap a couple of photos so you will know who to look for cruising the lakefront on that bike.

Ready or not we have another wild weekend in store for you with the men of ONYX kicking things off tonight. It’s their monthly Club Night at Touché and they draw a huge crowd of supporters making it a festive Friday. They like to show things off with jockstraps or a harness theme. Not sure what they have up their sleeves for tonight but you can expect it to include some kind of dare to bare.

We’ll do the daring on Saturday for our monthly RIPE Party with DJ Intelect. He pumps up the bass and the volume and lines up some hot guys to dance for you. We’ll turn down the lights and offer free clothing check if you want to get down to your jock or undies. This party has been going on for over a year now and has developed quite a fan base. Come get RIPE!

This summer’s weather has been a real roller coaster, warm, chilly, wet, dry. But at least you know you can count on our SUNDAY BEER BUST to be a perfect cold beer for just a buck all day and all night long! So if it gets too chilly or too wet you can always plan on a perfect Sunday at Touché. Come meet our new hunky afternoon bartender Jayme and grab a Chicago Red Hot to go with the beer.

This Sunday, we’re bringing the beach indoors when Illinois Leather boy Eli hosts our BEACH BOY PARTY, a fundraiser for his travel fund. There will be some special games including Beech Blanket Bingo and more for prizes and we’re beefing up our Chicago Red Hots with more tasty treats. The sand, fun and games begin at 3pm so put on your speedos and join us. You won’t have to worry about getting sand in your shorts (but something else may get in there if you’re lucky!) Following the Beach Boys Party, head back to the Club Room for our MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm.

Fuck all the “back to school” stuff we still have the whole month of August to look forward to yet and more summer fun. There are plenty of street festivals to come including Market Days. While we’re not on Halsted, you know there will be lots of out of town bears & leathermen visiting Chicago and looking for a “good time”. The Gay Games are in Cleveland next month which is not too far for quick out of town trip. The Air & Water show will have the Blue Angels back this year and there’s still that new coaster at Six Flags to check out. A whole lotta summer to go, so get out and enjoy it and include a stop at Touché to cool down with a drink with your friends.

We are always glad to see you,


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Touché is proud to announce our staff and judges panel for the 2014 Mr Midwest Rubber Contest. Hosting this year’s contest will be Mr Chicago Leather 2005 – Jeff Willoughby. Handling duties behind the scene we have Mr Midwest Rubber 2006 – Dan The Rubberman serving as our Tallymaster and Mr Midwest Rubber 2011 – Patrick “Pleep” Pierson as our Den Daddy.

Joining our current Mr Midwest Rubber 2013 Jesse Driscoll will be Mr International Rubber 2013 Andy Cosmicroo, Mr Minneapolis Eagle 2014 Jason Little, Pup Vidhra and Mr Chicago Leather 2012 Nick Zuko.

The weekend schedule of events are

Friday, July 18th Welcome Party 10pm with liquid latex demos, intros of judges & contestants followed by a roast of MWR2013 Jesse.

Saturday July 19th Fetish Flea Market noon to 5pm Buy/sell/trade your old gear rubber/leather/uniforms/boots and more

Mr Midwest Rubber 2014 Contest begins at 10pm with GEAR Fetish party to follow.

Sunday, July 20th Fetish Flea Market noon to 5pm MWR 2014 Victory Bash 3-7pm travel fund raffle & free buffet.

The winner of Mr Midwest Rubber 2014 will receive a $500 prize package of cash and gift certificates plus entry to Mr International Rubber 2015 in November. Contestant application may be downloaded at the following link.

For more information on the contest contact

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