No I haven’t been too busy scraping frosting off the bar, just lots of planning for this doubleheader weekend and IML and beyond.  Frosting?  Well then you weren’t here for the big CUKECAKE WARS hosted by Trident Windy City last Sunday.  Not only were there lots of great tasting sweet treats to sample, they had a packed house nibbling away and more.

Thanks to all the bakers and tasters, Trident was able to raise $1,500 for the Broadway Youth Center.  That’s double what they raised last year and that means the BYC will be able to provide meals to homeless youth for the next two months.  I’ll try to get some photos from the “war” posted on the website this week.

Now we are gearing up for more fundraising fun, the first my personal favorite and the second hosted by Mr Chicago Leather 2015 Luis and Mr Midwest Rubber 2014 Joe.

Our annual LEATHER EYE FOR THE PREPPY GUY makeover contest is this Friday.  I enjoy hosting this contest where we select a leather wannabe and let Leather 64TEN do their thing on him.  It’s lots of fun as I grill the contestants on their leather knowledge or lack thereof.  I’m not sure what’s more amazing, what some will wear for this contest or what they have to say as the night progresses.

Once the winner is selected, we’ll send him over to Leather 64TEN next door and they will dress him up with over $500 in leather gear.  You’ll get to witness the final transformation and we’ll also give him a pair of tickets the IML contest in May to fully introduce him to leather.

This night is a big fundraiser for the Groceryland Pantry that serves PWAs across the northside.  Everyone is great to bring in donations during the holidays, but that was a few months ago and the shelves are getting a bit bare.  Volunteers will be on hand selling raffle tickets for great door prizes including an IML weekend package that gets you entry to all the big parties in May.

You know the state has slashed funding across the board and that has filtered down to several of our local HIV/AIDS service organizations like the pantry.  Ain’t none of you looking like you missed a meal (that includes me), let’s all pitch in and help Lori and her team keep feeding those in need.  We can always raise another $1,500 in one night.

I’m going to kick back on Saturday and enjoy our GEAR NIGHT.  That’s because Mr Chicago Leather 2015 Luis and Mr Midwest Rubber 2014 Joe Spaceman are teaming up for a HIDE ‘N SLIDE party.  They are asking all leathermen and rubbermen to join them as they work to raise funds for the Leather Archives & Museum.

Our GEAR NIGHTS are huge and this should put it over the top this month.  All that leather and rubber in the Club Room will make for one hot night.  Remember there is a gear dress cod, get yours on and get in here.  Remember our barber and bootblack will be on duty as usual, take advantage of their services so you will look your best.

Baseball is in full swing, the Bulls and Blackhawks are in the playoffs.  Kick back with us on Sundays and enjoy the games on our screens.  If you can score a ticket to any of the games, you’ll have to fork out quite a few bucks for a beer or a dog.  OR, you can enjoy the games here during our SUNDAY BEER BUST with drafts of Bud & Bud Light served up for just one buck all day long!  We even offer up free Chicago Red Hots from 3-7pm.  (There’s no hour long lines at the john either)

The Club Room opens at 6pm every Sunday with our MOVIE NIGHT presentation at 7pm.  Come see why our Movie Night has become such a big hit.  You might even watch the film.

I’ll be looking for you at the bar this week.


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I know, another late update.  No sooner than getting back from Las Vegas for last weekend’s Full Moon Bear Night ( and what a full moon! Nicest line up I have had to present in some time.  Still think Scot’s little hairy butt should have won it) I had to dash off to Ohio for a couple of days this week for some family business.  Now I am ready to get back to hanging with the boys.

Just in time, too as the WINDY CITY BOYS TROOP are back for another FRIDAY CLUB NIGHT at Touché.  If you think of yourself as a boy or want to know more about the Boys Troop, come hang with these fun loving boys.  Not sure what they have planned but any night with the boys works for me.

Saturday is our DUNGEON MASTER NIGHT with another hot   S&S demo in the Club Room at midnight.  Since I’ve been on the run, I have not confirmed with our DM Timothy what he will present, but you know it will always be educational and fun.  Come check it out and maybe we can show you a new way to play.

Forget the Easter candy from last week, we’ve got a day of baked sweet treats to tempt you on Sunday.  Of course we’ll start with our SUNDAY BEER BUST at noon and serve up drafts of Bud & Bud Light for just a buck all day long.  The Illinois Gay Rodeo Association will be meeting in the Club Room at 2pm.  Those interested in helping ILGRA prepare to host another rodeo are welcome to join us.  And we have another big hit for our MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm.

Trident Windy City will be hosting their CUPCAKE WARS benefit for the Broadway Youth Center at 5:30pm.  For a $5 donation, you can sample a variety of cupcakes and vote for your favorite. Bakers from several local clubs, organizations and yours truly will put their baking skills on the line this Sunday.  Besides the crowd favorite, there will be a judged completion and an old fashion “cake walk” all to help the BYC support their young clients.  Last year this event raised enough money to fun an entire month of meals at the BYC.  Let’s top that accomplishment with more than sprinkles, bring your sweet tooth and your wallet.

Next week is my favorite event of the year, our annual LEATHER EYE FOR THE PREPPY GUY makeover contest.  Interest in this big fundraiser for the Groceryland Pantry has grown so much that we had over a dozen contestants last year.  Just in case it gets even bigger this year, I am working on revamping the contest to handle the crowd on stage and off.  As before the winner gets a full leather makeover by Leather 64TEN and tickets to IML in May.  We have lots of raffles prizes, all to help keep the pantry’s shelves stocked.

And then Mr Chicago Leather 2015 Luis is teaming up with Mr Midwest Rubber 2014 Joe Spaceman to host a HIDE ‘N SLIDE GEAR NIGHT  on Saturday, April 18th.  They are bringing the leather & rubber communities together for a wild night with guest DJ Steve Henderson to pump up the party.  We’ll announce the latest news on the upcoming Mr Midwest Rubber 2015 Contest in July as well.  It is our GEAR NIGHT  with a dress code for entry to the Club Room and our barber & bootblack working to keep you looking your best.

So, I’ve got lots to do to be ready for your next visit.  Let me get going, we’ll be ready for you tonight!


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