Months of planning have come together and by this time next week we will know who is our Mr Chicago Leather 2015.  There’s is lots to do in picking that winner and plenty more going on around Touché during this big weekend.  Check the MCL Contest page on the website for the schedule of events.

The big news is the new location for the contest.  The crowds for this contest these past couple of years have proved to us that Touché can no longer hold all that wish to attend the contest.  We can’t argue with success, so we have arranged with the Leather Archives & Museum just a block east of the bar to host the main contest on Saturday night.

Two things to keep in mind, the contest will begin at 8pm on Saturday with the doors opening at 7pm so you can grab your seat in the auditorium.  Secondly, since the LA&M are providing us the space “after hours” there will be an admission for this year’s contest which goes to the LA&M since they will be leaving the lights on (and the heat) for us this night.  Tickets for the contest are just $10 and have already begun selling at the bar.  Since we will be keeping the crowd limited to the number of seats, you should pick up your tickets right away so you are not left out in the cold.   There will be beverage service during the contest and a sign language interpreter for our hearing impaired friends.

We are pleased to have IML 2003 John Pendal return from London to host our contest again this year.  This will be the 12th year in a row that John has taken on this task for us. His comedic talents and experience will ensure a fun and fast paced show.

We are also honored to have Ramien Pierre, International Mr Leather 2014 with us to serve on our judging panel.  Joining Ramien will be International Leather Slave angie; Sir Volt, President ONYX Midwest, Joe Spacemen our Mr Midwest Rubber 2014 and of course, selecting his successor Miguel Torres, MCL 2014.

Contestant applications are coming in with the final deadline this Friday.  If you’ve been thinking about entering the contest, stop by and pick up your application.  At this point it looks like we will have quite a field of candidates for our judges to consider.

Our full schedule in a nutshell







MR CHICAGO LEATHER 2015 CONTEST at LA&M  doors open 7pm contest 8pm

PURE  MCL2015 VICTORY DANCE 10pm  Kevin Bernal DJ  dress code in Club Room


MCL LEATHER BRUNCH 11am – 2pm   at Andersonville Brewing Company 5402 N Clark


BLACK T    Beer Bust & Dance with DJ Freddie Bain

Touché will open early at 11am on Saturday and Sunday and more info including last minute additions or changes will be posted at the bar.  Tickets for the Sunday Brunch are also available at the bar for just $15 a person.  Brunch includes an scrumptious buffet and non-alcoholic beverage.  You can pay at the restaurant but it will cost you a couple bucks more, so grab brunch tickets when you get your contest tickets.  All other events at Touché are free and open to all.

I also want to mention that the Gerber/Hart Library will be hosting a “Dirty Book Sale” during our Fetish Flea Markets on Saturday and Sunday.  They have tons of books, magazines, videos and DVDs at huge discounts.  Maybe you’re looking for a particular Drummer issue or other item for your collection.  Check them out Saturday and come back Sunday.  G/H has boxes and boxes stashed at the bar right now. More than they can layout in one day.available at the bar as well.

A shout of thanks to the Titans of the Midwest for hosted this KINK U,  Gerber/Hart for providing space for our contestant interviews, the LA&M for hosting the contest and Andersonville Brewing Company for feeding us on Sunday. We have several prize sponsors to acknowledge and once that list is complete we will recognize their support as well at the contest and online.

Just plan to spend the entire weekend at Touché and you won’t miss any of the wild times in store for this weekend.   We’ll be ready for you.



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What a crazy week it has been!  You can’t touch my Buckeyes after the big game this past Monday night.  I get ribbed a bit about them from time to time, but you all have to admit to win the national collegiate football championship with the 3rd string quarterback was quite a challenge.  So I celebrated some on Monday and got a little behind my chores this week.  Just come on in this weekend as you know I will still be toasting the Ohio State Buckeyes!

Of course there are other things going on this weekend to tempt you out as we thaw.  I have tons of DVDs and other great gifts to win during our latest PORN POKER PARTY on Friday night.  Bijou Video keeps us loaded with hot videos and that means I have to get rid of a few from time to time.  We’ll distribute cards and give you a chance to win a DVD during the night.  We also have a few of Bijou’s Retro Studs 2015 Calendars to go with those DVDs.

Gear up guys if you’re heading over on Saturday.  It’s our monthly  GEAR FETISH NIGHT with BLUF/Chicago and that means the Club Room will be restricted to guys in gear -leather-rubber-uniforms-jocks etc.  We get a nice hot crowd back there and you won’t want to miss out.  Our barber and bootblack will be on duty and with the big Mr Chicago Leather Contest next weekend, you will want to get you and your gear looking their best. Grab a seat in each of their chairs and let them take care of you.

After this Sunday, we’ll know which teams are facing off in the Super Bowl on February 1st.  Join us for our SUNDAY BEER BUST and we’ll tune in each of the games beginning at 2pm with the Packers taking on the Seahawks.  Just who do you cheer for in this one?  At least you can enjoy our $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light, sodas and Cactus Juice shots all night.  Grab a Chicago Red Hot during the game.   Football widows? Head back to the Club Room for our MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm.  You can enjoy our Beer Bust with a great movie.

Next weekend is the biggie, MR CHICAGO LEATHER 2015 CONTEST WEEKEND.  There’s lots to cover, head over to our website to get all the details.  If you been thinking you might be our man this year, you still have time to enter. You can pick up a contestant application at the bar now.

The big news is we have International Mr Leather 2014 Ramian Pierre with us to help select Mr Chicago Leather 2015.  John Pendal IML 2003 is returning all the way from London (England not London Ohio) to host our contest again.  Speaking of the contest, it’s not secret that the crowds are too much for us to host the contest at the bar, so it will be held at the Leather Archives & Museum on Saturday January 24th with a new start time of 8pm.  Tickets for the contest will be available at the bar starting this Friday.  Get your tickets now to make sure you can get a seat.

By moving the contest to the LA&M, we are enabled to beef up events for the entire weekend.  Things begin Friday with our big Welcome Bash and a proper roasting of MCL2014 Miguel Torres.  The bar will open at 11 am both Saturday and Sunday for our Fetish Flea Market. Bring you old gear leather/rubber/uniforms, etc and make a deal or come shop for bargains.  Hint – there’s always more shoppers than sellers, so dig that stuff out of the closet.  Gerber/Hart will also be hosting a “Dirty Book Sale” both days with 1,000’s of books, magazines, videos & DVDs.  They hauled it over already and I can tell you the do have tons of stuff to check out.

The Titans of the Midwest will be hosting a KINK U on Saturday afternoon at the bar as well with three sessions scheduled.  Info on the KINK U will be posted in the bar this weekend, any reason to come out this weekend.

There’s some celebrating to been done as well.  Following the contest at the LA&M, Touché will host PURE a leather dance party to celebrate our new MCL2015.  Yep you are reading that right, we are setting out a dance floor and pumping out the tunes to make it one big night.  There will be a PURE leather/gear dress code for admittance to the Club Room this night as well.

That Sunday, we’ll start off with a hearty brunch at the Andersonville Brewing Company (next to Hamburger Mary’s)   Tickets for the brunch are also available at the bar.  Chow down, fuel up as we have another fun day with the Fetish Flea Market at the bar.  Once that wraps up at 4pm we’re serving up BLACK T with our Sunday Beer Bust.  Our DJ Freddie Bain picks up the beats to take us into the night.

With all tis coming up, you can bet I have plenty to do yet this week.  Come check on me and see how I’m doing.  We can toast those Buckeyes!


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