Things are staying crazy here. ABW last weekend rocked the house and thoroughly wore me out, thanks Dean and crew for a great time. The rain has not stopped the work on the building, you will definitely see some changes this weekend, the scaffolding that has been out front should come down on Friday. The last façade work should be completed next week and then the new lighting and signage will go up in time for our 37th Anniversary Party in November. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, life and the wild times go on here at Touché. We start off this weekend with the WINDY CITY BONDAGE CLUB hosting a guest club night on Friday. You know these guys will present some fun bondage demos, come check it out. Plus they are looking for more guys to join them for their monthly play parties. If you have ever been curious about bondage then you definitely need to meet these guys.

Our GEAR NIGHT on Saturday will be big. As always, the men from BLUF/Chicago will be in the house so you know there will be plenty of leather and uniforms in the Club Room. We’ll probably have lots of pups running around the bar as well. Mr Chicago Leather 2014 Miguel is hosting a salute to Sir Justin and pup Tork for winning the International Puppy Trainer and pup titles. Come help Miguel congratulate them on their honor. Our barber and boot black will be on duty to clean you up (I wonder if the barber trims pups too?) Remember there’s a strict gear dress code for the Club Room that night, so get it on and get in here.

The Chicago Bears give us a big win last Sunday, let’s hope that’s a sign for the rest of the season. We’ll tune in this Sunday’s game against the Dolphins at noon. Enjoy our SUNDAY BEER BUST with $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light and sodas during the game and all night long. I’m not sure but it looks like Mark has an underwear thing going during our Sunday Movie Night at 7pm in the Club Room, makes the viewing all the more interesting.

I misspoke last month about our DJ INTELECT. He’s the man responsible for our RIPE PARTIES each month, the great music and hot dancers. He is moving West, but not till November. So he will be here next Saturday for one last turn in our DJ booth, come hear him play. Not to worry, RIPE will continue and we have a new DJ lined up to take the reins next month to keep the party going.

While the work continues on the outside next week, we’ll start getting the inside ready for Halloween. It should be a really wild season with Mr International Rubber that same weekend. Touché will welcome the MIR crowd that Thursday with our perverted Pumpkin Fisting Contest. That should clean off of rubber real easy.

So I’ve got lots to do, let me get back at it and we’ll be ready for your next visit.


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It’s a busy full week here at Touché and I wanted to be sure and touch base with you early so you don’t miss out. Not too hard since the work crews have me here at the ungodly hour of 7am. Work is progressing on the front of the building though you’ll probably still see plywood and tarp this week. They’re still doing stuff underneath, today it’s insulation. But soon, the final look will start coming together.

We wrapped up OKTOIBERFEST in style on Sunday by draining another keg of Berghoff. It went well with those big juicy brats we served up during the day. About 6:15 I dug into the pile of entry forms, tossed them around and pulled out the winner of a brand new Schott Leather Jacket from Leather 64TEN. Now I haven’t contacted the winner yet, but figured they would rad this week’s blast and enjoy the big surprise at being the lucky winner. Oh, the winner? That would be one of our friends from the Leather Rose association – Beth R! If you know her, congratulate her on winning our OKTOBERFEST Raffle and see if she got word from me yet.

No matter how early I have to rise on Wednesday, I’ll be here for our next FULL MOON PARTY which happens to fall on our BEAR CHESTED NIGHT! All you bears packed the house on Saturday when the Great Lakes Bears were here. Come on in every Wednesday night for more bear cruisin’ fun. Grab a PBR longneck for just $2.50 or a shot of Jager for $4 before you do a bit of bear huntin’ in the Club Room. Since it’s a full moon, you know we’ll be looking for something special like the hottest full moon in the house. We’ll also have a contest for the best furry chest as well, you know one that you want to bury your face in for the night. Bears on a full moon, should be wild.

Then be ready for the Columbus Day Weekend with the American Brotherhood Weekend in town. ABW has been hosted in several cities but made Chicago & Touché it’s home for some time now. The big event of the weekend is the American Leatherman, American Leatherboy and American Leatherwoman contest that takes place over 2 days. The contest itself is held at the LA&M on Saturday & Sunday afternoons, leaving the nighttime partying right here.

Things get underway beginning at 5pm on Friday when registration opens at the bar. You can sign up for all the events that weekend and with some local competitors, it would be great to see Chicago turn out to support and cheer them on. The partying begins at 9pm when we officially Welcome ABW to town. Then you can meet all the leatherfolk from across the country on hand including the judges and contestants. Once the formalities are done, it’s time to rock out the house with DJ Germ playing some heavy Punk into the night.

We’ll open early this weekend at 11am both Saturday and Sunday to help the ABW crowd going before the afternoon contests. If you’re out and about come on by for a quick one. Besides the contest at the LA&M on Saturday, Gerber/Hart Library host a special presentation “Gays In The Great War”. G/H is just north of the bar past the police station and the program takes a look at gays in the First World War (which began this weekend) Check it out, shop Leather 64TEN and come on back for cocktails with the contest crowd in the late afternoon.

Get your disco naps in as it’s our DUNGEON MASTER NIGHT on Saturday and with the ABW crowd, it sure to be a busy night. We have Dan-The-Rubberman, Mr Midwest Rubber 2006 on hand for our demo at midnight. He is stepping in for Timothy with a demonstration on liquid latex. He’ll show you how to use it to create a hot look for your next night in the dungeon or at the bar including how to keep it up for some extend wear or play. You might even get a chance to be layered up. With Mr International Rubber just a couple of weeks away, come check out this fun way to play in rubber.

Sunday marks the final day of the ABW contest and the announcement of the new American Leatherman, American Leratherboy and American Leatherwoman. We’ll be hosting a Victory celebration 4-7pm for all three during our SUNDAY BEER BUST. Since it’s Columbus Day Weekend, it’s only appropriate that we offer up a pasta dinner complete with Italian meatballs and sausage for the hungry contest crowd. Stick around for our MOVIE NIGHT at 7pm and because of the Monday holiday, you can expect the celebration to keep going on into the night along with the $1 drafts of Bud & Bud Light.

Time for me to get back to the work on things around here. Besides all this remodeling work, I do have Halloween and our 37th Anniversary to prepare. I’ll be ready for a wild Full Moon on Wednesday, come join me.


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